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  1. sounds like a plan, home game for me i'll bring the flag
  2. Sean im heading myself i think you going?
  3. The whole game last night was a shambles £27 to get it is too much for any game involving Saints as well as £5 parking. - total rip off Team selection was awful, a defender in midfield when caddis was on the bench? Players were not fit or interested- was more a shock when brad scored, it was not a surprise the date of this game so Scottish teams need to buck up their fitness ideas about euro games Last night left a bad taste
  4. Missing the game tomorrow sadly
  5. Tommy has to hold his hands up after yesterday. Failure to change quick enough cost us the 2 points, MOH was excellent 2nd half as was hauled off, Kane not given enough time either Strange decisions
  6. Tap rooms then game? The flag might even make an appearence
  7. You have to take BG for what he was signed for - a backup plan He was signed when May left, Macleanwas injured and Kane was on loan, and has chipped in with some goal. His performances arent the best and I wouldnt look to sign him lomg term, but he has came in and scored some goals and for me gets more stick than he should.
  8. You want the flag or you too much of a risk Dougie?