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  1. what a boorach that turned out to be. The incompetence of this is astounding. I expect it won't go away though. They'll regroup, replan, and come up with something else in eighteen months. Just hope they take the Bigot Brothers next time.
  2. You couldn't have the Tommy Wright Stand when Tommy might be coming here next year managing another team (if he's not relegated). I think they need to be, if not dead, then out of the game, like Broon or Fergie. It just feels odd to me otherwise. Same reason I don't like current sportsmen getting knighthoods or damehoods, like Andy Murray. Just wait till they're finished. My preference would be to name a stand after Aggie. Seriously.
  3. I would much rather have both Dundee clubs, plus ICT and the staggies in the league than the west coast teams. Dunfermline too. And the Binos but that will never happen, it seems.
  4. What they want is Fergie back. They''re still living in that early eighties bubble when they were a force in Europe, not just Scotland. They just can't see that was a complete one-off.
  5. I've signed up to but I can't see the game listed. Just some Polish league match
  6. 1933 Ordnance Survey map:
  7. sounds like Motherwell should have won that one. Couldn't score a goal. Three behind, three games to go. Can still make top six