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  1. No it is beginning to look as though the 75% requirement applies to the top flight also. 2 or 3 reputable journalists seem to think so and I think the clincher is the petulant and contradictory statement issued by Sevco warning of severe consequences if the SPL is settled before all 38 games have been played. They say they are dismayed that clubs will be relegated if this is voted through. Do they really think we are all that stupid? Court action has been threatened and it will be interesting to see who is prepared to stand up in court and give Sevco's real reason for objecting. Claiming they have every chance of overtaking Celtic will simply be laughed out of court and I can't see even Donald Findlay advancing the argument "M'Lud my clients wish to state that in no circumstances should Celtic be declared champions until all 38 games have been played as they are a bunch of f*n%$n c*>ts."
  2. Didn't think anyone would think my wee dig at this strange oversight on the official website meant I believed it. Best to delete it.
  3. Thanks guys, that clears things up nicely. You both keep safe. PS I still say that was some team we fielded that day.
  4. I thought Sixties was claiming Taylor was the keeper who scored for Saints round about season 59/60. (Post 9 hours ago) If I've got the wrong end of the stick it certainly won't be the first time but my nurse thought that was the point of the discussion as well so at least i will not be sent to bed without my usual dram|
  5. Any more information? If Taylor is credited with scoring he must have been the last Saints' player to touch the ball before the OG. Was it an almighty hoof up the park which a defender tried to clear but sclaffed it past his own keeper? Was almost certainly there but can't remember anything unusual. Some team though, the enigma that was Norrie Innes, Doug Newlands and big Jim Walker. You did not want to meet him up a well lit alley never mind a dark one!
  6. Hope Uefa realise governments are not going to allow Champions League or Europa League football anytime soon. Even if things are much improved by August/September are countries like Italy or Spain really going to risk allowing football teams from elsewhere over their borders until they are sure this thing is well and truly under control? As for fans! Even internal competitions could have problems. Would Saints be allowed to sign Messi? He has been playing in one of the worst affected countries.
  7. I was thinking more Glover Street itself, right hand side going towards Craigie from the Glasgow Road. 50 to 60 years ago though. But the road layout is wrong. I'm stumped too.
  8. You could be right I seem to remember a building either in Glover Street or maybe Gray Street which fits - Glasgow Road end. The railway carriage should be to the left though. Good fun even if the building turns out to be in Fraserburgh.
  9. No need for an apology, we need things to keep our minds active just now. I can see why you thought it was the Ice Factory but the road layout is wrong. Took me a good while to work that out though!
  10. Finishing the season could well suit the TV boys. Loads of meaningful games instead of the usual slow build up and just think of the hype that would go with the two outstanding hatefests.
  11. The suspense is building. All I can say is the answer better be good, I was probably at every game in the 59/60 season, home and away, so once the old memory is jogged I might be able to verify the story. I presume the keeper in question came up for a corner.
  12. I would agree, it will be decided by what the TV companies want the EPL to do. Scotland will have no choice but to follow suit.
  13. The fate of this season and the format for next season will be decided by the TV Companies who at present have the sense to keep quiet whilst they wait for the Covid 19 situation to begin to settle down. Once they see the future a bit more clearly they will soon lay the law down. He who pays the piper calls the tune! The football authorities on the other hand are running around like headless chickens making contradictory statements at every available opportunity. They are clearly unaware that most of us think they are clueless and in that sort of situation it is better to say nothing than to speak up and remove any possible doubt. Luckily more important matters are in the hands of two ladies who know what they are doing, Nicola Sturgeon and Catherine Calderwood.
  14. Would not try to compete with you in the memory stakes Hoodlum, you are damn good. A few other names spring to mind, Mc Fadyen, Walker, Hodgson, Lachlan but maybe a wee bit later. Neither Ewan (Ernie?) or Archie Baird took prisoners that was for sure. I remember a game when ian Rodger was sent off for going in hard on the keeper. Least he thought he was sent off, the opposition defenders were trying to give him a doing and the ref. broke things up and told Rodger to get up the park. Rodger thought he said off and left and the ref. did not notice. Happy days - keep safe.
  15. New investment put "on hold". That is likely to be a euphemism for cancelled especially as most of this new money was supposed to be coming from the Far East! Bit like the letters we all get from energy suppliers and insurers which cheerfully tell us charges have been revised, ie increased.
  16. Great summary Hoodlum. I was only 10 when he left. I know he was fast but I don't really remember that, what I do remember was the excitement that used to build when he was straight through on goal. He never seemed to miss but he probably did!
  17. Great stuff, still no sign of the double decker bus that seems to have hit the United keeper at both our goals!
  18. Bit like the old joke about the Murray Royal patient who asks to see a visiting professor to try and prove he is completely sane and has been kept in the Murray for 20 years unnecessarily. The prof conducts an hour of rigorous tests and becomes convinced the guy is right. He promises to raise the case with the authorities and walks away only to be hit a stunning blow to the head by a brick. With blood everywhere he turns to see the guy standing there with a smile saying "you'll not forget now"?
  19. Seems Brora have had a change of heart and now say they fancy the step up. Bet League 2 treasurers are not quite so keen.
  20. Highland League have ended their season early and awarded the title to Brora Rangers although mathematically they could still be caught, A decision that won't please a certain Glasgow team. Might not please Brora either since they have made it clear that they do not wish promotion to the SPFL.
  21. With respect m'lud Day 1 - Blame the kaffliks and lock doon Day 2 - Blame the kaffliks and ........
  22. Latest from Ayebroke - decide the season on the basis of the league positions at the halfway point. Guess who would top that table? But only if they beat us in the game they would have in hand!!!!
  23. With Traynor I think the correct phrase is - do you think he could do a job on Saints!