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  1. I’m sure that accusation is true of other posters but I’ve certainly never used a strong defensive display as a reason for his clean sheet. I think that you’re right that I’m unlikely to change my mind on Conway based of what I have seen since he joined... saying he was MOM and better than Rooney is madness, however.
  2. Rooney, Kerr or Gordon aren’t unfit, ponderous or an overpaid Prima donna I’m guessing you’re part of the Zander Clark for Scotland cheerleading brigade also.
  3. Even his goal was made by a fantastic ball from Rooney, shocking marking from McGinn and he still almost missed it from 2 yards by stabbing it straight at their keeper. Even the 7 minute highlight reel shows not only his awful first 30 minutes but the number of times he just doesn’t bother tracking his man while Wotherspoon, McCann and even Kane cover his ground. He was often the man furthest up the pitch while Chris Kane sprinted past him to close the ball down in his area of the pitch..
  4. How three people thought Craig Conway was the best player in a St.Johnstone shirt, blows my mind.
  5. I’m guessing The Bellshill Cafu won it?
  6. Potentially a good signing. He comes with a decent pedigree and certainly talks the talk. He’s played in Europa League matches alongside Lacazette, Özil, Ramsay et al. Two-footed playmaker, just what we need.
  7. Don’t ever waste your time/energy trying to understand Rangers or Celtic fans
  8. He’s just no worth ten million quid though is he. Obscene!!
  9. https://www.thecourier.co.uk/fp/sport/football/st-johnstone/1915138/st-johnstone-can-more-than-double-their-betfred-cup-money-by-beating-livingston/ High stakes indeed. £300,000 would make a small but notable dent in our COVID incurred losses. COYS
  10. Some of the aggrandising of Conway’s performance from Saturday have been criminal mind you
  11. Are you on the wind up? Guy has done his time, gone off to uni, done his coaching badges. He is an example to kids who have had an adverse childhood that they can still break the cycle they have found themselves in. We demand rehabilitation in a broken system and this guy has beaten the odds. You don’t need to like him but you’re views are archaic. I actually feel sorry that every interview he does involves a comment on having served time.
  12. Could agree more regarding Tom English. Total t*****. Not quite sure how he has manage to burrow his way in and infiltrate our game. He talks down to us as if he has all the answers.
  13. This forum is no different to football forums up and down this country. Everyone has got their point of view, everyone has their own way of making it. The whole us v them stuff is sad. Some people like statistics/evidence, others like guesswork and speculation, others are just completely bonkers. I’d far rather base it on what I see and some statistics than some folk on here who prefer to adopt the 5G masts cause COVID, the earth is flat and vaccinations are a way of getting microchips into our arms approach... if that makes me a wannabe “expert” in your eyes, so be it.
  14. Haha! I’m on the wind up pal. It’ll take a lot more for me to change my mind on Conway but delighted that he scored tonight and set up another. Always just want Saints to win, the rest of my opinions are just that - opinions.