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    Perth born and bred. Was at same school as Stuart Cosgrove but not at same time! First saw Saints in 1946, father stood on the grass banks at the Recreation Ground.
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    East Lothian
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    Chess, bridge, cricket.
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  1. south inch


    We need a manager who knows where Perth is so that he can see how centre backs are meant to play!
  2. south inch


    Considered placing a bet on Scotland to reach the quarter finals at least but was surprised to be offered a mere 6 - 1. Is that because the tournament format is such that reaching the last 16 is not difficult or do the bookies think we have a good team?
  3. That is the site. In the early 1950s you could still make out some of the grass banking and the shape of the pitch. Been there.
  4. Would not mind Lafferty either. It is reported that he wanted 4 times what Killie were paying him to resign. Sounds a bit far fetched though I suppose it depends how much they were paying him.
  5. Seems John Hughes had his eye on a job at Celtic when he turned down the offer of an extended Ross County contract, not Dundee Utd as reported on Sportsound. Quoted as favourite to take on the Colts' team in the Lowland League.
  6. There are currently around 250 million Rangers* shares in circulation. £6,75 m at 20 pence a share will add another 32 million. Rangers* are most unlikely to pay a share dividend. You can only trade shares privately but the only interest is likely to come from people who might be interested in gaining influence in the club's affairs and they will only be interested if you own a large block of shares. (Park owns 40 million) So if you buy £1ks worth of shares, assuming they will sell you such a small quantity, you will receive a share certificate whose only value will be bragging rights with other knuckledraggers. Oh, and you can turn up at the AGM and shout abuse at the Board until you are thrown out!
  7. 2 weeks ago with the Covid rate in Glasgow standing at 58 per 100k ourselves and Hibs were refused permission to have a crowd of 600 in Hampden. Today with a Covid rate of 128 per 100k in Glasgow it is now OK to allow 12,000 through the gates. Am I missing something?
  8. Rumour that talks with the latest Celtic managerial candidate are already in trouble. He has been offered a bus pass as part of his salary package but he wants one for his wife as well.
  9. He kept them up his sleeve in case nothing better came up. Presumably something now has! To be fair I think Celtic suspected that but had to go along with it as they had no other candidate. Unless they can pull a surprise appointment of some standing Gerrard can look forward to a second league title.
  10. Excellent from Steve, Hootsmon suggesting interest in Ali is from Celtic. This might point to him being a Celtic fan, he certainly gets abuse on the Rangers* fan forums. We all know how the OF work, in will come a derisory offer followed by another offer with an extra bag of sweeties added or some dud they are trying to get rid off. Meantime they hope to unsettle the target. Steve is doing the right thing warning them off before they even start their nonsense.
  11. This Tom English guy seems quite fair minded.
  12. I used to tell Alex Ferguson he was too slow and that football was not his game.
  13. My reading of the situation exactly. Tommy is not daft, he would not sign a contract so one sided. If Killie want him to go it will cost them. Tommy seems to have made it clear he wanted time to build his own team which will mean getting rid of haddies like the guy who left the player he was supposed to be marking to tackle a guy who was already marked leaving an obvious pass for the first goal.