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    MySpazz reacted to Sergei in Fouls Per Card   
    SPFL Premiership
    Fouls per Card
    (No. of fouls/Crime Count)
    As at 03/12/21
    Celtic 11.5
    Rangers 6.9
    Hearts 6.6
    Aberdeen 5.8
    St.Mirren 5.8
    Livingston 5.5
    Ross County 5.2
    Motherwell 5.2
    Dundee Utd 5.1
    Hibs 5.1
    Dundee 4.9
    St.Johnstone 4.3
    This is on today's twitter from the guy that runs Pie and Bovril. He's into stats and no reason to come out with stuff like this unless genuine.
    No surprise to see who the top two are and it just backs up what we hear every game. Refs are very quick to book Saints players while letting the opposition off with numerous fouls before finally taking action, if any. Looks like some fans aren't paranoid or deluded after all!
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    MySpazz reacted to Sergei in Scottish Cup 2021/22   
    Jeanfield Swifts v St Johnstone in the Scottish Cup. The Perth derby. Now that would be an historic match for the city. 
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    MySpazz reacted to HOODLUM65 in Dundee V St.Johnstone - Wednesday 1st December   
    First time I've left before the end.
    Passing to the opposition constantly.
    Frightened to take control.
    Mc Pherson and Crawford can get tae France.
    Referee over the 90 minutes was o.k.
    Dundee goalie didn't have a safe to make.
    Relegation looms.
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    MySpazz got a reaction from sixties saintee in PLOUGH INN, any memories? good or bad   
    @Teamwork you still there laddie...
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    MySpazz reacted to Cagey in We have a new winger…   
    Wow and that's without seeing him.
    I like your optomisim. Like most of the games you have us down as winning 4-1.
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    MySpazz reacted to rik2304 in We have a new winger…   
    Well it's probably about A4 size.
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    MySpazz got a reaction from Shipa in Dundee Hiring McDiarmid   
    Never going to happen. Dens park is perfect for League Two, which is where they hopefully end up!!
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    MySpazz reacted to blueheaven in Premier Sports Cup 2021/22   
    Completely agree with that. Having Hampden in Glasgow has also damaged Scotland's chances of ever hosting a tournament, because the three biggest football grounds are all in the same city.
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    MySpazz reacted to south inch in Dundee Hiring McDiarmid   
    Surely this is a wind up?  Is the current owner a couple of sandwiches short of a picnic? He owns an asset which a developer wants to buy (or so it is said) and it is suggested he will sell it to his tenant who will then sell on to the developer at a profit!  Aye right.
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    MySpazz reacted to Cumbo in Jeanfield v Hill of Beath - Saturday 13 November   
    3-2 win for Swifts twice coming from behind to claim victory with an injury time winner. 
    Over 200 in attendance who were treated to an enthralling 90+ minutes.
    We are at home again next Saturday whoever there is a much larger game taking place at Hampden 
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    MySpazz reacted to blueheaven in Premier Sports Cup 2021/22   
    Cliches are often cliches because they're accurate.
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    MySpazz reacted to garydavidson in Premier Sports Cup 2021/22   
    Not if we score the first goal.
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    MySpazz reacted to blueheaven in Would you swap the double for the league?   
    I wouldn't swap them. I think winning the League Cup in particular was a tick on the to-do list for us because we'd never done it before. When it started to look possible that we'd turn that into a Cup Double, it became really special because it's something most of us would never even have contemplated previously. There's a real possibility that no non-Old Firm side will do a Cup Double like that again in our life times. We've done something special that no other Scottish fans will get to experience (the OF will win Doubles at some point, but their fans would never understand what it means to a club like St Johnstone, so it's not the same thing).
    Having said all that, now that we've won both cups I want the league next. 
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    MySpazz reacted to rickardo in Old Perth - Picture Thread   
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    MySpazz reacted to Tranmere Saintee in Ibrox latest...   
    I’ve just seen they have lost £105 million in their 9 years of existence. Unbelievable that they are allowed to get away with it again.
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    MySpazz reacted to sixties saintee in Ibrox latest...   
    Sad sad bastards.
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    MySpazz reacted to RandomGuy in Ali McCann - what will he sell for predictions?   
    All about the sell on clause. We get a wedge of the next fee.
    Scotland to England fee wouldn't compare to a Championship to Premiership fee. The sell on clause alone could break our transfer record.
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    MySpazz reacted to HOODLUM65 in Ali McCann - what will he sell for predictions?   
    Looking back I used to go to the u21 games.
    Noticed in the "thread" of 2017 that I posted Ali McCann is one to watch,  tho' Cameron Ballantyne took the eye.
    Ballantyne on loan to Montrose can't be to far away from Saints 1st team.
    Ballantyne and McCann went together  like salt & pepper.
    Well done to Ali McCann.
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    MySpazz reacted to blueheaven in Ali McCann - what will he sell for predictions?   
    Alright, no need to rub it in. 
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    MySpazz reacted to Cumbo in Other games on the go   
    Dont think any of our players were offside at this point.  They also missed the deliberate handball by the keeper outside the box which was around the same time as the disallowed goal
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    MySpazz reacted to Saintdunc in Other games on the go   
    For followers of German football, here is an unbelievable half time score in the Cup.
    Gladbach leading Bayern 3-0!
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    MySpazz reacted to slf in Celtic V St.Johnstone - October 23rd   
    Craigie burn
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    MySpazz reacted to south inch in Celtic V St.Johnstone - October 23rd   
    And one of them was the obligatory penalty given where either Ugly Sister is in any difficulty.  Reference Sevco today.
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    MySpazz reacted to blueheaven in Kits 21/22   
    My favourite subject. 
    Personally I'm not really fussed about whether or not we have a 'custom kit'. My preference is always a fairly simple blue shirt, white shorts, and white socks of course   - if you look here you'll see we haven't had that since 1980 (41 years ago!). Just once I'd love for us to get a blue shirt that doesn't have loads of unnecessary white or yellow flashes and lines and stripes all over it.
    I still say that for this season we should have gone with a modern remake of this design to celebrate the 50th anniversary of our 1971/72 European run...

    My favourite from more recent years is the 2014 Cup Final kit, or the one we wore during the 2013/14 season. Both fairly simple designs without too much going on. I also really liked our 2003/04 kit, even though it reminds me of one of the least enjoyable seasons I've ever endured.
    I agree with you when it comes to away kits, though. We should go crazy with the away kit - do something completely out there that gets noticed. That's why people still talk about the teal and magenta kit. The further from boring white or yellow the better, at least for a couple of years.
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    MySpazz reacted to langside-saint in Kits 21/22   
    i love the BLK kit....bunch o moaners :p