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  1. However much we all want the season to finish, and no matter how feasible it would be to do so before, say September, the single biggest issue is that so many players' contracts run out in May. With all those b****** agents out there ripping clubs off at the best of times, what do you think they're going to do in emergency contract extension negotiations? I think the season is over.
  2. we should use the Duckworth Lewis method.....
  3. sensible stuff from Geoff. Don't really disagree about Friday football. Mind you, at the moment I wouldn't mind if it was four o'clock on a Sunday morning, as long as we got some...
  4. I would hate this to happen. Man City used to be a great club, close to their fans, a proper bond. Now look at them - plastic and fake. All the success in the world doesn't hide the fact the soul was ripped out of the club. Please never let that happen to us. I'd rather be back in the Championship or League One than that.
  5. if we're not 3-0 down after ten minutes we might have a chance. Big if, though.
  6. Older fans retain an abiding affection for Muirton. It was, in its day, a very fine stadium. By the end, it was dilapidated and worn. I think, even before the Bradford fire, the Centre Stand was declared unsafe and after Bradford all the stands were. It was a proper, old-fashioned stadium. That meant you could walk around the extent of the pitch and, as a kid, I used to migrate at half time so I was always behind our goal. There was segregation down the middle of the terracing for some games which prevented that, but that was always quite exciting as well, with the youngsters from both teams winding each other up. The Enclosure meant the noise and dust was exacerbated. You felt close to the action at Muirton. But it had to go. This all happened at a time when the club was in dire straits, on and off the field. It was clear Muirton was beyond repair and the opportunity to move to a purpose-built stadium was one we couldn't refuse. The heart wanted you to stay at Muirton. The head told you, if you stayed, the club would be out of business in a couple of years and be another Third Lanark. So, while McDiarmid will never have the atmosphere of Muirton, it was a positive change. It has also coincided with the longest and most sustained period of success in the club's history. The two things may be connected.
  7. 14 more goals and we'll overtake Hibs in sixth...
  8. On the Old High Street? Used to go there with my dad to buy snare wire and shotgun cartridges. Then next door (?) to the tobacconists' for a tin of Balkan Sobranie.
  9. really sorry for Beaston. he worked so hard to come back after the last injury
  10. what's the story with Liam? We could do without another injury
  11. it's windy enough at Ayr at the best of times. Could be a rough old day...
  12. They expect Alex Ferguson. As garydavidson says, they're still living in the 1980s. Bring back Doug Rougvie....
  13. Tony Watt training with Motherwell