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  1. In the heat of the moment he threw a flare he just happened to have premeditatedly brought to the stadium with him?
  2. I read somewhere it was 6429. (That might have just been in my prediction, though.)
  3. 3-0 Grgic (look at the research on that...) 2029
  4. 2 - 0 Zander own goal (don't know any of their players)
  5. Rangers Hibs Aberdeen Celtic St Johnstone St Mirren Hearts Motherwell Dundee Utd Dundee Ross County Livingston
  6. Join me in the league now no.7305 : WAP Saints League Password : XFMEJ By clicking on this link :
  7. I'll have what he's been having...
  8. It said 750 max, which for a pre-season friendly is probably not a problem anyway. I'd love to be there. Love Gayfield, fantastic old-fashioned stadium.
  9. I'm just amazed he's done that. He was still highly regarded by Liverpool fans and that's now gone. He's said unflattering things about Everton in the past so the Toffees' fans will struggle to accept him.
  10. sleepless

    Away shirts

    what was the score in the U17s final. I haven't seen anything about the result
  11. Humberside Airport. In Schiphol in 50 minutes
  12. All of them have good European pedigree. Any would be a brilliant match. Kind of hoping it's not PSV, because that's dead easy for me to get to, based near Hull, and I'd have to decide whether or not to risk foreign travel.