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  1. Went for Zander, another good performance from him. Surprised to see some criticism of Tanser on the match thread. I actually felt he was our best outfield player on Saturday. He had a tough shift up against Morrison, but in the main he handled him pretty well, considering he had absolutely no help from Kennedy.
  2. On the subject of Martin Buglione, he has just been named in the England Veterans squad! Another player who has had to leave Saints to get international recognition!
  3. Aitchy

    Berwick away

    Saints strolled the first half. Watt and Davie Mac looked like a decent partnership. Ali McCann has lots of potential. Drey Wright didn’t look overly promising, but early days. Kerr and Gordon look a strong defensive partnership. Second half been relatively quiet. Saints defence and keeper not been tested.
  4. Thanks. Seems bizarre that they would hold the event in such a small venue. I'm sure they could have used a much bigger venue and allowed the wider support an opportunity to purchase tickets for an event which I'm sure would appeal to many.
  5. So, was it advertised to the wider support, or, was it a case that Roddy and Steve Browns associates got first refusal? Just seems strange that a testimonial year is announced, but we are told that the first event is sold out.
  6. Seems strange it wasn't advertised. Must just be an event for those ITK.
  7. Well deserved testimonial. Was the Off the Ball event advertised?
  8. Keith Watson and Michael Coulson have been told they are free to find new clubs.
  9. Give the SLO her due, she has acted on many fans concerns already this season and made a difference. The issues with stewards have been going on for years at McDiarmid, time for Steve Broon to stand up to them. They are driving paying customers away.
  10. I thought Danny was looking for a contract that made him the highest paid player in the clubs history?
  11. In regards to attendances, I really hope the club can build on the recent success of the Hamilton game. The whole #PaintItBlue campaign really showed that with a little bit of effort and some real marketing, then people will attend. A few people have said to me that if they were to do similar for every home fixture, then the appeal would wear off, however I dont buy that. I know the club regularly hand out tickets to different schools, however like they did for Hamilton game they should be making the effort to hand tickets out to pupils in every school in Perthshire. Once they kids have the ticket in their hands, then its much harder for the parents to not take them. The idea regarding kids eating free at Frankie and Bennys was also inspired and there is no reason why this cannot be continued. Surely local restaurant owners would be desperate to get such good publicity and see an increase in their footfall. Season ticket holders also need to feel more valued. The club could run a weekly raffle where all season ticket holders are entered into a prize draw and the winners get things such as a meal at the club, free tickets to an away game or some club merchandise It wouldn't cost the club much money, but would make fans feel valued. The club do lots of good work in the community, but there is still so many things the could be doing to improve our attendances and make coming to support Saints more appealing.
  12. The draw for the 4th round of the Scottish Cup gets made tonight. Who would you like to see us get? Would personally like to see us get Formartine or Annan.
  13. Are you drunk? Jim Duffy seems to be the West Coast medias golden boy at the moment off the back of a few decent results with Morton. He got chased out of Hibs, got Dundee relegated, failed to get Brechin and Clyde promoted and until recently some Morton fans were suggesting he should get punted. So, thanks, but no thanks. Callum Davidson will be the next manager of St Johnstone, but let's hope Tommy hangs around for a few more years to come.
  14. Why dont you do what you usually do and just make it up?
  15. Brad McKay situation meant to be pretty straight forward. McKay went to Tommy Wright and looked for assurances that he would be in line for regular first team football, which Tommy could not guarantee. Dundee United then expressed an interest in McKay and McKay stated his desire to move. Not sure if any fee involved, but McKay should be announced as a Dundee United player this week. It will free up a wage which will hopefully allow us to bring another striker in and we are well enough covered with Ally Gilchrist on his way back from injury, whom Tommy Wright rates highly.