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  1. Seems a bit risky pinning our hopes on a striker we know very little about. Saying that he obviously demanded a wage that was within our wage structure. Considering the lack of inspiring options in the UK(for the money we can afford or are willing to pay out)I don’t think it’s such a bad strategy to take a punt at a foreign striker. Who knows he may be the next saintee’s cult legend!
  2. Just knew when Griffiths came on that he’d score against us
  3. That’s absolutely brutal, gutted for Davidson and the team today
  4. Yeah he’s had a good game but if we break I’d rather have Mikey’ pace on the counter.
  5. That’s a bit more like it! Come on Saints, Spoony’s had a good game and defense looks more solid. Nice to see more players getting into the box more for crosses
  6. Glad it’s a 12 kick-off - Should be over my bad mood by tea-time and able to enjoy the rest of my evening!
  7. I think there’s a big difference between slagging a manager off and being frustrated at a manager for a run of poor results and performances. it’s a big ask of clubs for people to buy season tickets where there’s probably little or no chance we will actually get into see a match before the turn of the year. This is then compounded by the fact that accessing saints tv hasn’t been straight forward and that when you actually can the product on the pitch has been pretty rubbish. I would rather have people discussing their frustrations than all blindly agreeing the status quo’s fine and we shouldn’t pass comment on it. if you look at the large number of contributors who no longer post it’s probably because they were chastised for making a comment they felt strongly about. Could it not be that the so called ‘knicker wetter‘s’ or ‘embarrassing posters’ are simply frustrated, disappointed or passionate about their club in the knowledge that our team can play so much better?
  8. The squad is small but most on here weren’t overly impressed by holt and butcher was at best ok. The fact is we are still selecting players that should be capable of getting results over the teams we’ve played over the last few weeks, yet we haven’t.
  9. Davidson’s taken over a team that were pretty stable, and prior to lock-down we’re starting to show signs of how capable they could be. We were showing real signs of improvement at the back. Hendry was in good form and we were thinking how good could he actually be. May was finally starting to show some of his form of old and started to link well with Hendry. It also seemed like Ali Mc could only get better and forward and I don’t feel positive about any of the above. It’s up to Davidson as a manager to get the best out of his players and somehow he’s failing miserably!
  10. Tommy undoubtedly had his flaws like his reluctance to change things quickly but he just seemed to have much more of a presence than Davidson seems to have. With Wright I always felt he could turn things around following a run of poor form. With Davidson I just don’t get the feeling he will.
  11. I know many people were against us going for a manager who’s done the rounds by it does make you think would it have been better to take a punt at someone like Hughes. I really hope to be proved wrong but just don’t have much confidence in Davidson and his decision making from what I’ve seen so far
  12. I’m with you on this one, seriously thinking about not watching this shi(e anymore. Supposed to be entertainment but ends up putting me in a sh(te mood every sat night. Not got a clue what Davidson can do to change thngs
  13. There just doesn’t seem to be any leaders on our team and every game just has the same feeling as if we’re in a meaningless pre season fixture. I want to see Davidson on the touch line screaming but he just seems so apathetic as do the players. Clearly our setups not working. Even on the occasion when we do whip a decent ball in there’s never anyone showing enough intent to score.
  14. Definitely a good thing. I’ve bought my season ticket but never logged on the official way to watch game as use a IPTV service. I had to switch from saints tv to Livingston tv on that as ours keeps freezing for some reason
  15. I’m actually hating watching us play this season, utterly dire! Decent chances missed then punished every time. So depressing