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  1. Given your previous track record that is 5 year deals for both of them then
  2. I would have thought there has to be some going out if that is the case. I wonder about Liam Craig no good at his age sitting in the stand his home club, Falkirk, struggling with his pal Sheerin in charge. I could see him going out to there. Will be interesting to see in new Rangers manager looks to recall Middleton in January.
  3. They were getting a significant sum from a group of business people for wearing unicef on the strips before suspect they are getting the same kind of money for MND. Think that is one way Robertson and other philanthropists give money to them.
  4. Given previous posts that is them both signed in January
  5. Think that was before WIllie haughey got all enraged about the thought of SFA moving away from Hampden and decided to give them the money to buy it. Is Scotland big enough to have a national rugby stadium stuck in the middle of houses in Edinbugh and a national football stadium in Glasgow also stuck in the middle of houses and a complete nightmare to get away from. We missed a chance to build a new national sports stadium for all sports and indoor arena etc years ago when they looked at land at Bannockburn. right in the middle of the country with good road links and rail links that were able to be developed.
  6. I thought it looked like that but they seemingly only had 5000 tickets sold according to the radio. Yeah the Rutherglen end of the ground is commonly known as the Celtic end with the other side being the Rangers end. Dont know why assume its the sides nearest their grounds. The gap between P and A is simply down to 2 different stands. For those in the area behind the goals what on earth happened midway through the first half to cause so many polis suddenly head into the stand?
  7. Price! The area between the fans was £30 and no concessions.
  8. strange when you look at match stats Saints had 7 shots with 2 on target at goal Hibs 3. 3 shots on target and 3 goals Surprisingly saints also had more of the ball 29% compared to 21% not sure they did play it any different main difference they made their chances count.
  9. As soon as I saw Forrest come on I knew he would have a part in it. Hate playing that guy. One of these days where Celtic had loads of the ball but Zander never really had any saves. Moh unlucky with his challenge that the ball never went in. Overall proud of saints. Glad to see that the fans involved in the bus fire all seem to be okay. We are all quick to moan about stewarding at games but praise where praise is due thought the stewards in the south stand yesterday were brilliant.
  10. Is that the year you were born or the number of tickets sold
  11. I always think our best performance happen when Liam is playing in the middle of the park. Even going back a couple of seasons when we brought in the ex rangers guy and only when they dropped him and brought back Liam we started playing again. No doubt RG will be able to disprove or prove my theory with some stats.
  12. I thought his comment in the Daily Record was more telling where he said that time will tell as to how hungry he is to succeed.
  13. OMG someone has the hump 1 - It was never copied and pasted. 2 - I did think about it I thought how can I tell this guy he is havering whilst being nice about it. 3 - Yes I agree underspending is a danger and is something that you have to be careful of. But to criticise someone for underspending when they have successfully run the club through one of the most difficult periods football in the world has gone through in history is akin to criticising Callum for only winning the double last season. 4 - I take it you are not a fan of the Browns which raises the question WHY??
  14. With greatest of respect to your reliable source but what a load of poo.
  15. mainstand


    Bain from Celtic is approaching the end of his contract and not getting a game