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  1. Wow, did not realise that and surprising gor the way he plays
  2. True - but we are where we are. He’s always had that niggly side to his game but yeah, needs to be more careful. He’s such a classy player though.
  3. I would agree with that. Despite his indiscretion last week he’s straight back in to the team.
  4. Teams really seem to have our 3-4-3 sussed now and we are getting overrun in midfield and not getting Booth and Rooney in to forward positions. Would like to see a 3-5-2 here. Craig and Macpherson either side of Muzz in midfield, with the extra midfielder letting booth and rooney push on as much as possible(would need huge shifts from both of them) with Kane and Eetu up top. Harsh on Mikey as he has been working his backside off but we need a tweek in shape just now. cant see it but you never know.
  5. That’s the line up I think we’ll see but I did notice Booth holding and stretching out his back towards the end of the cup semi so wonder if he’s carrying a knock. If so, and with the heavy fixture schedule coming up he might not be risked and we could see the Devine (who I like what I have seen of him) at LWB?
  6. That’s what I thought. Some Wigan fans saying he’s decent.
  7. interesting signing. Played plenty football at a good level and still young.
  8. I hope not. I really like MOH but he’s not an out and out striker, much better wide. thing is, if we play MOH through the middle who plays wide? We only have MOH and Crawford currently fit who can play either side of a striker, so if MOH plays through the middle you would probably be looking at changing shape to accommodate that as you wouldn’t have 2 fit players to play either side of him.
  9. The club will be slaughtered if we don’t start the Hibs game with a recognised striker. As Eetu is our only a available striker I’m fairly sure he will start Saturday. Could be wrong though. personally I’m looking forward to seeing a different option up front, just hope the fans give him a chance to settle in to the game!
  10. I suspect they probably expected to sell more tickets and the gap would be filled in. If they had sold them p3 first then on to p2 and 1 there wouldn’t have been a gap but the club were perhaps told they had to sell p1 first (furthest away fron the other section of saints fans) or they just expected to sell more. Really made for a frustrating atmosphere as it was hard to get a song going in the more expensive seats but if we had all been together the atmosphere would have been much better.
  11. Players coaches leaving at 2pm from McD if anyone is around to cheer them off before heading to hampden
  12. If Gordon is fit then more likely to see Ambrose at RCB and Gordon taking up his usual position in the middle. Whether he throws Liam straight back in is another matter but he needs game time, and whilst I’m not in to the whole free hit thing this game is as close to it as it comes so I think he’ll play today.
  13. This was great to see. Glad the wee lad had a great day, he was smiling all the way around wishing you all the best
  14. John Bonham


    Absolutely mad. The in form keeper in scotland. Still the right side of 30(just). Could have years ahead of him as a Scotland keeper, and yet they go for a mediocre rangers second/third choice. What a disgrace.