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  1. Exactly details based on 2 metre social distancing etc. not on the new guidance announced on Tuesday. Saints will i expect be having to set out exactly what they can do in order to try and get more than the 5000 that they are automatically allowed.
  2. Who knows there will no doubt be a case where you get a full house and ends up with a surge and then they will all suddenly reduce the numbers again. Depends whether they take follow the guidance or not. Guidance still says 1m physical distancing even although it is not law.
  3. Depends on the stance of the Council safety committee. Daily Record running a story today saying that Glasgow Council are likely to rubber stamp any requests form Celtic and Rangers for a return to a full house. If the Perth and Kinross Council follow that then they could get it for next Thursday.
  4. So under the new rules they will be able to have a crowd of 5000 without any issue but more than 5000 they will need council safety group approval of the process. Not sure just what that means for Saints numbers for Europe.
  5. It looked quite pinkish on the tv on Saturday
  6. Apart from Europe where I believe it's 5 from 12 although happy to be corrected on that
  7. Really 7 of that side pick themselves providing they are fit. Back 5, goalie and McCann other 4 are the ones that change mainly.
  8. Agree about dominating games and not winning but look on the bright side at least we were not like Celtic and dominate a game and get beat First game back and we have a clean sheet and a point are all positives. Those talking about McCann being poor etc. The midfield is always best when Liam is sitting in there.
  9. At the away kit lauch Saints showed CHAS as being the shorts logo But in yesterdays match instead of CHAS we had numbers on the shorts, which is not something that I can think we normally do . Just seen that this is a SPFL rule and any sponsor or logo is only on the right hand side or back
  10. Motherwell v Hibs game on and no social distancing taking place at all. I know it's councils that set the attendance figs but surely the whole country should be singing off the same blooming hymn sheet.
  11. Length of contract is the big difference is it not
  12. You just buy 1 and leave the other 2 vacant.
  13. I suspect he wasn't out on loan in January cause rangers decided not to loan him out. There were numerous club's in Scotland and England in for him. If you were in his position had probably your last contract and have a family to keep what would you be doing? I doubt if you would be looking for the team that was going to play you every week but pay peanuts. You would do exactly what he is being accused of you would look for what was going to be the best deal to help your family.
  14. The sizzling in some of the new kit they have produced is exceptionally fitted. We have our club in the new kit and they have had to go 2 sizes up
  15. I am pretty sure its pitch teamwear that have taken on HIbs move from Macron to Joma but they are selling something like 15000 jerseys so have had a large wedge of cash thrown at them by Joma. Livi also gone with Joma this season but via The soccershop direct owned by the Kelty Hearts Chairman who are keen to expand rapidly..