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    Perth born and bred. Was at same school as Stuart Cosgrove but not at same time! First saw Saints in 1946, father stood on the grass banks at the Recreation Ground.
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  1. Do I take it from your learned (and accurate) summary that we should hold on to Ali? I would, if possible, he can only improve in the coming months especially if he continues to add to his NI caps.
  2. Celtic have been pandering to the worst elements of their fan base for years, yesterday serves them right. As for Lennon, he was a cheap option when Rangers* were in disarray. It should have been obvious to the Celtic board that he would not be able to cope when times got tough. To be fair he has had some bad luck with Covid but he had no idea how to react. So far as the decent Celtic fans are concerned whoever took the decision to deny Rodgers sufficient funds to buy John McGinn has a lot to answer for.
  3. Not to mention making an absolute pigs ear of Europe and being outplayed by Rangers*.
  4. Celtic 1 - 0 down to Ross C at half time. If Lennon's misfiring heroes can't turn that round he will be finished. Not good news for us.
  5. Irritated by the BBC qualifying our 10 game unbeaten run by mentioning our penalty shoot out loss to Dundee Utd. This was for a bonus point only and did not change the result of the match which the mini league table lists as a draw. In fact the whole penalty shoot out idea was a waste of time. Not one team out of the 12 qualified by virtue of a bonus point.
  6. Absolutely agree but would still like to see the likes of Kerr and Davidson at least on the bench for the Celtic game.
  7. If so I'm even more anxious that wee Neil survives until 6th Dec!
  8. You're right, the only question is how long before he goes? I'm hoping he somehow lasts until 6th December giving us a chance to get something out of that match and keep up our record of being the team to administer the coup de grace to failing managers. Mind you not easy to see who will be any better. No Martin O'Neill or Brendan Rodgers around this time.
  9. It will certainly ensure that the said Caley fan doesn't get a ticket for the next 300 gate. Get a few collies for the next game, they would be far better at herding sheep than Glasgow stewards.
  10. Good point, what I hoped we would get. Mind you I enjoy draws more when we do the equalising!.
  11. On that basis our Highland clubs with the exception of Ross County could just operate normally. Inverness might be a doubt depending on who they are playing though it will be home fans only presumably.
  12. Decent performance and now 8 games without defeat. Looking for a point on Tuesday, got to keep the points scoreboard ticking over since our next league match after that is Celtic and it would be just our luck for Lennon to have got his P45 by then.
  13. Could take a decent penalty as well if needed.
  14. £23.2m of funding needed to keep them going but Park and Bennett will provide loans if required! Any club fancy a Black Friday deal on a bad tempered striker?