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  1. What is even more concerning is his targets
  2. Needs a fresh approach Davidson will not change his tactics
  3. 3 shots 3 on target 50 50 possession so kind of contradicts the earlier beeb report
  4. I tend to agree if these players have been identified as players to improve the team then a PCA should be signed where possible
  5. We could go through the whole team and say there shocking we could pick on the manager and say his selections line up and transfer business is shocking we can criticise the board and staff and say there shocking. What we really need to do is get behind what we have and drive them on to get us out of this situation
  6. I love the way everybody jumps on the system doesn’t work arguments. I did last year
  7. Looks like big Dunc taking control in the interim at Everton
  8. No no no the masters with they leather weapon was Stewart the chemistry teacher and the master was Samson Tech