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  1. Surely that has to be a record for the amount of players that have said yes by Monday!?
  2. Been going through some of my stuff and found lots of old football kit, mostly old saints tops. Does anyone know of a local company that I can donate them to and they can give it away to children in need in Africa or somewhere? Thanks in advance.
  3. Rodgers

    Home Game V Luzern Fans

    Option B and C for myself
  4. Rodgers

    Good News

    Nuggets, as captain of PSJ I am speaking on behalf of the team and I refuse to let you go into retirement from PSJ for that specific reason. As Al said, that is extremely harsh on yourself and it is not deserved. One game sticks out in my head where we played Dunfermline and lost 3-2 with yourself in goal. I had an absolute nightmare that game, 2 of the goals were from my errors and you had no chance with them. So basically we all have those games. Look at Gareth bale, whenever he use to play for spurs they lost...where is he now? End of the day, PSJ are always available if you can/want to play.
  5. Rodgers

    Psj V Fc Luzern (A)

    I'm available for the return leg
  6. I'm thinking about booking soon if i were to go, however, I would be looking at going out the day of the game (thursday) and coming back the day after (friday). if anyone else is thinking the same, let me know
  7. Would just like to wish the lads who are playing in this good luck from over here in Abu Dhabi. Gutted I won't be playing in this tournament this year. Hope the weather is nice
  8. 'I will be running the Edinburgh Marathon on the 25th of May to pay tribute to Sean Wallace and his family. Sean was one of the nicest people you could hope to meet and he affected so many lives. Since his passing, the courage and compassion his family have shown has inspired me to face up to the problems I've had with depression' From his page... I have donated, have you?
  9. Same process as the semi, think we should get a block booking together. Al is due me another kiss if we win. Dads, grannies and friends all welcome. I will potentially be ordering 5 tickets. I am more than happy to go in this time and place the order, since I moaned enough about the view for the semi. So lets generate some numbers here and then can give me the money when the tickets go on sale.
  10. Rodgers

    Good Luck Psj

    Was 1-1 at half time but there were a couple of injuries just after half time and from this we found it difficult to stay in the game. As the time went on we needed to get a goal to get back in it at 2-1, and lost late goals as we were committing more men forward. Can't fault the effort from the lads, we gave it our best shot. Thanks for the continued support.
  11. Radgers having no comment to make? That would be a first. *its something you should be proud of.
  12. You are a working progress.
  13. Ready to make history? Come this Saturday, PSJ will be taking part in their first ever British cup quarter final. PSJ have been on good form lately with strong performances against Dunfermline, Raith Rovers and Troon. This has to be put down to being able to field almost the same team every week. After a difficult start to the season, PSJ have turned things around and manager Kevin Riddle had this to say, “we have turned it around big time, this has been down to long hours on the training ground and my change of tactics”. It has to be said PSJ have developed a style of play that Barcelona would be proud of. So from these recent performances does that mean PSJ are high in confidence? The evening tullygraph spoke to PSJ veteran striker Alistair Pops yesterday about PSJ chances in Saturday game, “I really do think we can win this game, mean, we are the underdogs according to the bookies but that has happened a few times this season and it doesn’t bother us as players, we just turn up and play. I remember back in the day when PSJ were the worst team in the league, and I scored the first ever PSJ goal…”. PSJ travel down south on Thursday evening where they will have a training session on the pitch on the Friday before finding a strip club to spend their coppers. This has been shown to be a successful method of match preparation, as in the past PSJ players have displayed their appreciation at the down time before an important match, however, Nicholas Church was unavailable to comment. Manager Kevin Riddle has no injury concerns ahead of Saturday, but what he will have is a selection headache. There are a number of positions that have a number of players available for selection, such as young Rhuari Klumber after putting in an impressive performance on Saturday up front. After his brace at the weekend, Rhuari was said to be over the moon from this performance, however he is too young to be interviewed, so there was no confirmation about his comments. PSJ new keeper Michael Dustbunny has been receiving a lot of praise of late, firstly for quitting smoking and drinking but also his heroic performances between the sticks. He demonstrates all the qualities to be the next Kevin Cuthbert, and he seems so determined to keep a clean sheet during the games, he had this to say, “clean sheets? Clean pants”. There is said to be a squad of seventeen players heading south and it could potentially be the strongest squad in PSJ history. Kevin had this to say regarding the large squad “its big, but I have a feeling I will lose some players to alcoholism and needsleepism but I need to prepare for all of them to be there”. One of the main factors that have caused the team to improve is the new young players coming through thanks to the youth academy of PSJ. Head of the academy Michael Rodriguez has developed players such as Johnathan Yates, Daniel Scoot, Matthew Gillygrust and the famous Harry Pothead. Without a doubt this is the way football clubs are trying to do now, develop younger players to save money on wages. PSJ who are currently sitting second in the league go into this match having no fear for Saturday, they have built confidence from their previous matches and also in the last round where they beat Barnsley. Winning this match is not mission impossible and the players will know this. They will have worked on Southport’s weaknesses and learned about their strengths; together as a team, PSJ can make history. Dustin Bucket
  14. 17 players!?!?! this will be fun!
  15. Nothing wrong with my car but its my parents who fund my car as I do not have the finances to do so myself.
  16. Excuse me Al? Please elaborate on the 'for once' comment...
  17. Another good team performance today lads - well done. It makes a difference when we get the same players turning up every week.