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  1. The best two "new signings". Drew Wright may prove another, but the old guy..... how many times do we need to make that mistake? Ambrose pt 2 (and many more before him)
  2. MySpazz


    Top of the league after one match. Looks good.
  3. Liam Craig, Frazer Wright, Benny Rooney, Henry Hall a few of those in attendance......."Good night, brilliant" was the last of the message I got! Aparantely our very own St Johnstone SLO is in the cast!
  4. Few pals gone to this tonight.... awaiting their review!
  5. Brown and the kitman, and few tradefolk are the ones at the ground these days.... give it two or three weeks, we have a squad enough for the League cup and friendlies.
  6. MySpazz


    He changed too late, but in his defence he had no clue what ukraine would turn out
  7. MySpazz


    Spoony helped you guys get there, so there's a scottish thread in that success!
  8. MySpazz


    Garbage performance. Some of those players are paid over 30k a week! A WEEK!
  9. Good luck to them, a novel way to celebrate all the good times we've had over the past 10 years MON THE SAINTS
  10. More excitment than champions league....which was a bit of a snoozefest imo
  11. Have that one long sleeve with number 15 on the back. PM offers if you are serious. Size Large
  12. Linky doesn't take a challenge too well, so be ready for their ad hominem. St Johnstone have no right to anything. Where we are, where we have been, what we have done, is incredible and achieved by stability of ownership and long term decisions on players, backroom staff and financies. So sacking a manager is not part of that. A manager whose apprenticeship only really finished when he got the job, having done his training in support of our other great manager TW, with placements in England and the Scotland National Team! Honestly, show us another manager out there with his CV.
  13. Annan can be done as an away game from London! Might trundle up for the southern ones if they are away ties...
  14. MySpazz


    THought Hibs were looking for a keeper? Haven't kept up, maybe they signed one
  15. MySpazz


    Dylan Barnes fits that bill too.