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    Perth born and bred. Was at same school as Stuart Cosgrove but not at same time! First saw Saints in 1946, father stood on the grass banks at the Recreation Ground.
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  1. Not so unexpected, wonder what the odds are on the Aussie guy being the first managerial casualty of the season?
  2. Apparently the original statement from Ayebroke read. " Two former Celtic players were listed as part of the BT commentary team. We believed that if admitted they would have tried to make our team look foolish. Since our players are more than capable of looking foolish without external assistance admission to the ground was refused."
  3. Our Prediction section gives an unconfirmed crowd of 7310. Strange we have become coy, BBC give crowds for all last weekend's games except us Celtic and Albion Rovers!
  4. Anyone know what the crowd was? Not given by the BBC, Hootsmon report or the official site. Looked around 7,000 to me.
  5. Happy with the HT score but just realised to my absolute horror that the ref is Willie Collum. Hope he does not show his usual desire to prove he is not biased against Sevco by producing a red card or awarding them a soft penalty.
  6. Now the proud owner of a paper copy. Could not beat your wife's time 'cos I had to go to the kitchen calendar to get a vax date bit still managed 4 mins!
  7. south inch


    Glad I've found an expert. We should indeed finish 2nd in the Group with 20 points which will then drop to 14. i agree that should see us seeded but does it matter if we are first seed or sixth? If the higher you are the better then we would have something more than pride to play for against Denmark.
  8. south inch


    Ageed. Now that finishing second in the group is firmly in our own hands does anyone know how the 6 teams who are to be seeded in the draw for the 3 play off groups are to be determined? We could do with being one of the 6 since there will be some pretty tasty outfits amongst the 12 contestants.
  9. south inch


    Guy who scored Hibs' 2 goals against us when we drew 2 - 2 at Easter Rd last season.
  10. south inch


    Highlight for me was seeing Zander listed as a sub.
  11. south inch


    Sad that the Media and Clarke himself are banging on about the Moldova game being a "must win". The correct description for this game should be "foregone conclusion".
  12. This is a critical point in trying to get at the truth here. SB refers to a renegotiated deal (after he and Callum agreed to let Ali go) where the add ons would bring the final figure above £1.75 million. Also, the McCann article describes the add ons as "achievable". Arguably that is more likely to refer to additional sums tied to first team games played than a sell on % some time in the future. The journalist hides behind the newspaper rather than his own sources and says "believes" North End did not put pen to paper on any add ons.
  13. We have 2,700 season ticket holders and we are surely obliged to plan on the basis that they might all want to attend. Add on say 300 to 500 non ST holders who may wish to attend and the only way to accommodate them is to make the East Saints only. After yesterday now is not the time to pee off our loyal fans any further.
  14. south inch


    Clarke putting on a brave face despite only having 15 or 16 outfield players available. Hope he is remembering that Zander can cause mayhem in the opposition penalty box.
  15. All good points, got to remember all hell would have broken loose if we had sold them before our Europe exit. Also there were no bids from any bigger clubs so you could say Preston and Wigan saw an opportunity. Trouble is I can't see the sell on clause raising much of a bonus down the line, neither club has the clout to break through the £10m barrier. Whilst the cash to Saints was a disappointment both players will be pleased with their increased wages and will see the moves as good intermediate steps to higher things. They will get game time for a start.