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    "One Final Hurdle: a fans' history of St Johnstone FC" will be published in July 2014. Watch this space for details.
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  1. Poor old Whatmough of Portsmouth. Two own goals against Hull on Saturday. Sent off after 29 minutes tonight.
  2. great! Hope you enjoy it Dunc
  3. I'm not sure the Barossa Club was there in 1936... But I'm looking to bend the truth to get a cup win against Celtic into it. We did beat Celtic in the cup, but it was a couple of weeks later than my timeline...
  4. It's called Barossa Street but it won't come out till September probably.
  5. Thanks, glad you liked it! I don't know a huge amount about what happened to Marjory. She married a man from Dundee, so I guess her bad luck continued! She had one daughter and died aged 78. That's all I know. Just finished the first draft of the next one yesterday. Aim to have the final draft done by Easter.
  6. sleepless


    From the BBC: New Burnley owner Alan Pace says he intends to adopt a unique approach to running the Premier League club. Pace's ALK Capital Investment Group has spent around £170m to take an 84% controlling stake in Burnley. Unlike most of the Premier League's overseas owners, American Pace has moved to the UK from New York to take a hands-on role in running the Clarets. "I don't think you have ever seen anyone like me," said the 53-year-old former Wall Street banker. "You certainly haven't seen someone like me come in to run a football club and interact and live with the community where they are going to operate." Pray God this never happens to Saints.
  7. sleepless


    until then, I'll carry on giving them a quid a week for the Lotto...
  8. sleepless


    what he did with United was amazing. We didn't realise at the time how special the New Firm, with Fergie at Aberdeen and McLean at United really were. We'll never see the old firm challenged like that again. Brilliant manager.
  9. Hi, best place is through the publisher: The publisher gets hardly anything from Amazon sales. If you wanted a signed copy I could send you one - £10 for the book and £3.10 postage via Paypal. cheers rob