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  1. I have no evidence, and no insider knowledge, so the following may be complete and utter botox, but I get the impression TW was gunning for a Europa league place, just like he was for the Scottish Cup, hence signing a pretty good squad in advance. If Saints hadn't made such a hash of it, there would have been more money coming in, and if a league place was secured, a bigger squad of players would be required to fill all domestic a European commitments. But being dissapointedly binned at the first hurdle has chucked the finances back to the usual state of affairs, so the cheque book has been put back in the safe. Good try, but blown it.
  2. There is a trend these days at sporting events to have a minutes clapping instead of silence. As soon as some started clapping in the family stand, everybody else starting clapping for a minute.
  3. Just wait until Saints lose 3 or 4 in a row, or aren't in the top six before Christmas, and count how many call for his head. Short termism is the way forward, well at least for this week.
  4. Never mind a tenner, get SJFC to put £10,000 on it and throw the game! FIFA are in too much doo-doos to investigate.
  5. If I have the facts correct, a win today puts Scotland into Pot 2 for the world cup qualifiers. This is arguably the most important reason for going for a win.
  6. It would be a breath of fresh air if people like Stewart Milne, SB, Ann Budge etc came out and said something along the lines of 'We can survive and do well without Sevco in the top league'
  7. I don't think Celtic really need much competition in the SPFPLA, they can get all that in the Champions league. All they need to do is get a decent enough squad of players to put up a fight in Europe, and ensure they win the domestic league to continue with the Champions league the following season. Yes it would be good if Aberdeen or others could keep it close for as long as possible, but this situation is better than having a strong Sevco in the league, effectively relegating all other 10 clubs to also-rans, just making up numbers to give the ugly sisters somebody to play with.
  8. Something better than he got with the last one.
  9. Here's one person who says Celtic don't need Sevco in the top league. Just need more people to come out with such statements.
  10. The BBC site has the scores fixtures and tables for this tournament, all under it's own category, but puts the word 'Women' after every team! The league tables look particularly stupid. Are we all incapable of working this out for ourselves?
  11. Still not sure about Goodwillie. Don't think he has really done much recently, but there is something to be said for someone really wanting to play for the club (if that is really the case). The thought of him signing doesn't get my pulse racing, but have confidence in TW's judgement.
  12. Squeaky bum time for Blatter. Will be having nightmares about seeing out his days in a 5 star American prison camp.
  13. With regard to sponsorship (or lack of), I can see only 2 reasons why Doncaster failed to get any sponsorship: 1) He was far too incompetent. 2) He deliberately put off sponsors saying the league was devalued and worthless without The Rangers, in the hope that the whole setup would come close to collapse, whereupon the mighty Rangers would come galloping to the rescue by being sent straight to the top division to save us all.
  14. If they had been refused entry (as the rule book states) I suspect another club in the league would have been bought out, and converted to The Rangers, much in the way that Airdrie converted Clydebank. They would have had more difficulty claiming the trophies of the past, but it wouldn't have stopped them carrying on as if nothing had changed.