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  1. Beautiful football and lose or pretty poor and win? think I’ll take the latter please
  2. perthandproud

    3 drams

    Remember that time we used to have 3 whisky companies in Perth? A sad but good read here and after going down a rabbit hole from someone else's elephant post video here click on "watch free"
  3. In general terms and at the moment I completely agree, however there's no telling what would or could happen over the remaining games and I guess that's where the big problem lies with the teams in or near relegation and promotion spots. Could you imagine if Saints were in Hearts position, we had just started to turn it around(I know Hearts don't look like they will) and then this all came around, i for one would like the opportunity to complete all the games as I would be convinced we could get out of it. If we get going by say the start of July-mini preseason starting in June No idea how feasible any of the following would be and I've no doubt there's lot's of holes in it. My personal solution would be to go Sat/Wed games to complete this season then 3 week break, within this break complete scottish cup then straight into next season. Some of the problems with the above are:- This season and nexts European games, international games, do you have a break at xmas for a month then play all the way to the Euros? As someone said before money is going to talk, it will be TV and sponsors that dictate how this all goes as however misses out wether it be club TV or sponsor is sure to challenge it. Edited to add in-Players contracts, they will be coming up for renewal/termination or players leaving, they cant be forced to stay and for the likes of Hearts they could buy their way out.
  4. They would have invested in the initial takeover of the club, cant remember how many shares they have or at what price they paid, so don't think they haven't put anything into the club and how much time has been invested and how much is that time worth? Lets be honest there's not many of us that have much of a clue what goes into running a football club, but I guess we could put ourselves forward at the next AGM!
  5. Courier article here clicky link “So it’s led, unfortunately, to apathy from our own fans. Obviously, if you have a demand, you sell tickets." I certainly know a good few people that wont go to these games, don't know if i would call it apathy.
  6. I can’t help but get the feeling we are heading for the club being actively put up for sale The owner is getting on in years The chairman has said previously he doesn’t want his sons involved and seems to be completely fed up of running the club and the hassles that go with it. Theres now a CEO in place basically running the club top to bottom. Haven’t got a 4 but I’m sure there is one in the past it’s always been said that the club is for sale to the right person/people but really I doubt if anything was ever done to actively sell the club, I get a real sense that things are being put in place so that an easy transition can occur. Thoughts?
  7. I completely agree, I cant think of many instances where we have stood in someones way, doubt if it would ever benefit anyone if you did.
  8. When does the managers contract run out? Say we were to get 500k in compensation, would it be worth it then? Baring in mind a few weeks ago some people were calling for him to go which could have cost us 500k(I'm plucking numbers out of thin air for the sake of representing a figure) Its an interesting dilemma
  9. Am I the only 1 that started out in life as a £25 a week YTS, which in today's money is £50-60(£240/month) and your worried about £540! I certainly never got lunches provided and would never have expected to either, I'm not sure your going to get much sympathy I'm afraid.
  10. I haven't voted, I think its a bit more complex than a yes or no answer. Is he perfect-No, is he running the club prudently-yes and there's lots of questions and answers in between, I wish there could have been a middle of the road option as really that's probably where anyone should be running the club.
  11. Yes Steve does have shares, it used to be at one time the board had first refusal to take back any shares that were offered up from an existing shareholder or a shareholder that had died, makes you wonder where some of the past directors got their shares from. Given the demographic of alot of our shareholders if the board/owner so wanted they could grab most of the shares back in the next 10-20 years or less
  12. I'm never convinced that this is actually the case that you sell alot more tops especially a club of our size to offset what the player actually costs us. I'm also not convinced that he is anywhere near the player we had 5 years ago, he's not exactly been a prolific striker post leaving us, which I guess is what would be concerning Steve Brown?
  13. All this dugout talk got me to thinking its been a long time since a Saints manager has actually been sacked. John Connolly (2004–05) Owen Coyle (15 April 2005 – 21 Nov 07) Derek McInnes (27 Nov 2007 – 18 Oct 11) Steve Lomas (3 Nov 2011 – 6 Jun 13) Tommy Wright (10 Jun 2013 –) just over 14 years is pretty good going.
  14. Wonder if they are going out in front of the stand as I think the existing dugouts were basically placed over the top of the concrete stand structure, which they wouldn't be able to remove without some major works. Cannae wait, wonder who will be doing the ribbon cutting?
  15. I sure did "When you arrive at the stadium for a match your card will be scanned by the turnstile operator to give you access to your chosen stand. If you present your card at the wrong stand, entry will not be permitted." I was wondering if they could have went fully automatic, I've no idea if its feasible or not but as mainstand pointed out how would you stop concessions going through it. Although i guess you could have a manned turnstile for that situation.