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  1. And such is the professionalism of the club, said players often leave on good terms with the genuine best wishes of the club.
  2. Stay calm Templar... it’s hard to discuss something with someone who just conjures up fictitious scenarios as if they are the truth. You stick to reality, let Random witter on about his vivid imaginary story lines.
  3. Yet another fictitious scenario concocted and passed off as reality. And you can stick your “folk like yourself” comment where the sun doesn’t shine.
  4. Quite excited to see Charlie Gilmour show us what he is all about and Guy Melamed to have a bit of freedom to express himself.
  5. I’ve been banging the drum on this for quite a while now.. It would not have a massive impact on things if any one, two, three or four of Parish, O’Halloran, Kane, May, Hendry, Conway, Bryson moved on. It would, however, have a massive impact on the club in both the short and long term if we managed to get Kerr, Gordon, McCart and Rooney (and to an admittedly lesser extent Booth) to sign contract extensions. I’d happily pay double for my season ticket if I was told that this is what the money was being spent on and where the untouchable Kirsten Robertson and bulletproof Steve Brown were putting their energy.
  6. Jesus!! He’s taken to inventing his own quotes to bolster an imaginary argument. Someone call the doc.
  7. I’m not a fan but we could do worse, offer him a six month deal with attractive appearance and goal bonus. Win-win. Option of an extension after 6 months.
  8. Glad to hear it.... because he was a bang average one. Didn’t see too many other strings to his bow either.
  9. I actually prefer when he punches it. Glad he is attempting to come for cross balls at least and great penalty save.
  10. I don’t think they are going to get the play offs. They need to hit some decent form and soon. For weeks now that have been wanging on about going on a winning run. It isn’t happening. They are just going to stutter and stumble towards the end of the season while teams like Raith, Inverness and Queen of the South start to peak. McPake would have been sacked long ago if there had been fans in the ground.
  11. @Melbourne Saint has got me thinking about managers getting the sack from another thread. Not beyond the realms of possibility that if we pump Dundee out of the Scottish Cup, James McPake could end up getting the Spanish Archer.. I think I’d quite enjoy that.