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  1. It was always my hope that the twin cheeks of the arse would bugger off to an Atlantic league and leave the rest of us in peace. It looked quite likely a few years ago. Sadly, it now seems less likely than ever, with the reduction in travel. We're stuck with them, I'm afraid.
  2. Great keeper. You saved us from a fair few humpings.
  3. I don't think it's a good idea. We'll be at an early stage with a new manager, who's trying to bond with the fans and us with him. It wouldn't be great for the new guy to have the whole stadium bouncing and shouting Tommy's name. The ghost of the one who went before, when they went out on a high, is a really difficult thing to manage. Think Man U with both Matt Busby and Fergie. Best for a clean break entirely.
  4. sleepless

    New Manager

    Is Jim not still recovering from that car crash?
  5. did we not get relegated the last time there was a 14 team league and it went back down to 12 again? I do get bored playing the same teams over and over, but we'd still end up playing teams three times and there is the risk of meaningless matches come season's end, which you get less of in this set-up.
  6. I'm actually getting to the stage where I'm no longer bothered if the season is finished. It's all ****ed now. Even if we do it in an artificial five or six week window it won't feel right. Let's just start again in August. (but I know the legal ramifications of that from Hearts et al.)
  7. However much we all want the season to finish, and no matter how feasible it would be to do so before, say September, the single biggest issue is that so many players' contracts run out in May. With all those b****** agents out there ripping clubs off at the best of times, what do you think they're going to do in emergency contract extension negotiations? I think the season is over.
  8. we should use the Duckworth Lewis method.....
  9. sensible stuff from Geoff. Don't really disagree about Friday football. Mind you, at the moment I wouldn't mind if it was four o'clock on a Sunday morning, as long as we got some...
  10. I would hate this to happen. Man City used to be a great club, close to their fans, a proper bond. Now look at them - plastic and fake. All the success in the world doesn't hide the fact the soul was ripped out of the club. Please never let that happen to us. I'd rather be back in the Championship or League One than that.
  11. if we're not 3-0 down after ten minutes we might have a chance. Big if, though.