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  1. Yeah it's true, we've whittled his 70k a week wages down to 2k. Kudos to the board and everyone involved in making this happen.
  2. Saints have always been notoriously slow at getting the strips out. Sometimes the provider may be at fault, but Saints are the common denominator over the 3 or so suppliers we have had over the last decade. While the last year or two has been better for leisurewear, we still seem miles behind other clubs at our level or even below.
  3. Available if needed, would be keen to get involved again.
  4. Calinho


    Was thinking that myself. The Patrick casual stuff looks decent and would be interested in Saints stuff of the same ilk.
  5. 5-1 Saints. Sutton, Cummins, Kane x3.
  6. Hope he does well, don't think he will. That's all about there is to it.
  7. If Saints get much more than 1m upfront for May I'd be genuinely shocked.
  8. Switzerland scored one against France also.
  9. Calinho

    Playstation 3

    Agreed, you can get the new one for about £130 more. To put it into prospective, Game will give you £9 for trading in the console alone. They hold absolutely no value once they fall behind a generation.
  10. Squad of us heading into town at 12!
  11. Next Thursday is 24 degrees and sunny, I'll be out burning my nips somewhere.
  12. Missed the game as had training, are there any highlight videos?
  13. is working, you just need to cross of the adverts, some of them are timed. Edit: Some of the X's are tiny and not always in the top right hand corner of the advert.
  14. Aye I'll bring you home a program