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  1. Why would they put it on the web if they were maybe still in discussions with him? You are like an old broken gramophone with your posts on the website
  2. Maybe waiting on Millwalls season ending
  3. a young prospect going free from Celtic, young Calvin Millar, was tipped as a possible loan for us last season if I remember correctly. Like Drey his development has been hindered by a knee injury.
  4. a new investor in gillette waiting in the wings as far as the record is concerned.
  5. I think the idea was that you only had one area to police and to keep sterile. I suppose if covering on TV as well it allows more than one game to be covered by one set of cameras.
  6. Tranmere I believe from what I have seen that dressing rooms cannot be used and that players have to arrive individually dressed for the match and they are not allowed to have post match discussions etc.
  7. renegotiate the sky deal with all games going on tv and playing like they are talking about in england. 10, 12, 2, 4, 6 and 8 kick offs at 2 hub stadium10,2,6 at one 12,4,8 at the other. All games played on the same day on a pay per view channel with the exception of the sky match which would be shown on their normal channel. alternate the hub stadia so that every premiership clubs ground is used.
  8. Phoned yesterday re the Hibs game and had the money returned to my account right away. Did ask about season tickets and there is something coming out in the next week to ten days. Which I am surprised at as we have no idea when fans are going to get in and also how may games or what type of league set up we are going to be playing in.
  9. God help us if Hearts were in the relegation zone in 2 years time. A 42 team premiership would be on the agenda
  10. That will be using public funded facilities at the prism. They have no training complex they simply rent it from try he uni and oriam.
  11. The Ann Budge document comes out with some crackers. This is not about saving Hearts but saving Scottish football. The premier League needs Hearts more than the championship In light of the increasingly uncertain times we are facing, I want to urge every Member Club to look at this proposal not as a way to save Hearts, Partick Thistle and Stranraer from relegation, but as a better way for Scottish Football to deal with the current emergency, while at the same time righting an unintended injustice. Biggest load of crap I have read in a while. 3 league's of 14 for 2 seasons top half play 36 games but 8 play 40. Possible play off between 5 th 6th and 7th for a euro spot for a new competition that's not started yet. I suppose the main caveat for the position after 2 years will be as long as hearts are not getting relegated.
  12. slightly different in that they were giving companies the option of rehiring staff who they were going to be laying off as a result of covid 19 in the hope that they will be able to recommence trading when the problem is over. Different form keeping someone on your books that you don't want there and who's contract has expired.
  13. I think it is the case where there is a serious doubt but not where the decision is made and using the scheme is simply a way round keeping the player getting a wage.
  14. According to some clubs it has been confirmed by legal advisers and HMRC that extending a players contract in order to get furlough payments when there is no intention of retaining the services of that player is illegal. Did see that the players union have also now advised that this is the case.
  15. Do we need them.for financial reasons? If you are basing premiership teams on financial benefit to saints them we would have Dundee promoted. Sorry but maybe being blindfolded by my dislike of hearts but really don't see any benefit in reorganising for a year to save their butt. Let them sink best place for their fans.