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  1. MySpazz

    Im steaming

    SLF you teatotal or can we have a Ska infused "i'm steaming" playlist soon ....thanks!
  2. But that's it, the uglier the better.....i just think we got what people moaned about: "custom kit" and now people moan that it's too custom!!!! Mon then, what's your fav kit of late.... collar or no collar? Yellow or white for away kit? White or blue shorts I know the season has only just started but can we discuss next seasons kit!!!! :0
  3. The standard of football...ooft, watch the first few minutes, it's all over the place
  4. Saw this online, lots of folk have asked me for this, but they are quite rare and a nice top (the BLK ones are indestructible tbf)
  5. MySpazz


    He has played six times for Australia, and scored six times too! We missed the boat on that one.
  6. What was the name of the cafe that used to be where costa is on the corner of the high street.............we need one of those or a cafe above Woolworths
  7. MySpazz


    Another way to look at this is results: If Scotland keep getting results, it's hard to argue with the players Clarke picks. Lose next Month .... different story. Zander has more than proven himself, Rangers second choice keeper being in the squad is no surprise.
  8. Saints are having a party The Dee are in their beds
  9. 44m when he scores a billy the fish overhead kick winner v Liverpool Preston North End vs Liverpool
  10. It was so good, Worth your time if you haven't listened as yet.
  11. AGreed, the teams coming down the the EPL do so with 50m+ in the bank. Preston don't want to be like the Sunderland, Bradford, Boltons who fell from the top.
  12. Right, you're on. I'll take a custard tart IF Ambrose is a roaring success. I love custard, and who doesn't like a tart?
  13. Cart-horses the lot of them!!! TIme will prove me right - Signing Ambrose will be like a custard tart to the face from Livi.
  14. Signed in the first division. Bryson and Conway are fair shouts.
  15. Players that we've signed in their 30s? Players who signed and landed us in the top 6 of the top flight? Name some (I believe you, but would love to see some names)