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  1. We are in danger of becoming an updated version of the Billy Connolly joke.
  2. Commenting on these issues is always difficult because of the confusing reports you get from the media. For once the Hootsmon seems to have the rights of it today. It seems the health authorities from the Scottish Government down to the local district nurse have all said there is not sufficient medical evidence to justify postponing this game. Which brings us back to Doncaster's judgment which in my opinion should have erred on the safe side even before you consider the fairness position. Which , of course, brings us back to the view from Ayebroke.
  3. Fair enough argument except it could be said that even at the best of times 80% of the population doesn't give a fek about football. I wonder though if the SPFL have thought this through. Football is already on a yellow card so if as a result of this forced game 2 or 3 Hibs players test Covid positive next week does that not invite the red card which you would have thought the SPFL was trying to avoid. Of course to the Rangers*' fan the answer is simple. St Mirren are due to play Celtic next Wednesday so Doncaster will want to make it possible for the Bhoys to run up a cricket score.
  4. Correct, it seems that the two players concerned who tested positive are goalkeepers. St Mirren's 3rd goalkeeper also has to be ruled out as not surprisingly he has been in close contact with the other two. Therefore, if St M have done nothing wrong why isn't the game being postponed as they have no recognised goalkeeper available through no fault of theirs? The SPFL say there is not enough evidence to support postponement which would suggest at least one player is at fault. As you say it does not make sense.
  5. All they can do is behave themselves. Bit like a tackle in the box, don't give the referee a chance to make an adverse decision. Still, surely Aberdeen and RC will do their best to ensure only good boys and girls attend, ones who can be trusted to answer health questions honestly.
  6. Ross Ccunty reckon Celtic will be intimidated by the 300 Cpunty fans in attendance on Saturday. To be fair I think it was a tongue in cheek remark since fans will not be allowed to sing, shout or chant. Perhaps they will be allowed reversible masks with BOO on one side and HOORAY on the other.
  7. south inch


    Hope Scotland don't lose to a team which might include a couple of ball boys with the tea lady bolstering the central midfield!
  8. south inch


    How come we are due to play in the Czech Republic on Monday? It is on our quarantine list and Czech players have tested positive for Covid. Somebody better tell Nicola quickly.
  9. Joe and Liam can sit together in the stand.
  10. Murrayfield to be allowed 700 this weekend though. Apparently Ross County have also applied to run a test crowd. On the Murrayfield basis that equals a crowd of 70. I'm sure RC could find 70 well behaved supporters in Dingwall.
  11. south inch

    Harry Curran

    Memory no longer what it was but I thought I read somewhere that Sergei Baltacha said Kuznetsov was carrying an injury before that game and the tackle from Curran was not the main cause of the injury. Could be a complete blether on my part but something is nagging at the back of my mind.
  12. To an old fashioned supporter like me the verdict on this game is simple "we wus robbed"!