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  1. Totally agree, the funniest thing is seeing Rangers fans comparing him to Tavernier and saying he must be worth £25m. The logic escapes me, £10m for a 20 year old who they obviously think has potential to £25m for a 30 year old who would probably last one contract left in him. No club in there right mind would do it.
  2. I think tehy are saying in excess of £10m some talk of £12m. He was not even getting a regular game so converting £300k into at least £7m after Man City get their cut is cracking business.
  3. Robert Thomson came up with a PR stunt that saints should have done with either brogan or super Saint out with a measuring tape in the away dressing rooms
  4. The next 2 teams that the clubs play are allowed to send representatives to the match. There is also so many scouts of clubs allowed
  5. No iam not on the wind uP. I think he is a bit like marmite you either love him or hate him. Me I am not a game of either him nor marmite. Yes he has turned himself around,done well so good on him but personally I still can't take to him.
  6. I cringe every time I hear Martindale. He is the ultimate wee Ned that turned good. Really would like to see him falling flat on his arse.
  7. We were getting worried about you @Randomguy Thought you would have been on celebrating the victory last night. Great performance.
  8. I saw that aswell and there is no way there is 2 metres between these strips they are set out every second locker. Which would require each locker to be 2m apart when I suspect they will be less than 1 m.
  9. Wondered why we had the yellow strip on last night but I am sure we just it in every league cup match this season.
  10. A bit of praise for the Club who within a couple of hours of the game ending have cup final t shirts on sale Well done Ross and Kirsten PS Where is @randomguy today.
  11. Great result! Great team.performance! Well done Zander! Kano brill up front as was Conway Rooney has taken over from McNamara superbly. HAPPY SATURDAY