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  1. Yeah i wondered if they had just bought the old matchwinner name of just copied the matchwinner logo. Before they were bought over, about 1993 Matchwinner used to be based in Rutherglen had this massive stockroom with boxes of old kit remember buying my team training shorts which were the old Hull City kit complete with tiger badge on them
  2. I also saw one sevco van questioning how celtic had over 1000 negative tests but whilst they are away there players get positive tests. obviously suggesting a cover up. There seems to have been a few cases either backroom or players in most squads czechs had 16 positives or inconclusive tests at one point. It is possible that the players had it when they were playing saints on the sunday before they went on international duty.
  3. I think it was put on facebook due to issues, loads of folk paid for it then could not access it, loads of rants on facebook form fans looking for a refund.
  4. Not sure they are still the same but still using the M logo Still going, were bought over by one of the big companies who owned Le Coq Sportif at the time.
  5. Somebody is ina bad mood. Look at some of the banana skins that spfl clubs have had Peterhead winning at tannadice, Hibs just winning at cove brora doing well in there games. Lighten up and praise a good performance
  6. You are trolling well today Brian. Hendry has been given more than an adequate chance but has not managed to hit the net and has been relatively disapponting. If keeping him on the bench for 90 minutes has ignited the fire in his belly then good on the manager. As for your summary of the game on Sunday, I thought May was excellent and di exactly what you have to do as a striker against Celtic.
  7. I think I saw that the Israel squad went into a bubble for the last 14 days.
  8. I watched the highlights and can't see what you are complaining about. MOH was near the halfway line when the ball broke out from our free kick. He slips gets back up and tracks back the ball goes wide and he makes his way across towards the left hand side. He is on the edge of the box covering for a cut back. If anything I would have said he maybe should have tracked Griffith's but it was one of these where Celtic turned defence into attack very quickly and we were just all out of position. In hindsight I think that ball should have been taken into the corner and tried to play out for a point.
  9. He is a free agent so there is no panic to get it done by the deadline.
  10. Is Wednesday nights game on? Ferguson did claim that they would have to forfeit if they had to do tests to play Saints and Dundee United.
  11. He has been injured and unfit for most of the season. I cant see him going anywhere with Ajeti being injured and Edouard being a bit off the pace.
  12. Spoony also looked knackered when he was taken off and was on a booking a bad combination, which can easily lead to a red card. Also MOH came on during the period that celtic brought on their 5 subs.
  13. Another over reaction from you cagey. Count to ten.
  14. Mr pedantic the tests are being carried out for the NHS, using NHS and private labs. The tests are organised by the NHS as compared to the football club tests which are carried out by either the clubs medical department or a private company. I think the private company being used by the teams have a number of other contracts including European golf etc.