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  1. I take it we will see what out new away strip is like tomorrow night, unless they registered last year's as a third strip.
  2. It is incredible that we are all facing these issues with the Premiership matches where players are being tested twice weekly , and low and behold we have youth and amateur football teams expecting to be given the go ahead to start playing friendlies in September and leagues resuming in October. Despite the fact taht managers will still have to remain 2 metres physically distanced and wont be able to administer first aid. We still have a long way to go until we get to the new norm.
  3. Suspect any thought of Butcher coming is up in the air until the management team at bournemouth review the playing staff. Pretty sure Howes assistant has been promoted to the management role.
  4. It was appropriate in the context of the conversation in appealing to the fans. Thank you for the history lesson but still don't believe many non Catholics cross themselves.
  5. Rangers fans now going on that Celtic have internal enquiries in respect of 3 other players who may have broken rules at some point. They are also going on about Bolingoli playing when being being ineligible people in glasshouses they fielded 8 untested players in a friendly.
  6. So consadne now out of the saints game as aberdeen's next 2 matches off. Celtics nest 2 also off. Now if there is a real fear that bolingola could have been carrying the virus then surely the Celtic team and management all have to go into quarantine for 2 weeks as do the Kilmarnock players. We now appearing to be calling games off at the bequest of the SG without any real rhyme nor reason. Surely the spfl now have to come out with a set of rules and penalties now.
  7. Unless Motherwell pick up and start winni g games I could see him taking over from his old Irish pal there. 11 games without a win and lost last 7 home games from what they were saying on the radio.
  8. I assume purely for TV. Assume our. Saturday game will be put back to Sunday.
  9. I notice that it has been quoted as having been rearranged for Thursday 20 August which would be the day that the players in isolation could come out surely that would be too quick for any of them to play.
  10. Is it not that come Wednesday they will have had another test completed? The fact that the SG are saying Hamilton game is off is a pointer as to what to expect. I did see one tweet from an Aberdeen fan saying the 8 players should still be missing from the saints rearranged game so that no advantage is gained.
  11. I would rather the Club were dignified and deal with the issue in private. We are not Sevco who constantly make a fool of themselves with so called strong statements. The strong club statement comment was also put on twitter by someone who then write a draft statement that he thought Saints should be issuing.
  12. No non pro teams aged over 18 are still not allowed contact training. The rules are from what I saw that the players go to training go home get up and go to train I g. They are pretty much restricted from doing anything else including visiting others.
  13. As above this was always going to be a Scottish government decision at the end of the day and in this case Nicola and her advisers have stated no game.
  14. SFA and spfl have been known to changing their minds and ina LL honesty this will be a decision at the end of the day that the Scottish Government could take.