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  1. Some right bitter ####ers on here eh We've won 2 cups since all that get over yerselves. Don't waste your energy on the past- ye'll no change it. We're on a really good run just now, play the way we've been playing it's a home win. Hope Sean's back but hard to drop anyone too.
  2. ….and (Managerially) Lampard & Morris have done what exactly to deserve to be considered for such a big job?
  3. Curtis Main.......? Maybe worth seeing what he could bring to us on loan. Doubt it will be anybody more glamorous
  4. Ciaron Brown been recalled to Cardiff from Livi. Every little bit helps.
  5. Canny believe no-ones mentioned Gerry McMahon's goal v Aberdeen early 90's. Must be on You Tube? Smarmy - Amazing goal from Shankland...noo beat it eh Extended highlights on Sportscene last night btw Sixties (aye I know, only because other game was off)
  6. Naismith definitely played a good few games for Wigan in the Championship last season and looked a decent enough player. Scored a handful of goals too I think. Definitely worth a punt from what I saw.
  7. Killie drew 0-0 at Hibs. During the game in Motherwell there was the famous tranny man with "Hibs have scored" which reverberated round the stand we were in, GREAT support that day, it was Hearts who had scored against Partick!!! John Inglis scored our winner that day
  8. Bit late on the case Rob but what's the best place for me to buy that helps you? Don't want to get from a "multi" if there's a way for you to do better from the sale. My Father In Laws Grandad worked on the farm up there (Pitheavlis farm?) and he went up there a lot. Was talking to him about it yesterday and that reminded me I'd not got it yet!!
  9. Don't really get involved in pre-match as being a old timer I've just got used to having absolutely no idea which Saints will turn up and never ever go in with high expectations. I chose Saints so they really don't owe me much. That's what always gets me when I see the negativity on this and other forums. I'm praying we get a result today. We are good enough on our day and I'll be ecstatic if we win and seek if we lose. No be on slating folk and getting personal at our players if we lose either. Much worse things happen in life. A few of the old boys will remember when we played the Dons this time of year in 1971 we lost 1-0 in front of 22,500. It was mental and although I was only 8 still remember it. Following year we lost 4-2 at Pittodrie and 26,500 there, remember listening to it on the radio in my shed in Hillyland A point today would be a great start ahead of the next 2 "big" games. Come On Saints. Let's get inaboot them,
  10. Worst thing that could happen to us is if Mark Connolly gets an injury for the Arabs...….
  11. 73.4% of statistics are made up I heard.
  12. Buck McGarry / Willie Ormand...who's next???? Henry Haul? John Pelozi? Mon guys wise up an get the names right eh
  13. This is starting to look like Barry Fergusons Team Talk is getting done for him right here....
  14. Difference is the "No votes" - if you didn't see game then to see results you register a "no vote" , Some will vote anyway though despite no seeing games I reckon
  15. I start to wonder if some folk didn't watch Tommy's "leaving" interview Another relatively decent season, Ach let's blame Steve anyway eh Some peoples "agenda's" on here bore me to tears tbh. Moaning for the sake of moaning but aye it's a forum and it's all about opinions etc etc etc I do genuinely wonder sometimes reading stuff on here why some folk "support" Saints ...apart from giving them something to moan (sorry, debate) about of course
  16. Wolfsburg used to have a manager called Wolfgang Wolf (TRUE)
  17. Princes Street - almost opposite Farmers Tyre Place. Town side of the archway shops. Became Starlitz late 1980's/early 1990's
  18. She's three quarters ow the way through her warm up though...
  19. Still waiting on yer evidence rather than your keyboard attacks on a member of the staff at SJFC. That's what I'm no liking. As mentioned before is it in the same evidence bag as The Rangers SPFL evidence? Yer going on and on and on , on various threads. What has Kirsten done? That's all we want you to tell us. And then we can make our minds up. But for you to constantly keep this going with...…..(it appears) nothing...….. I just don't get it. Tommy left because of KR.....come on ???????????? I know nothing and maybe he didn't see eye to eye with her but still...….leave his job....that's no the Tommy we know is it? What he said in his interview is good enough for me. And he's gone but never forgotten. We stick together as one. SJFC
  20. Bought some 50/50's earlier Tam. Nae bother. Quick and simple via Paypal on the SJFC site. Good initiative.
  21. RBB - you're sounding like the WAP equivalent of The Rangers FC - where's your evidence??? Embarrassing witch hunt by a few people on here. Tommy's gone because he wanted to. That's all I read into it, in fact it's all I need to read into it. St.Johnstone FC move on, we stick together. Starting smear campaigns against employee's at the club is just ridiculous.
  22. If the Arabs hear his full interview they will never come here
  23. If Kerrs Pinks hadnae been Tatties what would have happened tae Mince eh???
  24. Hope you keep getting stronger. Great personal touch for you from the Club.