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  1. Cardo & Serie A still neck and neck for the best Pizzas in Perth I'd say. I'm still no man enough to try the Super Saintee in Serie A though never had a papa John's Pizza though - are they crispier than doughy Domino's?
  2. Spare ticket for East Stand at DJ booth at Tulloch Fanzone
  3. I've 1 decent Adult East Stand Ticket - Row G - if anyone needs one last minute - can print off and give to buyer at Tulloch Fanzone. Face Value £25
  4. I think St Mirren must be getting some decent money for McGrath and spending a wedge on Middleton's loan as his replacement
  5. Tonights Game Sold Out. Fair enough there's a 750 limit with Lichties Season Tickets valid but gutted as was a last minute able to go situation. Need 2xAdult if anyone has to pull out. My 1st away game was at Gayfield about 1972. Lost 3-0. Last time there New Years Day 1980 (?) we won 2-1, remember missing the Barossa Street Bus due to a mad Hogmanay and thumbing it and got a lift just opposite the Isle of Skye Hotel. Happy Days
  6. @R.B.B:-Adz And so what begins? Nae moaning. Stating a point. What's yours?
  7. I'm sure I'm not the only one - was unsuccessful but one of my mates was - he can't go - due to the photo identity (which is fair enough) then he can't just send me his e-mail and I could go - anyone in same boat and tried the club? Also where we sit we've to be in an HOUR before Kick Off.
  8. David McMillan a goal and 2 assists last night for Dundalk in Europa Conference League 1st Leg v Newtown in a 4-0 win.
  9. Good decision at long last by UEFA - away goals rule scrapped - now Extra Time and Penalties if required Away goals rule scrapped in Uefa competitions including Champions League - BBC Sport
  10. We were at Cardo on Saturday. Was 1st class. Love their Pizzas as well. Wife is fond of Crido's but not been myself. Pitcairngreen Inn brilliant for a pub nosh too
  11. Should have been sent off eh? Couldn't remember it at all until it was on the Cup Final Classics last week. Pretty brutal tackle and lucky he never connected properly. Liked him for us btw.
  12. A few of us could Monitor the wee grey or blue dots in each stand and give updates. Ginger you have the East. Dave MC the Ormond. Random takes the Main and I'll monitor the North Stand.Sorted
  13. Very easy to do - apparently not so easy on an I-Phone. I switched to the laptop and was all done in 2 minutes.
  14. Italian Serie A managerial upheavals is mental. Loads of teams changing managers. Conte goes after winning the title! Pirlo goes after getting Juve into CL on last day. Roma, Napoli, Fiorentina, Sassuolo, Sampdoria(Ranieri) all changing. Probably more
  15. Playlist I made before League Cup Final updated with Skyfoss and The Shrugs. On Spotify only though.