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  1. The club need to push that message over next couple of weeks - best way to guarantee entry is to buy an ST
  2. Really liked the look of Ballantyne today, maybe the player to step in and compete with Wotherspoon and cover when he’s sway with Canada (which will be often this season). Looks like he could step up!
  3. Totally valid point, and something should have been out earlier, I just dont think today is the day to be worrying about given current circs
  4. Yeah Ireland occured to me but no idea travel restriction situation. As you say, Galatasaray have potential to make this horrendous for us.
  5. Honestly I think the club need to be cut a huge amount of slack today. With most staff having multiple roles it wouldn’t surprise me if lots of folk running around trying to resolve this European issue, given the very short eufa timeframe, leaving other folk covering other jobs - just a hunch mind you. A friendly on Sat just won’t be a priority at the moment. I’m sure we’ll hear something soon.
  6. If Galatasaray have to select a neutral venue I’m sure they will try and make it as hard as possible for us - potentially moving their home tie further east?? What a nightmare that would be. where should Saints be looking to play their home leg? Reykjavik? Scandanavia somewhere? The Faroes ??
  7. Fuxxake
  8. I thought I read somewhere that if we were at home on 5th club were applying for 5k and if it’s 12th then they hope restrictions lifted and full capacity. Depends how things play out over next couple of weeks I guess.
  9. Lets hope that’s the way it plays out - interesting re Devine, I wonder if Man U see this as a make or break loan for him. hopefully we can get something done with Gordon for a further extension, I’m sure as a Perth lad and saintee he would be tempted by the captains arm band if Kerr does move on
  10. All these potential loans are giving me the fear - we’re going to lose a large chunk of our defence one way or another in the next year and I hope there is a succession plan in place for that. Imagine having to replace all our CB’s and RWB next summer.
  11. Since I missed out you’re singing for 2!