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  1. MySpazz


    Agreed. Zander is an experienced keeper, does what he can in a lower end team, and will invariably let a fair few in when the team as a whole don't defend. I say our biggest problem is May. Said it when he signed: he'll cause us bother. I stand by that.
  2. MySpazz


    It's a great draw. No matter the outcome it's an equal group which can only help with the development of the team. Hate when going into games v Germany etc.
  3. Can't wait to get back.................have missed this "customer experience!"
  4. Reckon he's one who will go on to great things. I mean, when you see players like Greelish playing for Engerrrrland, you have to wonder what Danny's future will look like, he's got the making of a top top player. BTW, shouldn't Greelish be playing for ROI with a name like that!!!
  5. MySpazz


    Dykes is a machine. Destined for ECL team IMHO
  6. MySpazz


    Unbelievable, dream come true..... mon! Any commentator who is English will be snide and condescending, it's standard fare from them. Bedwetting wanx IMHO. BRING THEM ON!
  7. May's was a decent penalty, struck with some pace - absolutely wellied it. Their GK played a blinder, the save on to the post outstanding. Thought Zander's tip on to the bar was near brilliance.... As for the one that swerved back in.... real blooper/
  8. MySpazz


    Someone call Jody Morris....they want Kepa out....
  9. Keep on Random, keep on. Brechin were in the postition, i never singled them out, that's a fact - they were in the play offs, they'd have met a winning team in the lower league and on the showing we saw the other day, they'd have lost. Their chairman had a vote on the board of the league, to determine how things would play out. Nothing against Brechin - you seem to have a soft spot for them so maybe you are glad they got a bye. The other teams you mentioned were in divisions not bottom of the pile on the cusp of mostly likely going out of the league.
  10. Brechin got lucky, and in part the influence their chairman had on how the leagues were decided. Not singling out anyone, They were where they were....and got off the hook of playing Brora who i reckon would have tonked them.
  11. They weren't demoted or faced with the prospect because their chairman was on the SPFL board. Brora Rangers might also disagree with you
  12. But they weren't demoted, quite likely on account of their chaiman also being on the SPFL board!
  13. But keeping things in perspective on here is not allowed, let's all get pissed ....we beat Brechin by 7 in league cup round robin............Brechin who by all rights ought to be a non league team. But don't say any of this, talk about "confidence" which I'd call delusion. Confidence comes from doing something tough. Complacency comes from having it easy. Nice braggable scoreline, otherwise, we are still bottom of the league.