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  1. Excellent, friendly service from the ticket office as always this morning. No problem getting through on the phone Roll on easter road (cant make it to dens)
  2. We need experience at the back. Happy enough with this. I worry gordon is out for longer than we think though.
  3. 13 if you include some new signing called ps. Going baws oot with 4 up front
  4. Could we see eetu and kane up top together and moh or crawford in behind? With no middleton, and spoony likely to not be back in uk until Friday I’m struggling to see how we put together a front 3 so that could work instead?
  5. Spoony probably wont be back until Friday (canada playing early hours of Thurs morning our time) so would be surprised to see him start given travel etc. I suspect Crawford starts in there for this one.
  6. Finally calming down a little. It’s taken a while looking at the squad, despite the losses, my optimism has improved. why do you have to put me through this St Johnstone??!
  7. Aiden Fitzpatrick was training with us but no idea if he still is.
  8. Any idea what happens if we get to the end of the transfer deadline today and clearance hasn’t come through? Can he still sign outside the window as the process was started before window closed?
  9. Fair enough, cheers for the clarification This work permit stuff is a nightmare. I imagine it’s really difficult for whoever is sorting out the paperwork at the club!
  10. You were telling us (if you use the same name on p&b) that this was all finalised weeks ago (and apparently you are itk). So, What happened??
  11. Yeah totally, it could still create issues. maybe given the number of ST sales we simply cant give them the east stand?? If so I guess they get both ends plus section of main stand nearest north; but club will likely be losing out on significant potential revenue if they did that. tough one for the club to figure out
  12. Yeah was thinking about this earlier. With the empty seats that have to be left in main stand I don’t think it can accommodate 2700 season ticket holders with the seats that are left. There is no chance all ST’s are turning up but club will have to work on basis they are. we’ll also want maximum income so think you would give rangers East, North and 1/3 of Ormond, leave a small section of ormond empty in middle then we get rest of it and Main. If they do that, with ST’s, there will be very few, if any tix available for saints ST’s and those on database to buy additional tix but so many folk don’t like attending OF games anyway.
  13. Too much baggage. Dundee welcome to him.
  14. If true we must have another CM coming in surely, if we lose mccann in there every other player well over 30
  15. If something is going to happen with McCann I wonder if it has to happen by Sunday? He’s away on international duty after that so surely no chance of a medical being arranged, player being excused to visit another club to talk to them etc whilst away with NI? no idea how these things work mind you!
  16. Definitely agree with the comments on Brown - his best game for us and it looks like he is improving going forward, looks much more comfortable doing so. I expect this aspect of his game is being worked on by the coaches as you can see the improvement. More to come from him I reckon. muzz was an absolute colossus again though. He is really rolling back the years at the moment.
  17. Ah that’s a fair point on the spare freebies or sponsors. Given the location of them it would make sense.
  18. I’m not convinced it’s returns. Could it be that some Lask fans have bought tickets and the club have cancelled them? It was a fairly big grouping of seats together at rear of main stand that have become available. Has someone had to go through system, checked for Austrian addresses then cancel those tix? Just speculating really, but I doubt tickets would be returnable.
  19. Tickets still on sale for this, booking icon is below Lask one on club website
  20. That’s the thing isn’t it - where is the joy in supporting these teams?
  21. I would really like to see Ballantyne get his chance here. If there is any premiership game where he is going to get that chance this has to be it. other than that, rest as many as possible ahead of Thursday. Sunday result, whilst not irrelevant, is way down the priority list against a £3m windfall.
  22. That’s what I would anticipate as a minimum
  23. I’m pretty sure there will still be a priority window for ST holders - If, and its a huge if, we make the group stage the club will want to be able to say the only way to guarantee tickets for home group games are with an ST to help punt more ST’s. They will want to demonstrate that for Lask game. I reckon they will do the up to 10 tix for ST holders again.