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  1. Did you see his puss on TV .....Many CE,s would be extatic ,,,,,,his was as dour a fcuk
  2. In charge?????????? wake up ,,,his dad gave it to him...
  3. miles ahead of what ???? Dunfermline??? F MEE BUT still behind Morton ,,,,st Mirren
  4. Bollocks ...his dad still runs the club .....we all know that
  5. Disgrace .....We are living on a 2014 cup win and don't realise how garbage we are.....not a recognised striker , that's what we lack,,,,speaking to Rowan Vine this morning in Perth before we went to Forfar.....oh I am just helping him ,,,I am not his agent ........what a load of pish..... Signing May would bring an extra 3/400 to Mcdairmid ...if he ends up at Dundee ,, I will never set foot inside again...
  6. It is with sadness that I announce the passing away of Davy (soapy) Soutar , lifelong saintee who died on his 80th birthday on Friday 22nd March. For all who know there is a bus trip round Fife for young?? Soutar,s 50th on Saturday 30th March, this is still going ahead and will now be also a celebration of Soapy,s life. Anyone fancy a day out contact Caley Bar in Perth for tickets. I hear the song MY OLD MAN,S A DUSTMAN will trump the day.
  7. looks like i be going slf...on the train,,,,looking to cross at TOF"""LL
  8. Every free kick ,corner ,throw in, drop ball goal kick, substitution, booking, what's all yee hear!!!! Come on yee saints,, come on yee saints,,,,,,,gets on my tits!!!!
  9. 1ofthe22


    i agree. he is the most disinterested player to grace a blue jersey!!! offers ZIP.anyone with half a footy brain can see this. HTF he gets PA star awards is beyond me!!! lets not start about HABER , nickname" thats the end of that move" .saints are just 2 players short of a cracking side,,need a decent winger(goodbye haber) and replace murray with someone with fire in the belly!!!
  10. anybody gotta be better than Murray davidson,,,
  11. naw he didny wanna pass to murray ,,that must be one of the most overrated players since beckham...came on here praising team when he was out and saying results will go against when hes back,, can someone start a post on wat murray has contributed in last year,,exactly!!!!! nowt!!!!pity **** are skint or hed be away!!!
  12. trouble is the 12th man get huckled by stewards and polis.!!!! not allowed to get excited at mcd!!!!
  13. the difference was because the 2 useless waste of spacers ,,morris and murray davidson were out,,,,,they totally slow the play down...so boring with them,,,tremendous without them..results will change with them 2 back,,,play will be slow..murray will run around stupit!!!! most overrated t*** since beckham!!!!. he should get himself a bird from a pop band cause thats the only way he,ll ever make it,,,