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  1. Any Glasgow saints fancy a game tonight at 8 at the green? Not worried about money to be honest just getting a 10th as for the 9th consecutive week somebody has pulled out
  2. ODAB

    Ibrox latest...

    The problem is football fans' belief that they can behave in a way they would never repeat in any other area of their lives. That coupled with alcohol leads to morons acting like morons. Every club has them. Put £1000 fine as compulsory on any fan that comes out of the stand and we'll soon see how easy it is to control their emotions.
  3. ODAB

    Game of Fives

    As above. Had 3 call offs today and I'm one short for tonight. Payment is optional but if you can help please let ne know
  4. Hi folks, It is Xmas and I'm looking for a miracle. Struggling to get enough players to play at my fives tomorrow night and really don't fancy paying the £40 for the pitch myself before xmas. Not worried about paying but if you can help out at all it would be a huge help. Thanks.
  5. Always running straight into his man and misplacing a 7 yard pass to Scott Brown that luckily found its way to Ritchie would be more accurate.
  6. It turns out James Forrest has managed to do something in the last 3 Scotland matches; make Ryan Giggs jealous. Giggs paid a king's ransom to lawyers for super injunctions but still couldn't achieve the levels of anonymity that Forrest does in a Scotland top.
  7. What sticking your underpants on your head, sticking two pencils up your nose and saying "wibble?" First sign of old age is forgetting details. Deliberately misinterpreting what has been said is the first sign of politics.
  8. If I ever meet a United fan that said they would never go back after Levein was appointed I'll ask them.
  9. I would expect to see both Tommy Wright and John Hughes shaking their current chairman's hand having signed their new deals in the next few days. Strange that Neymar mentioned interest from Man U the other day just as he starts negotiating a new contract. United looking at people who currently successful as well as looking at those that are already available. Nothing wrong with that, if they're told no then at least they asked. I don't think there is any one manager that would get overall support from the United fans at present other than Levein and he won't come. General assertion amongst fans is we need an experienced manager who can organise and motivate. Wright falls into that category as does Hughes. These guys are good SPFL managers but they're always going to have some fans who don't want them for various reasons. Some United fans have the perception Saints are hammer throwers. Equally many think they are a well organised side that use physicality in a positive way. Football fans tend to see what they want to see. Somebody mentioned Cathro, personally I would love Billy McKinlay (having spoke to somebody who worked with him at Fulham a couple of years back I think he could be an excellent manager if given the chance) but these types of appointment are seen as too risky at present. Now I'm away to look up how you spell IQ.
  10. Of course if you look at the average IQ of posters on here you'll find the next Mensa committee.
  11. The same Jim Spence that exclusively revealed it would only take £50k compo? As I said, United are looking at several candidates. Tommy Wright was one of those but the deal isn't going to happen so we will look elsewhere.
  12. Whilst I have always said that was going to be the outcome, Tam Duthie is about as reliable as a VW emissions certificate.
  13. For a 20 year old Fraser is well built. He will bulk up more but he is not a light weight. He went to Airdrie and leaned a lot about how to work for the team and putting in the effort. He could be every bit as good as Armstrong. And Beatson never mind next bloody week, get it sorted. Who's going to teach Dow to lure the defence into a false sense of security before pouncing and scoring 3? In fairness he's got the first half down to a tee.
  14. Beatson is filling his CV out and can't sort the quote function. Couple of quid will see him at 10/1
  15. These were the odds of Mixu a day or two ago. He may come but don't go purely by bookies odds. They react to where the money goes on top of everything else.