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  1. He should be banned on two counts: 1. He did it And 2. He is so stupid that he has put it on facebook
  2. If it's not can we have half time entertainment of you sitting getting custard tarts chucked in your face.
  3. Anyone got any details of the bounce game we are playing this week??
  4. i remember fans scoffing and sniggering at Rangers signing David Weir in his mid 30s or celtic fans when they signed lubo meravcik, both played on were stars and won their teams more than anyone could have imagined. Quite happy to give the boy a chance. As far as what he looks like I am not sure that is really relevant most of us go to watch them playing football not how they look but hey whatever floats your boat
  5. To be fair given the team he had out that night, which was at the peak of the Covid issue, I am sure CD said that coming away with a 4-0 defeat felt like a decent result.
  6. The sun stating that Kent got kicked pushed and shoved all over the park. The ref needed eyes in the back of his head And McDiarmid is the worst playing surface by a country mile. Obviously someone didn't like his half time pie
  7. Cagey the boy got a knee injury after playing 25 games of the season for the dutch team. The injury was just before lockdown and then his club got relegated and cut back so he was one of the players released. No idea where Randoms recurring back injury came from as there is nothing on his stats about it, but maybe just a mistake. Saints didnt just give him a 3 years contract they had him in for a spell to see how he was doing and to check on him good business sense i would have thought. Oh and Bryson gets pulled into it surprised you have not mentioned his wage in that post aswell What is his injury just now?
  8. I wonder if the fact he is only here on loan down to the late completion of the contract at Preston. It is interesting though that St Moirren are saying that they can recall him in January. Sky saying last night that the deal was completed with only 5 second of the transfer window to go.
  9. On 1 Business wise we have taken 2 boys and invested time and effort into them and received compensation of £1.8m rising to over £2m. financially good I would say. It wuld have been better getting £3 or 4 million but supply and demand and all that. The club relies more on getting young players in the door and turning them into successful sellable assets, in this respect the clubs reputation has been enhanced on two counts firstly they have successfully done it on these 2 players and secondly the fact that they have not stood in the players way. This will I think may well make the club more attractive to possible younger players. I think most customers are now satisfied when they read the statement and the facts that the Club have dealt with it in a professional manner. Granted you are still raging but a few good results and a rcracking performance form the new lads will take the edge off that. Depends on the entertainment taht comes along after. Fans are not daft theya ll know taht Saints are going to sell on the best players. That is what we are there for and that has provided a successful business model for lits of clubs in thee country. Look at the most successful club in the country in the last decade how many times have they brought players in as good young talent and sold them, on for millions. Has that resulted in them, being less entertaining or less of a box office draw. Nope they simply get someone else in , just like Saints will. finally interesting to rad the Managers article where he talks about the sell on clauses in both deals being massive for the Club. Which appears to confirm the 25% that has been banded around.
  10. Have we got a 25% sell on clause? Didnt see that in anything official, unless i missed it, just a post form a forum member.
  11. Preston have always been a good payer. I can go back nearly 20 years during the spell that David Beckham was on loan there and David Moise was captain, one of our coaches at the boys club was sold to them form Dunfermline and the difference in wages even back then was incredible. Going by what Ali says in the paper and what is being said by the Club he has received an incredible offer, very strange that it was agreed form a players perspective so quick. Obviously some discussions with agents had taken place before hand. Disappointing as it is i do wish him all the best.
  12. Cant disagree with anything you have said.
  13. I don't know why they Sold Ali and didn't hold out for another season but can only think that it was down to the player and what he wanted. We are not daft we have all known that players would be sold eventually it's jus a shock to see 2 go at once. As for replacements hopefully they are using them in the same way as we did with brown. Get them in on loan then sign them. Look at the some of the loan deals bigger clubs that saints have been involved in.
  14. I think you need to chill. No not happy that McCann is away but the player and his agent have obviously expressed a desire to leave and why would you keep an unhappy player at the club. They also maybe feel that gilmour is ready to step up and he could be our Ali replacement. Virtually impossible for saints to do contracts with players so late in the day so suspect loans with the intention of players possibly moving at the end are there. Not happy at the two out but have faith in Callum and the club.
  15. Surely a lot of crap that Ali mccann away to preseton for only £1m Surely not
  16. I would make Gordon captain vocal and always present
  17. Celtic chat on twitter is that they have withdrawn interest as they are not prepared to meet the asking price. Whether its true or not is anyones guess.
  18. Bournemouth and Barnsley in talks with Celtic over Ryan Christie which could mean Celtic coming knocking for McCann.
  19. The post you referred to has been deleted. The player was stupid and should never have been involved in responding to her or anyone in the first place. And I trust you and Random will do likewise with some of your references to this.
  20. Edinburgh live had an article to that effect and stating that a pre contract offering is likely to be put on the table.
  21. Probably right Abernethy but I just hope he does
  22. Looking at the east stand we put it down to fans all moving to the corner where the singers were. In that area had originally not been sold.
  23. I am sorry but that must be one of your worst posts ever. I certainly would never like to see my team relegated just because of a dislike for any one player or individual, We supported Riordan when he was at Saints someone that has had a shady past. Robertson when he was at Saints and Alan McGregor when he was with us all had issues.
  24. Leigh Griffiths on loan irrespective of what he has done in the past could be a great fit for us. Just a scorer that's all we need.