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  1. It said 750 max, which for a pre-season friendly is probably not a problem anyway. I'd love to be there. Love Gayfield, fantastic old-fashioned stadium.
  2. I'm just amazed he's done that. He was still highly regarded by Liverpool fans and that's now gone. He's said unflattering things about Everton in the past so the Toffees' fans will struggle to accept him.
  3. sleepless

    Away shirts

    what was the score in the U17s final. I haven't seen anything about the result
  4. Humberside Airport. In Schiphol in 50 minutes
  5. All of them have good European pedigree. Any would be a brilliant match. Kind of hoping it's not PSV, because that's dead easy for me to get to, based near Hull, and I'd have to decide whether or not to risk foreign travel.
  6. that top one looks like Callum's shirt must have looked after his belly flop. It just looks manky.
  7. The following players have been released at the end of their contracts. First Team Guy Melamed John Robertson Craig Conway Development Olly Hamilton Ben Finnan Michael MacFarlane Lennon Smith Aiden Walsh The following players will return to their parent clubs. Loan Expiring James Brown Glenn Middleton We are in contract negotiations with the following players. Contract Expiring Scott Tanser Michael O’Halloran
  8. if you take emotion out of it, it's Melamed's against Hamilton, no question. Utter brilliance.
  9. I do think there's a tendency for Saints fans to be very critical of the players. It's always been that way. I remember I used to give Duncan Lambie absolute pelters most weeks. Not sure why I picked on him particularly, because I really liked him. Over the years I have seen occasions when it's definitely affected players. I guess this happens with most teams. Is it any worse with us? I don't know. But I do agree that the resurgence in the players' confidence may not be unconnected to the lack of barracking from fans. So yes, let's be confident in our team. They've shown all season they're up for the fight.
  10. Sunday times today gave the result but not a word about the match. Not a chance of this being picked up
  11. we've put the reserves out against Celtic. Hope this doesn't backfire in terms of goal difference. 3-0 Edouard
  12. For consistency throughout the season it has to be Spoony.
  13. what a boorach that turned out to be. The incompetence of this is astounding. I expect it won't go away though. They'll regroup, replan, and come up with something else in eighteen months. Just hope they take the Bigot Brothers next time.
  14. You couldn't have the Tommy Wright Stand when Tommy might be coming here next year managing another team (if he's not relegated). I think they need to be, if not dead, then out of the game, like Broon or Fergie. It just feels odd to me otherwise. Same reason I don't like current sportsmen getting knighthoods or damehoods, like Andy Murray. Just wait till they're finished. My preference would be to name a stand after Aggie. Seriously.
  15. I would much rather have both Dundee clubs, plus ICT and the staggies in the league than the west coast teams. Dunfermline too. And the Binos but that will never happen, it seems.