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  1. Try one of the many sites out there
  2. People critizicing them might do well to remember how many areas have lost their local paper, that local journalism has been hit hard by Google "stealing" all content without renumeration. So for the Courier to try something, good on them.
  3. Covid has stiffed us ...... cup double and a huge tie v gala...................with our EsEs pals also missing out. Cannae make it up.... what you doing galavanting around europe?
  4. Fly to Paris....Paris return to Istanbul, and back in via Paris. Call yourself a real fan
  5. Who's going to Turkey for the game? Passengers arriving from UK, Iran, Egypt or Singapore will require a negative PCR test taken within the 72 hours prior to arriving in Turkey.
  6. There won't be an away end because just to get a ticket for the home end will mean being a season ticket holder or a sponsor, current or past few years. There is NO WAY the club are going to open the sales up the public when they can pull in capital from who gets to go....
  7. We had a red away kit before we ever had a yellow one. Our tradition is to have a white away kit, but this red one is a nice nod to 30 years since we last had that style of shirt. Really like it, and think it'll look great v Scumdee
  8. August 9th the guidelines change, so many of us will just have two days to get a ticket sorted!
  9. Missed this one in the Englandshire match the other night
  10. We all know the guy who vaulted the fence, he's a great guy (probably best not to name him) - grew up in the same street as him, and i can tell you he was no half as daft as he is now! Great performance from the ex-army lad who took the perimeter wall like he was on a training exercise!
  11. So many players based in Glasgow.
  12. We need to be starting every single season with the opening pre-season match v Jeanfield Swifts. 500 tickets. £20 each. Set the wee club up for the year.