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  1. But you quoted Stephen Robinson who is no longer his manager, so things may have changed.
  2. mainstand

    Scottish Cup

    Saturday go for the goals. Zander Gordon Kerr McCart Liam MOH McCann Tanser Spoony Kane Melamed
  3. I think that is maybe just putting himself in the shop window by saying that, I notice that off the park he is planning his future though by setting himself up doing personal training. Would be surprised if both Conway and Bryson got another yea.
  4. mainstand

    Scottish Cup

    one of the articles I saw said that if they did play Saturday it would have to be 12 ko at latest to allow for possible extra time and penalties, so that it finished before 3. Clyde have a crazy schedule with their last game on the Tuesday after the cup tie, which I suppose they would be able to put back to Wed, if they moved the saints game to Sunday.
  5. One notable point from the statement is how Callum says she was a great help guiding him this season. Maybe she has been headhunted to work at Kilmarnock and cut costs following relegation
  6. Or as the statement says change in family circumstances.
  7. She must have moved through then she was travelling from Kilmarnock when she started with the club and was working from home on several days a week so if she moved then she obviously did to spend more time in the club which is very commendable.
  8. But she is not exiting quickly. She has obviously been involved in a replacement and is working ona handover. She also has a fairly lengthy commute from Kilmarnock area.
  9. He was made redundant when they reviewed the football operations and moved Ferguson upstairs to take on his role and brought in 2 new coaches.
  10. Where are these quotes from Planet Random?
  11. Actually Boyd is employed at Raith whilst Kirsten was not employed when Saints took her on. So not necessarily the way Cagey. Also when Kirsten came in she was not originally recruited as head of football operations she only slipped into that role, she originally came in to work on some projects that Steve wanted her to work on. Boyd did obviously work with Robertson in the role at Kilmarnock. Kirsten has had a bit of stick but it is one of these posts that always gets stick and is not a job for a fans favourite, how many folk on here wanted to throttle Stuart duff at times but at the same time he did what was required of him and Saints have reaped the benefits since.
  12. mainstand

    Scottish Cup

    Ye m4pm ko so I can see some of the teams changing form 3pm kos that day.
  13. Would see him as a potential signing but again a player towards the 30s would rather we looked at younger players. Did he not end up in a spat with Tommy campbell after he went back to Aberdeen, made claims about young boys washing the kit and not getting clean kit etc at training,
  14. HIs quotes are quite incredible. What he is more or less saying is that this is one of the best right backs ever to come out of Scotland, so instead of paying by the rules he should be given special treatment as banning him for 6 weeks will harms Scotland's European championship chances and also our world cup chances. Really think he has lost the plot.
  15. mainstand


    Yeah but player was offside when cross came chill