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  1. Has it been announced if tickets will be available at the ground on the day ?
  2. hearts now have 600 seats allocated for pay at the gate in the Ormond
  3. You can still park at Ingilston but jump on a city centre bus instead
  4. Absolute disgrace. The one position we dont need cover for. Would of preferred no one to this
  5. He stays in Bathgate, so only advertising will be along the M9
  6. Who would take O'Halloran back on a season long loan??
  7. been told by a good source at St.Mirren that the Mallan / Craig swap plus cash is still being worked on
  8. What's in place to stop people with lower area tickets sitting in the upper if there is plenty of spare seats? I have row 2 which can't be the best of view
  9. Has just bought a new house in Winchburgh just along the road from Wotherspoon in Kirkliston
  10. I never knew either, since the official site didn't say or I missed it. Just called and got 2 for bottom section. Plenty left in upper
  11. Heard today that Stephen Mallan from St Mirren is on his way here in a Liam Craig plus cash deal
  12. If anyone knows if these tickets are still available or knows ghost of Jim Morton / with him. Pm me. Don't need the bus tickets as near Edinburgh.
  13. Message sent but Facebook profile might block messages from non friends and you can't add her. Help please