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    Perth born and bred. Was at same school as Stuart Cosgrove but not at same time! First saw Saints in 1946, father stood on the grass banks at the Recreation Ground.
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  1. What excuse can Callum have - "I set up for a 0 - 0 draw intending to finish them off at McD. Nobody told me the tie was to be settled on the day".
  2. Callum must go now, no point in handing 3 points to Dundee on Wednesday. Put Liam Craig in charge meantime, jings my 12 year old grandson could do better!
  3. Sounds like we have similar problems, my current specs cost a wee bit less than yours but that might be 'cos I had a flookie when they told me the cost of the lenses and asked to see the bargain basement frames. Ah the old Scott St/High St/Kinnoull St junction, was it Burtons and a bank on the other two corners?
  4. Sevco have complained to the SFA about the performance of referee Kevin Clancy in their Tuesday game v Aberdeen. A leaked copy of the 8 points in question is alleged to say 1. Our players were not at their best in this game but Clancy failed to give a penalty in our favour. 2. Aberdeen were given a penalty. 3. The penalty should have been retaken as the Aberdeen player scored. 4 A Rangers player was sent off. 5. Aberdeen were allowed to play the whole game with 11 men. 6, Two instances were noted where Rangers were not given the benefit of the doubt in 50/50 situations, a clear breach of our understanding as to agreed procedure. 7. It should have been obvious to the SFA that a referee named Kevin Clancy would be most unlikely to be a season ticket holder at Ayebroke. Note - Correction to item 3 - the ball moved.
  5. Interesting, the Hootsmon says we have a pre contract for Forrest but have only offered 2/3rds of Livi's price to get him now. One wonders how much Livi want for a guy who is far from central to their plans? Another sign that when a club knows you are in big trouble their only thought is to try and exploit your difficulties.
  6. Agreed and Ciftci's name should be first on the team sheet, if we hope he will solve our goal scoring problem then a couple of goals will be just the thing to build up his confidence.
  7. Thanks, is that where the GPO used to be? I use a Specsavers in a place called Fort Kinnaird just outside Edinburgh. I have a chronic eye condition which causes my eyes to close everytime Saints look like losing a goal!
  8. Away! Shagger flies through the air with the greatest of ease, misses the ball completely but catches Hedges with his trailing leg. Where is Specsavers in Perth these days? The rest of your post is spot on so I guess 3 out of 4 right is not too bad.
  9. Good idea and we could put the rest to a bid for Marcus Rashford, he's looking a bit jaded just now but I'm sure a fresh challenge would soon get him back to his best.
  10. Gilmour struggled right enough but give the lad a wee break it was Ciftci who collided with MOH. I don't think we should put too great an effort into going deep in the Cup but we should at least try to see off Kelty for no other reason than to break this terrible run of defeats.
  11. So he was but another Arab, with remarkably good eyesight, shot him for drinking at the wrong well.
  12. Official Match Review says "players are raring to go". Time for a wee bit of optimism - COYS.
  13. Sorry to hear that I found 0808 196 8565 very helpful. My problem was I could not get my Covid booster on the same day as my flu jab as they were still operating the 6 month rule at the time. I subsequently got my booster at a Drop In Clinic.and this still does not show on my computer status but I did know where and when I got my booster hence the young lady could trace me and send out the required certificate. Good luck with your problems.