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    Perth born and bred. Was at same school as Stuart Cosgrove but not at same time! First saw Saints in 1946, father stood on the grass banks at the Recreation Ground.
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  1. I hope Dungcaster doesn't panic and start making a bigger mess of things than he has already. We don't know what the legal eagles are saying to Budgie. My guess is they are not being too encouraging hence the increasingly desperate efforts she is making to try and get people onto her side. She mentions restriction of trade in today's Hootsmon if the Championship decide to wait until January before starting a shortened season. Any case she might have there would be against her fellow Championship chairmen not the SPFL and that is not what she wants. If she gets nowhere with her reconstruction plan she will have to try some sort of court action to save face with Hearts' fans but I very much doubt she will achieve anything other than to make the aforementioned legal eagles a bit richer. If only she had got rid of Levein sooner!
  2. Looks like Cormack at Aberdeen is going to support her having voted against a 14 team league just 2 weeks ago. Probably now regretting getting involved in football club ownership following a couple of phone conversations with Ann.
  3. Don't see what she has been doing for the last couple of weeks, this plan is pretty much identical to the one rejected by the SPL clubs at the beginning of the month. I suspect the legal advice Budge is receiving is not that encouraging and she is hoping for some sort of sympathy vote to avoid having to go to court. She has painted herself into a corner there and will be forced to take court action to save face if this document is rejected.
  4. south inch


    An older couple are working their way through the Covid isolation without too much bother except the wife thinks the old boy is getting a bit forgetful with the lack of company. One evening they are enjoying a quiet night watching their cup final video yet again. At half time after Ando's goal the old dear hits the pause button and asks himself to get her a wee snack for the 2nd half. I'd like a slice of apple pie with a scoop of ice cream and a dash of strawberry sauce. No problem says the old boy and I'll get myself a large dram. Fine says his beloved but she asks him to write it all down in case he forgets anything. No need just leave it to me. 15 minutes later the old boy is back with a large dram of Old Perth and a tray with a plate of lightly fried egg and 2 rashers of bacon. I told you you would get it wrong if you did not write it down says the wife - you've forgotten the toast!
  5. To be fair she knew how to run an IT company. Also, I'm told by one or two people who know her that she is a very nice person. She's a football fan who tried to dig Hearts out of a hole. Unfortunately, having coughed up the required bawbees, she made one huge mistake and handed the shovel to one Craig Levein! She is now the latest in a long line of fans who have proved that the way to make a small fortune out of Scottish football is to start with a large one.
  6. Budge might get her wish by default if a majority of leagues 1 and 2 go for the mothball option. Could yet see a 14 team SPL with Hearts and ICT added and a second tier made up of all the rest who want to play. Problem with that will be the arrangement for season 21/22. SPL could then go back to 12 teams achieved by relegating 3 teams and promoting one. Could even see the 4th bottom team in a playoff. Mind you that might get the current top 12 to close ranks. Long way to go before the waters clear but one thing in such an exceptional set of circumstances court action will be a waste of time and money.
  7. Apparently even with closed doors it takes around 300 people to stage a Bundesliga match for TV. Annan Athletic v Albion Rovers should be OK then.
  8. Apologies, your post is even better than I thought. I used to be able to count.
  9. doh forgot about the 0 I stand corrected, I will take my books to the back of the class and stay there.
  10. Similar is my favorite sporting quote. Harry Carpenter at a Boat Race "Ah that's nice, the wife of the Cambridge President has just kissed the cox of the Oxford Crew".
  11. No offence friend, I like your post good sound stuff, but the extra money for 6th place is £13k.
  12. I have a bet that the Stevie May goal will not be disallowed this time and we will win 3 - 0.
  13. Used to read these Just William books when I was a wean. There was a girl in them who used to say to the boys "if I don't get my way I'm going to scream and scream and scream until I'm sick".
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    New Manager

    I hope he's available at the end of next May as well.
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    New Manager

    Probably lost.