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  1. MySpazz

    New Manager

    There will be no fee. That announcement was a respectful way of making it not look like we'd poached him, or he'd left in a negative cloud. In football it is very rare for an assistant to be held back, and the decision to "let" him leave would have been backed by Rowlett. The "football family" thing does exist, reputations matter, so Saints were just respecting Millwall's reputation and Davidson's. "I said ‘If it is something you really want to do, we will try to help.’ The club does not stand in the way of people who want to progress – I do not think that is right, to make it hard for someone to take their chance.
  2. MySpazz

    New Manager

    Welcome back Callum Davidson ⤵️⤵️⤵️⤵️⤵️⤵️⤵️
  3. Train next to the ground, Start getting players who want to play for Saints and live in Perth! Covid will soon be lip-service like Health & Safety is when the job has to get done!
  4. Ali & Callum Shout out to Ando
  5. MySpazz

    New Manager

    I can assure you Millwall don't do free loans. They will also loan the players from the U23s that are going to be released in the summer out to non -league clubs or if they have more potential, local league 1 or 2 teams in the january before releasing them in the summer. But for sure, and in no uncertain terms do they do "free" anything!!!!
  6. Looking forward to seeing a macron kit with the new logo on it, but if anyone wants older kit, see my link
  7. The bids will go very high, but then they have to get the money from the buyer. It's ALOT of money for a template shirt. If someone has the red matchwinner, i'd pay £200 for that, but not the cup final one. The best shirt I have from the cup final is a t shirt made by the Highland Saints which says "ARMAGEADON DO THON" on the back......i'll let you Gaelic speakers translate
  8. No idea, i was bidding, but in all honesty I don't feel much for the shirt was the shirt they wore, but the shirt was the one they wore all season through the rounds. I just felt that shirt was a poor effort, it was the usual TTL effort and midly different to the one we wore all year. I know that might not be a popular opinion, but it's why i dropped out at £50.00 (I could go to any height for a shirt i like, but weirdly i don't like that shirt!
  9. Someone's got the cup final top on eBay, i can't afford to keep bidding, but one of you lot might have the money....
  10. MySpazz

    New Manager

    Callum Davidson for sure. Millwall is a horrible club, horrible area, horrible fans.......hold on, they were founded by Dundee fans!!!
  11. MySpazz

    New Manager

    Ahh must have been scouting out kit deals with Saints then....
  12. MySpazz

    New Manager

    Barry Ferguson seen driving about in Perth.............
  13. KR is in the club to get it running as a business, ready for for the FOR SALE sign to go up Question isn't what did she do to make Tommy leave. Question is: What didn't she do to keep him at McD? Answer.............not enough!
  14. Steve Clarke hired himself...............and as a former employee of Alex Dyer I can tell you she struck gold. I hope the same can be said for her with us.