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  1. Ghostie doesn't need any help to do that
  2. No fostering of good spirit today and could be danny's swansong
  3. Minter. along with your post on p&b about Paton and Craig not being able to play together. minter.
  4. Quote button fail Granted, they have signed a lot of bang average players on hugely inflated wages, however the guy that ran the whole game and eventually scored the winner(Hynman) is a million miles above anything we could dream of affording. I doubt we could attract a player of that quality(even on loan). So I would say they have at least some players who are vastly superior in quality, yes. And 10 players or not, that kind of quality wins you games, regardless of whether there is a lot of dross around them.
  5. Team with small budget losing last minute winner to team with much bigger budget shocker...... sheesh!
  6. Do you not think we were bullied in midfield yesterday? I agree Paton is immobile however I would argue that yesterday there was pleny of mobility around him in the midfield and we were crying out for a bit of dig in there and, dare I say, someone to stick a boot in. Of course Paton is a downgrade on Muzz, however you have to use the resources you have available to you, and in the absence of the budget for a world beating midfielder, and an injured Muzz, Paton would have at least brought some grit and fight to the midfield which was otherwise complete powderpuff.
  7. This is exactly the sort of game where we need some steel in midfield and Paton must be scratching his head why he didn't get a start today, particularly when Muzz was missing. He also has a decent range of passing on him (more so than I ever thought) and we had way more width when he started playing some of his crossfield balls out wide which helped move us up the pitch.
  8. Is Ando getting a presentation in front of the fans for the funds raised? Would seem a good time to do it pre game or half time while he is out injured?
  9. He'll be building his new career brick by brick.
  10. A quick google translate of the Alashkert website suggests the game is getting played at the republican stadium. Nyon, Switzerland, on June 22 hosted a UEFA 2015-2016 period. 1-2 qualifying rounds of club competitions. UEFA Europa League as a rival, '' Alashkert '' went to Scotland '' Saint Johnston 'team. The latter, like '' Alashkert '', he crossed the finish line in 4th place in the championship. '' St Johnstone was founded in 1884, particularly during the long years of speeches not won many titles, but the display is stable and balanced game.Clearly, '' Alashkertn '' International launched its major competitors has. '' Alashkert '' '' 'Saint Johnston' first meeting will be held on July 2 at the Republican Stadium. Beginning at 19:00 pm. Might just be a google translate error but looks like the game might not be played at Alashkerts own stadium?
  11. Anyone had a tattoo of the club crest done? Any recommendations on best Tattoo Shop to get it done? Its something I've been thinking about for a few years and not made any definite decisions yet but would be keen for any recommendations.
  12. I suspect this may more likely be car sharing to training rather than leaving the club. Could be wrong though.......
  13. Comedy moment of the day was ginger baker getting stuck in the crapper in the pub at newtonmore and a local having to rescue him