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  1. Well aren’t Saturday afternoon’s so much better when we play like that?! What a great confidence booster ahead of next week, agree with posts about sticking with 2 up front for next weekend, think we have too when it’s working so well. Thought Craig was excellent today and Melamed just has composure that we’ve not had for some time. At times this season we’ve had one solid on form player at a time with Mcann taking his share off MOM accolades. The difference being now we’ve got Rooney, Spoony, Melamed and others hitting form at the same time. Exciting times, who would have thought after our start we’d be challenging for top 6 and in a cup final, great stuff!!
  2. People will argue that you have to play defensively at Celtic park and Ibrox, yeah fair enough but atleast give yourself an outlet...May was never going to give us that and Kane would have. Gave Rangers far to much respect
  3. Brutal game again against the the, so negative and awful to watch
  4. Eat my hat today regards formation and Zander who has frustrated the f^c¥ out of me this season pulls off a couple of saves that could have made a huge difference to the outcome.....proud to be a saintee!!
  5. Ffs can’t believe melamed doesn’t start. At least if he starts him then we can hold our hands up and say we’re going to give this a go. Really disappointed but hope I’m wronv
  6. He should have done better BUT he’s getting in to the box, setting up shots and you can actually identify him as a striker!
  7. I’m actually raging! From the keeper who never moves off his f€%|ing line. The guy was just in our half, what an utter joke!!
  8. Melamed involved in both goals, wonder why he’s taken so long to give him a chance after a solid performance against hibs. Absolutely bizarre
  9. Glad that saints have made a complaint but SFA will be done about it.
  10. Total and utter p|$h there, same old story, shite tactics, terrible defending and shocking finishing. Mellamed must be wondering why he can’t get a shot in that team.
  11. Ffs how many header gifts have we given this season? zander top class there
  12. Feels like we’ve written off that first 45 minutes with that stupid decision to overload the right. agree about Kane can’t criticise his endeavour but his finishing can be utter honking!
  13. Was thinking after the Hamilton game how much more success we could have whipping low hard balls into the box. We either can’t clear the first man with a cross or have no one good enough to read/commit to a decent header. Kane at the end of the half was an exception but even then was too far out to cause any dangee
  14. It’s like watching an amateur match at my local pitch! Mikey’s not in the game at all at the moment. Would feel robbed if I was paying County £15 to watch this
  15. Absolutely need to react now! Need to cut out this slack defending we’re brutal at the back just now.