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    Perth born and bred. Was at same school as Stuart Cosgrove but not at same time! First saw Saints in 1946, father stood on the grass banks at the Recreation Ground.
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    East Lothian
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    Chess, bridge, cricket.
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  1. Just when I thought the Hearts/Partick case had gone awful quiet out comes the news that both clubs have been issued with a Notice of Complaint by the SFA for breaking the rules by going to Court instead of SFA arbitration. Hearing set for 6th August. As the saying goes "that will stop them farting in Church"! Gives them plenty of time to enquire about entry to the Northern Premier League Division 1.
  2. He knows where the emails are filed!
  3. Sorry could not say, I had left Perth by the mid 60s. I do remember a number of cafes in Perth in the 50s. The Washington as in the photo, Rendezvous, Scott St., Grosvenor, St. John St and one on the corner of Princes St. and Canal St. whose name escapes me. There were others, you had to move around since none of the owners were too keen on you sitting for hours nursing a coke or a cup of coffee!
  4. I think i see it now. For all the bombast coming out of Govan, the lockdown probably kept Gerrard in his job. Should the Sons of William carry on as they did after Xmas when the season starts, Celtid are likely to have opened up a gap at the top of the league by October at which point the bold Steven will likely receive his jotters. Tommy will then be well placed to come in from the wilderness and possibly lead Rangers* to the promised land.
  5. You may laugh but not as much as the QCs will over a glass or two of good malt tonight as they check their fee notes are correct!
  6. Probably thought the figure he had been quoted on the phone was per month.
  7. An entry "Dundee United 2020" has appeared on McClaren's Wikipedia page. Does this mean anything or are they simply preparing in case he is appointed?
  8. Walking up from South St towards High St, big church on left just out of shot? All gone now, car park and modern shops?
  9. The 200 page "dossier" certainly did its job.
  10. I'm told often that instead of getting things done I just fouter aboot!
  11. Good one, difficult to give an accurate english translation. A fantoosh ornament?
  12. Fair point about obesity Sixties but I'm prepared to do without beforehand so I can enjoy my pie and bovril at McD. If Saints don't win that's the highlight of my day!
  13. Sorry to disappoint Sixties but I don't know either. I would agree with Hoodlum that we could manage 1,500/2,500 easily enough depending on social distancing. In fact if we come down to one metre we could probably push 4,000. That would mean using all 4 stands though and I do't know how viable that would be. Mind you with family groups we could get more into the Ormond as presumably they would be able to sit together. Big question - if we have to wear masks how do we eat our pie and Bovril?
  14. Picture looks late 50s/early 60s judging by the car. Buildings look like they are about to fall down.