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  1. Tommy it is Dave Morris Put my name down please. On this forum I am the kinglassie saintee But I am now staying in cupar. Cheers.
  2. Glenrothes saintee Who do i have to get in touch with to book a seat as i used to live in glenrothes but now live in cupar
  3. Derek McInnes stated earlier that he would either have to loan out some players or sell to bring in a permanent striker. So what about Scott vernon
  4. It is so sad to hear about Ian rip I remember saints being down to ten men after john Davies getting sent off at pittodrie. When the score was 1-1 then with roughly 5mins to go Ian scored with a diving header to Take all three points back to Perth, I will never forget Ian.
  5. The os says that there was 3300 hearts fans at the game so that means there were just under 2900 saintees at the game today considering this is still august hols that's not a bad figure there has also quite a number of new season ticket holders since the Rosenberg game in Perth so it is not all doom and gloom onwards and upwards for all saintees let's have a full house for Europa game on Thursday
  6. i was reading today that even after edwards comes in on monday wrighty is still looking to sign a centre mid, wide mid, striker to replace tade, and a versatile defender.
  7. Just bought my season ticket this afternoon there were 3 or 4 people in front of me in the queue, and a couple after me. was also told that the season tickets are selling very well indeed and there is still 5 weeks before the season starts. so lets hope that that we can get over the 2thousand mark for a change. cant wait for the new season to start coys.
  8. I have had a season ticket since 1984,but the last 3 years i have only been to 26 home games due to my work,but i dont know if i will be buying a season ticket for this season, for two reasons. Firstly, financially i dont think i can justify it. Secondly, I don't like the new format if it comes into being.
  9. ian redford was good at free kicks as he used to practice with the wooden defenders
  10. obviously because steve lomas is in charge of a small team like st johnstone he gets hammered with an 8 game ban i wonder what sort of a ban he would have got if he was manager of say celtic where lennon boots a bottle of water on a regular basis and he doesn't get sent to the stand for that, obviously the sfa has been told to lay of lennon and pick on someone else, so come along a passionate irishman called steve lomas, at this rate steve won't ever be out of the mainstand, do you think that 4th officials should show a bit more compassion and common sense
  11. I dont mean to be complacent but as we have such a small home support, we can not really afford to have well paid players sitting in the stand. no matter how much i like beattie and he is a quality player it all comes down to finances. so unless the saints supporters come out in their numbers i'm afraid we have to let beattie adams and possibly mooner leave. to protect the stability of the club.
  12. on one occasion their central defender had his arms around mcleans waist in the box so how he could not give a penalty was absolutely astounding
  13. mcleans movement off the ball, and stretching the oppositions central defenders is fabulous and something we have not had in the team since steve milne
  14. Hi fellow fife saintees i am now back living in kinglassie after 17 years living over the forth with all these weegies near broxburn also dave mc i still have the glenrothes supporters placque that we used to use on the bus to go to all the games was it one of your family that painted it