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    Perth born and bred. Was at same school as Stuart Cosgrove but not at same time! First saw Saints in 1946, father stood on the grass banks at the Recreation Ground.
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    Chess, bridge, cricket.
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  1. Only snag with your outlook is will the rest of the troops stay loyal?
  2. What happened to the Scott Bain rumour? Was he beamed back up?
  3. Got to reduce the current wage bill, Ronaldo or whoever won't come cheap.
  4. Your bus pass will be refused on Parks' buses.
  5. We have 16 home games which should get us 3 home games after the split. If we are in trouble again next April we should be under new management and 3 home games in April plus 3 after the split should come in right handy.
  6. Spot on assessment. Was Considine not briefly our top scorer about 8 or so years ago during yet another of our goal droughts on account of scoring 2 OGs against us?
  7. I thought we might have tried to see what his beef with United was. We could guarantee first choice too but if it is simply down to money I would agree we would be outgunned. We need a quality replacement for Zander and we are not going to get one by being beat before we start. If he goes to Celtic and takes the number 2 slot from Bain he will no doubt enjoy playing in the League Cup. If he has to take the number 3 slot he can hope for the future whilst playing at places like Boness in front of a couple of hundred or so fans and the odd well informed collie dug.
  8. I thought we might have tried for the Swiss guy Siegrist who is out of contract with the Arabs but Celtic have already approached him for the number 3 slot at Parkhead. Also Sevco now showing interest.
  9. Oh aye, this must be the third set of plans and the second to include taking a large slice out of Camperdown Park. If they are lucky they might get to the paper mache model stage by 2024. I see capacity for this one is 15,000, I am fairly sure the Caird Park version in 19 oatcake had a 20,000 capacity and was to be shared with the Arabs. The Ice Arena next door has a 2,400 capacity so the next version might come up with a fancy plan to share facilities!!
  10. Thank goodness it is only a friendly.
  11. Downside of that is Scott Brown's sunny nature. If he doesn't get Fleetwood up the table a bit he might not last too long and we could see the bold Shaun back on loan.
  12. Would Shagger be interested in a return for a year to replace Zander? Would mean an 80% + salary cut.
  13. We should report the draw to the Green Party, think of the increase in carbon emissions the travel will cause.
  14. south inch

    Stevie May

    If you can keep your head and remember you are there to score goals while all about you others are wondering what to do you will be a legend my son. Apologies to Rudyard Kipling.