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    Someone call Jody Morris....they want Kepa out....
  2. Keep on Random, keep on. Brechin were in the postition, i never singled them out, that's a fact - they were in the play offs, they'd have met a winning team in the lower league and on the showing we saw the other day, they'd have lost. Their chairman had a vote on the board of the league, to determine how things would play out. Nothing against Brechin - you seem to have a soft spot for them so maybe you are glad they got a bye. The other teams you mentioned were in divisions not bottom of the pile on the cusp of mostly likely going out of the league.
  3. Brechin got lucky, and in part the influence their chairman had on how the leagues were decided. Not singling out anyone, They were where they were....and got off the hook of playing Brora who i reckon would have tonked them.
  4. They weren't demoted or faced with the prospect because their chairman was on the SPFL board. Brora Rangers might also disagree with you
  5. But they weren't demoted, quite likely on account of their chaiman also being on the SPFL board!
  6. But keeping things in perspective on here is not allowed, let's all get pissed ....we beat Brechin by 7 in league cup round robin............Brechin who by all rights ought to be a non league team. But don't say any of this, talk about "confidence" which I'd call delusion. Confidence comes from doing something tough. Complacency comes from having it easy. Nice braggable scoreline, otherwise, we are still bottom of the league.
  7. :Littlehampton Town, yours for 199.99
  8. This result does nothing for me, it's a shambles. Brechin clearly gash, and we pay goal bonuses out on it! And Stevie May clearly found his level
  9. Singapore is not with us to defend himself, so I'll pipe down. Miss his contributions....the good and the bad! SLF will just never learn L O L - and i think he owes me a beer !
  10. Loved the matchwinner shirts Just seen this style, same template as we had but what a design! Can you we PLEASE have another red away top. Last one was the Bonar strip, it's time!!! One of these in red for us as an away top.
  11. Can't believe this thread exists. Dark ages stuff.
  12. Why do we need five subs, is this Ice hockey? Basically, didn't watch the game, didn't expect anything, but no at all surprised to lose in the 90th minute. Someone said it on here many years ago: You play the OF you will mostly come away feeling cheated. Today no different.
  13. If I buy the home kit will they sell me half an away kit? Just need the top half.....will wear it over the top.
  14. Agreed, if anyone from the club had any sense, they would a) read this forum b) understand that RED was an amazing away kit in our first season at McD, and they should have had it to mark 30 years in the ground......
  15. Happy Birthday to Ray Stewart who will turn 61 today. Ray played ten times for Scotland all as a West Ham player, initially under Jock Stein and was hopeful of getting to the 1982 World Cup. He was apparently on the list of 24 of possible players for Spain '82 but he and Tommy Burns were left behind. Ray blames it on being sent off at Hampden in April of that year in an Under-21 match against England. He was sent off for fighting with Mark Hateley in the last minute of the match. Ray scored one goal for Scotland against Northern Ireland in a 2-0 win at Hampden in the Home Internationals of May 1981. Ray's proudest moment with Scotland was apparently the 1-0 victory over England at Wembley in 1981.
  16. that away kit is designed for my beer belly, the blue starts and stops where it starts and finishes............
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    Uefa last week outlined principles for scenarios where Covid-19 impacted fixtures, stating that a game would go ahead as long as a team had at least 13 players available, including a goalkeeper.
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    result make no difference, cos that was the same performance i've seen so many times and i'll be back for more of that punishment when the games are open again!
  19. Super understood shame no fans can go
  20. The training kit looks like traditional Sami People atire with the bit on the shoulders
  21. Has gone into wildlife photography, specialising on photos from Woody Island, then posts on Pictures from Perth and Beyond He has a keen eye for a good photo and does the area justice with some of the photos. More calming for the man too than being on here !!!!
  22. It's a nice kit, like it, now to see what colour the away will be..........let it be red!
  23. six months pay up front..... and / or paid out his contract (so common in football)