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  1. Other than Shankland, who is their latest million pound youngster? Ive never heard such hype about such average players as there has been at Dundee Utd over the past 10-15 years... See; Dow, Gauld, Dixon, Gunning, Watson, Kenneth, Souttar, Spittal et al... I’m sick of hearing it
  2. Biggest game of the season so far... We go into it in fine goal scoring form, we have a strong pool of players to choose from and expectations are beyond anything we have experienced so far this season - what could possibly go wrong? C.O.Y.S
  3. Tanser for Hamilton’s first... needs to grow a set!!
  4. Scottish football in a photo... 8 goals between Hamilton and St.Johnstone crammed into 1:59. 2 goals in a drab old firm match, strung out over 2:12.
  5. That’s as strong a match day squad as we are likely to see this season(depending on Melamed’s contribution of course). Back to the same line up/shape from the first couple of games of the season. We’ll see...
  6. What was the justification for Conway again? A calm, composed and experienced head that keeps possession... aye right!!!
  7. Maksim Maksimov is out of our budget and doesn’t speak English. He’ll pick up another Central/Eastern European team pay more than what we could get near. You can Mark-him-ov your wish list
  8. I think we have to start taking a risk on the likes of Muzz. He’s not a 25 year old anymore that we’ve got to wrap up in cotton wool. Let him go out and blast the last couple of years he’s got left at this level. I reckon if we can get Kerr, McNamara, Conway, McCann, Bryson, Davidson and May on the pitch most weeks, we will win/draw more than we lose. This week is the turning point for me with May and Muzz back available, Conway getting match sharp and Bryson coming in. COYS
  9. Would that be the same club that he is currently in the process of taking to court over the fact that they are refusing to pay him a penny?
  10. Nadir Ciftci anyone? - 40 goals in Scottish football - Only 28 years old - Can play anywhere in a front 3 - 6ft 3”
  11. I think Murray Davidson is seen as more of a goal threat than Ali McCann, in the six yard box anyway. I’d prefer Murray and Liam in the box more often than May, O’Halloran or Hendry. If Callum sticks to his current system Murray has to play more advanced than McCann for me. That said, I think Callum is making a huge mistake converting Ali McCann to a sitting midfielder at this stage in his career. He can make things happen and is composed in the final third. Our best young player since 2013 and you are curbing his impact on a game. Dont get me wrong, in the medium to long term Ali McCann is absolutely a holding midfielder, but the lad is 20 years of age with boundless talent and energy - let him play.