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  1. Could be a very young Aberdeen team on the field - let’s hope there’s a silence of the lambs!
  2. I’m pretty sure it will. Remember all players will be tested before the game so no reason not too
  3. That’s ok I’m rubbish at fighting anyway! I don’t think it is though. If I was to ask for a refund I would be looking for money back for remaining games. I can’t be bothered looking but we must have at least 4 left which would be around £100 for an adult( minus whatever discount you get as a ST holder per game). That would be a refund whereas entry into a one off game would be a bonus/perk/gesture of goodwill and would only cost around £25 sometimes only £15 as our first Scottish cup games are discounted anyway Surely not having to pay that out refunds and avoiding the administrative hassle involved would be better for the club than giving free entry to one game!
  4. That’s a good idea actually will prob do the same! Yeah seems to pretty amount to the same thing LAUGH OUT LOUD. What could be a nice offer would be for the club to offer supporters who don’t want or expect a refund for their ST, free entry into our first Scottish cup home game.
  5. Anyone been offered money back for Hibs ticket purchased? Will be more than. Happy to write off season ticket but not really wanting to donate over £100 to the hibees. Would defo consider putting towards any fund raising for saints though!
  6. At first view thought a lot of what he said sounded credible but not so sure. Think he’s minimising the seriousness of the virus and it’s not just the over 70’s who are in danger. Could be more propaganda, look at how his video’s on YouTube are done. Intelligent looking man wearing glasses, clipboard in hand and sitting on a big fancy armchair!
  7. I Personally wouldn’t want a rebate but not sure whether it’s fair to judge others on their decision. For some people football admission can be the family entertainment budget for the week. I don’t think it’s all that bad if families decided to get their money back and use the funds for alternative entertainment.
  8. am I missing something, I don’t really think there was anything wrong with the club using the word disappointed at all. obviously, peoples lives and safeguarding people is a priority but you can still be disappointed surely?? i was disappointed the Hibs game was cancelled. I was looking forward to the game, had a family day out planned, drinks on the train through etc etc. Do I understand the rationale for it though? Of course I do. I wouldn’t be surprised to see further statements of disappointment from the club either due to revenue loss etc surely people are entitled to express a feeling.
  9. Imagine if the season was to be declared null or void. Hearts could stay up and Dundee United would spend yet another year in the championship!
  10. Best case scenario come Saturday night would be for us to beat Hibs and Hearts to beat livingston, would open another door for us to potentially make top 6
  11. I’m getting on the 10.20 train from Markinch, having a meal and pre-match drinks! I get on at Aberdour for a lot of the Edinburgh matches cause I worked there until last week. Didn’t think there would be many fellow saintees travelling from there!
  12. No your right there’s not much you can do and it obviously happens to bigger teams than us. i think we are entitled to question how proactive the club have been in trying to get these players on longer contracts. I also think we are also entitled to question how much money has been wasted on players that quite clearly didn’t/aren’t making the grade. Maybe cash could have been better used into persuading Wright to take a longer contract at an earlier stage before his head went elsewhere if indeed it has.
  13. What makes you say that? Would be very disappointed if that was the case. Was a bit of a blow to lose Kennedy. If we don’t manage to keep hold of Wright, we’ll have lost two of our most creative players in the one season. It’s took us long enough to find these kind of players and not sure how easily they can be replaced on the wages we can offer.
  14. Choo Choo from Markinch Tam? I’ve got 5 of us going so we’re doing well representing Fife Saints! :)
  15. Was thinking we took over 1000 to the Ayr game. I appreciate it was the cup and there’s a novelty factor to consider but this is a big game and would be nice to think we could take 700+ through.