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    "One Final Hurdle: a fans' history of St Johnstone FC" will be published in July 2014. Watch this space for details.
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  1. Likewise, I never come on here on my phone. It messes it up entirely
  2. They were looking for a suitable venue weren't they? I seem to recall Crieff Hydro being mooted.
  3. Thanks for coming Willie. I enjoyed the talk, glad you did too. I'll look out for your book.
  4. No worries @Tranmere Saintee Keep fighting the ailments, Phil, you'll get there. All the best
  5. IT's been a very strange season. We hardly ever seem to play two weekends in a row. Difficult to get any continuity or consistency
  6. Morning folks, I'm going to be doing a talk at the Perth Noir event on Saturday in the Subud Centre, St Leonard's Bank. Tickets for the day £7.50. I'll be talking about Cuddies Strip and Barossa Street and hopefully getting some St Johnstone mentions in there. It would be great to see some fellow Saints fans there
  7. Saints 2 - 1 Celtic, May 1975, my first ever game at Muirton. We needed to win to get into the new Premier League. As it turned out next season, it would have been better if we'd lost, but all the same it was one of the best days of my life
  8. you can do it online now
  9. or the Australian, Steven Sprangler, as the BBC called him....
  10. as birthday presents go that's one of my better ones
  11. Today's my birthday. On almost my birthday in 1976 (2 days later) we lost 9-2 to Hibs. I'm just hoping not for a repeat scoreline today.
  12. Dear God, we've just been booted out of one cup. We're not ready for another one yet...
  13. hope you're back up again soon.
  14. I've used the Barossa Street buses for both away and home matches and found them really good. Agree it can seem a bit intimidating when you first walk in and you wonder whether you should be there, but I have to say I've always found it very friendly.