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  1. Highly relevant....
  2. MySpazz

    Scottish Cup

    Charlie is snorting his namesake. The fixture is the original derby. Dundee are diddy. They did have a few chances and they got spit roasted on each and every one of them, especially the fumble by Zander. GIRFUY bams
  3. MySpazz

    Scottish Cup

    TBF I reckon those tv fixtures are ok. It's a big match for United!
  4. MySpazz

    Scottish Cup

    You can be a good team. I'd rather be a lucky team and avoid the OF!
  5. MySpazz

    Scottish Cup

    Brutal draw whatever way you look at it..... win it, and we win the cup IMO
  6. MySpazz

    Scotland Manager

    The bottom is out of the EPL, and the EFL lower leagues are done. There is no money about, and people won't be able to afford £75 a game, but then again I was shocked when the price went up from £3.00 a ticket to get in to Stamford Bridge in 1986
  7. MySpazz

    Scotland Manager

    Can't think why any manager would want to go to celtic. club on the down....
  8. MySpazz

    Harry Curran

    31 years ago..................ffs, I feel utterly depressed. WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. That was not veering..... that was fanning out. Take it from an ex-pro, yer a long time out of the cinder when you retire.... i can tell ye
  10. disciplined off the pitch, disciplined on it. I reckon you'll see we are close to the bottom of the disciplinary table.
  11. Good on him for sponsoring Saints. Car sales...seems like a hellish business to be in!
  12. What happened to ATC? See they are no longer trading?
  13. There's warfare in having a bigger sound system than the opponent. If you can drown out there music from the other dressing room, the first battle has been won. I applaud this move by Rooney and ask only that they play weird russian music or something, to really fk up the opposing team (baffle them out on to the pitch!)