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  1. Surely that has to be a record for the amount of players that have said yes by Monday!?
  2. Been going through some of my stuff and found lots of old football kit, mostly old saints tops. Does anyone know of a local company that I can donate them to and they can give it away to children in need in Africa or somewhere? Thanks in advance.
  3. Rodgers

    Home Game V Luzern Fans

    Option B and C for myself
  4. Rodgers

    Good News

    Nuggets, as captain of PSJ I am speaking on behalf of the team and I refuse to let you go into retirement from PSJ for that specific reason. As Al said, that is extremely harsh on yourself and it is not deserved. One game sticks out in my head where we played Dunfermline and lost 3-2 with yourself in goal. I had an absolute nightmare that game, 2 of the goals were from my errors and you had no chance with them. So basically we all have those games. Look at Gareth bale, whenever he use to play for spurs they lost...where is he now? End of the day, PSJ are always available if you can/want to play.
  5. Rodgers

    Psj V Fc Luzern (A)

    I'm available for the return leg
  6. I'm thinking about booking soon if i were to go, however, I would be looking at going out the day of the game (thursday) and coming back the day after (friday). if anyone else is thinking the same, let me know
  7. Would just like to wish the lads who are playing in this good luck from over here in Abu Dhabi. Gutted I won't be playing in this tournament this year. Hope the weather is nice
  8. 'I will be running the Edinburgh Marathon on the 25th of May to pay tribute to Sean Wallace and his family. Sean was one of the nicest people you could hope to meet and he affected so many lives. Since his passing, the courage and compassion his family have shown has inspired me to face up to the problems I've had with depression' From his page... I have donated, have you?
  9. Same process as the semi, think we should get a block booking together. Al is due me another kiss if we win. Dads, grannies and friends all welcome. I will potentially be ordering 5 tickets. I am more than happy to go in this time and place the order, since I moaned enough about the view for the semi. So lets generate some numbers here and then can give me the money when the tickets go on sale.