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  1. Don’t understand the slagging of MacPherson stuff. He looked like the most able footballer on the pitch.
  2. I agree regarding Middleton. I think he is a good player at this level and definitely has it in his locker to pop up with big goals at big times or a wee bit of magic… but he hasn’t really done much of that and Eetu deserves the chance to prove that he can.
  3. Vertainen (Unused sub) Doesn’t get picked to start a match Doesn’t get on the pitch when we are 3-0 up Doesn’t get on the pitch when we are 3-0 down Waste of a wage imho…
  4. You could be right, purely my opinion. Happy for a wager though. £50 says that Callum won’t manage Hearts, Hibs or Aberdeen if one of those teams is looking for a manager in the next 12 months?
  5. Davidson wouldn’t take an Aberdeen or Hibs type job. Big difference between Tommy and Callum is that Callum is very very well thought of in football circles, across the UK.
  6. We MUST keep hold of McCart, he is real quality. Rooney’s cult status suggests that it would be a good idea to keep hold of him aswell.
  7. We won’t offer Reece Devine a contract.
  8. Imagine the dough they are paying guys like McGowan, McMullan, Sheridan, Cummings and Griffiths… ouch!!!
  9. Don’t think anyone could have predicted that starting 11..
  10. This will be the first match for a VERY long time that McCart, Gordon or Kerr haven’t been part of the defence. From an absolute stick on: Rooney Gordon Kerr McCart Booth To a best guess of: OHalloran Rooney Ambrose Muller Booth Wow!!
  11. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/ticket-boost-rangers-celtic-hibs-25110133 Saints fans housed in south and west stands and tickets costing £25-£35.
  12. R.B.B:- Adz


    Preston and Wigan I believe.