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  1. Same old story, if he does well for us in 4 months then he returns South at a critical moment in our season. I hate short loan deals
  2. Brown sanctioned a slightly improved player budget and we ended up with Coulson, Paton, Alston and Watson. These four additions have brought very little to the party either thro poor performances or in Watsons case yet more injuries. Not sure any money left to add to squad now and I'm not convinced the budget was spent wisely.
  3. One of the worst performances I have seen under TW. Poor across entire team and totally predictable. No hunger and no leadership on the park. Only one team pushed for the winner at the end and it was not Saints so Caly deservedly took the points. Kane is not the answer to our striking issues we need someone else but this looks unlikely. Can cope with losing when we put in the effort but that was a shambles!
  4. I get that but the squad needed freshening and I'm not convinced that last seasons team has the legs for another assault on top six
  5. It's a point that's the only positive! I'm more than a bit concerned that so much has been made of our new signings and yet of the four signings one was anonymous again, one is injured for several weeks, one did not feature and one came on for last few minutes and hardly touched the ball. We effectively played with last seasons squad!
  6. currently playing (badly) for FC United v Chesterfield on BT Sport 2!
  7. Taking car to Dens on Saturday from Inverness. PM me if any highland saints wanting a lift.
  8. Fraser alongside either McKay or Scobbie should have been the choice.
  9. Only Easton gets pass marks in our back four today. We were brutal at the back. Can't believe we nearly got something from that game however. Hearts were there for the taking, we made it too easy for them. Liam was terrific glad he is back with us