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  1. Considine one of the most under rated defenders in scotland
  2. It’s the old story u don’t play them you will never know really sad the way the situation with etu developed fall out on the training ground I mean really what a crock of shit
  3. I would love to know how you arrived at that conclusion my view is saints seem to be dreadful at dealing with new young strikers whether that’s Davidson or others in the coaching team
  4. I’m sure SB will be hoping for that as well
  5. How did his interview go any news
  6. What a night and Hesgoal didn’t even buffer result
  7. Spot on Dunc I bow to your superior knowledge keep smoking it
  8. U smoking the strong stuff jeez saints scoring 4 goals in one game oh my word
  9. I use Hesgoal on my smart tv the pop ups are a pain but it’s free