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  1. Feel really sorry for those making the trip through tonight to watch that rubbish on such a cold night. All too often this season we’ve had a bright start then completely run out of ideas. I usually look forward to the run of festive fixtures as by this part of season we’re usually starting to kick on after our usual slow start. The county game is now a massive one both in-terms of points and trying to get some momentum going
  2. Midfield absolutely brutal tonight just not that impressed with macpherson or Crawford. Look like we could play all night and not score
  3. Sorry a bit off topic but still on the cup double, has there been any mention of a parading of the trophies day. Shame if this is just going to slip by as could have been a nice revenue earner for local pubs
  4. Pretty sure the reds only apply to Europe. gutted tonight but could have been so different with a break here or there. Subs were late in the day and as frustrated as I am at Spoony I’m pretty sure there’s no one more disappointed than him himself. Yes Lask we’re there for the taking but let’s. It forget their Euro regulars. The negativity is way over the top, let’s remember we have an exciting cup game against Dundee ahead and still have our freedom of the city day. Let’s put tonight behind us and reflect on being part of the most successful era of our beloved wee club
  5. In terms of the team can’t help but feel Sponny could be our secret weapon on Thursday. Feel we’ve missed him the last few games. Also feel it might be worth keeping Middleton as an impact sub as he looked really tired against utd
  6. It appeared that way but my son went on around 5ish and got East stand tickets despite them appearing sold out when I went on minutes earlier
  7. I’m maybe being cynical but feels like the impromptu sale may have been to take the pressure off the ticketing system
  8. Find the whole ticketing thing daft…one week season ticket holders have their season ticket seats blocked out and are the only ones who can purchase an additional 10 tickets. Fast forward to today and you get no warning about on-sale time leaving you very little chance of not only getting your seat nevermind being seated in your usual stand.
  9. Totally weird, sons just been on and managed to get tickets for the east stand just beside our usual seats. When I went on it said the East Stand was totally sold out. If we’re fortunate enough to make the groups could we use some of the money for a new ticketing system please?
  10. Anyone having similar difficulties as above or can offer any help how to get round this
  11. This exactly never even knew seats were on sale so left picking for scraps and now getting an error message when I try saying I have added products that can’t be added without other products ehh! Raging
  12. As far as the someone ‘sitting in my season ticket seat’ goes. It happens from time to time during the normal season. As there are usually plenty of empty seats around my seat I would just find the closest one available. In the case of this game if people sit where they like on other peoples seats it will cause bedlam and I really just want to enjoy every minute of the experience opposed to fight for my seat.
  13. Just a warning for those travelling to Perth from other areas my experience of getting into Perth over the last week has been a bit of a nightmare. There’s been really long tailbacks approaching the broxden roundabout from the Fife/edinburgh direction. I went the Friarton Bridge way the other day and in that way and it was horrendous also. Would leave in plenty of time to avoid stress!
  14. Get the feeling like another poster says that the ticketing system has issues. There’s two of us with season tickets in my household but only one of our barcodes work to order tickets and for some reason my sons name is on both. Today I went on and bought 5 as they were rapidly disappearing and when I tried to go on again wasn’t allowed to get an additional 5 that I should have been entitled too, nor could I use my second ticket to order with. Sounds to me like the ticket office have done an amazing job under the circumstances. My only frustration was that I had to start working and the ‘Buy’ option should have been ready to go at 10am as stated. On another note, the money has been debited from my bank but I don’t have an E ticket e-mail yet in my mail or junk mail - Has anyone else had this problem or is it just me?
  15. Unreal….just thought a ‘buy’ option would appear on official site