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  1. In the Solo bar at the top of bon accord street no very bright there pictures were on Facebook on Sunday
  2. Stupid question but if Saints have a sky screened game are the season ticket holders still allowed to watch Santa tv if they don’t have sky
  3. I just can’t remember where I read it but I’m sure I did that if clubs use law courts to sue the association they will be kicked out and lose there registration I could have dreamed it but I thought they had to use the court of arbitration
  4. What’s the position on Hearts being booted out for going to court I thought the only route available to them was the court of arbitration
  5. Pubs shut yer doomed
  6. Davy Burnside sure he played for Brechin and Dunfermline
  7. Sceptical about this Dons move unless they are also moving people out they have injuries but they are central
  8. Correct bit of a joke really
  9. Go back more years we had a lot worse than mentioned already