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  1. sorry, it was McDiarmid, 1990
  2. I was living in Stamford, Lincolnshire then. I was playing cricket for Stamford Town and was rat-arsed from an early stage, no idea of football results (no internet then). In the Lord Burghley later that night someone told me we'd beaten the Dons 5-0 at Pittodrie. "Aye right," I said. Next morning I read the papers... It's fascinating the different memories people have of the same event
  3. I'm buggered. Most of my points come from guessing the crowd size.
  4. yes, totally agree. It was her treatment that really got me interested in writing it. Cuddies Strip is still there and you can walk it today. Go through the tunnel beneath the motorway and you're on it. I've seen the police photos of the crime scene, and it doesn't look any different now than it did then.
  5. although, to be honest, at the moment, with no crowds, home advantage has been much lessened.
  6. My new novel, Cuddies Strip, a fictionalised account of crimes in Perth in 1935, will be published by Ringwood Publishing later this year. I first came across the story in a picture posted on here by Chips and did some research on it. This novel is the result You can pre-order a copy on the company's website, guaranteeing you a signed copy on publication date. Details here:…/
  7. three out of that six? Pick any three and the man is not fit to manage a football team. I always hate the prospect of something like this happening to us. How would I react if a manager (or player) I found repellent started with us? I feel sorry for decent United fans. Interested to hear Smarmy's view on this.
  8. they're talking about him playing for Scotland so he couldn't possibly come here...
  9. Steve McLaren - please make that happen. Straight back down again...
  10. only if your were the murderer.....
  11. Thanks to Chips for posting this. I got really interested in this story and researched it in the Archives in Edinburgh and in the local papers. I've written a novel based on the story which will be published by Ringwood Publishing later this year.
  12. well, this'll come in useful at some stage....
  13. sleepless

    New Manager

    the last time I felt this good about a managerial appointment was John Connolly... oh... wait...
  14. sleepless

    New Manager

    I reckon he had a bet with Tommy that he wouldn't say that on day one.....
  15. Thistle also taking legal action now
  16. 22 June for an August start sounds absolutely fine to me.
  17. That's what I wondered. Living in Yorkshire, a ST is no use to me. But a virtual ST might be. (Except I don't have Sky...)
  18. sleepless

    New Manager

    It may be his plans were too ambitious for them. There's lots of reasons why you don't appoint people.
  19. it does sound interesting though.
  20. It was always my hope that the twin cheeks of the arse would bugger off to an Atlantic league and leave the rest of us in peace. It looked quite likely a few years ago. Sadly, it now seems less likely than ever, with the reduction in travel. We're stuck with them, I'm afraid.
  21. Great keeper. You saved us from a fair few humpings.
  22. I don't think it's a good idea. We'll be at an early stage with a new manager, who's trying to bond with the fans and us with him. It wouldn't be great for the new guy to have the whole stadium bouncing and shouting Tommy's name. The ghost of the one who went before, when they went out on a high, is a really difficult thing to manage. Think Man U with both Matt Busby and Fergie. Best for a clean break entirely.
  23. sleepless

    New Manager

    Is Jim not still recovering from that car crash?
  24. did we not get relegated the last time there was a 14 team league and it went back down to 12 again? I do get bored playing the same teams over and over, but we'd still end up playing teams three times and there is the risk of meaningless matches come season's end, which you get less of in this set-up.