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  1. Football ability wise he is head and shoulders above quite a few in the current squad who were being selected ahead of him. Hope to see him start most games for the rest of the season.
  2. As you know, I think he brings a real solidity to our back line. Quick, mobile, careful in possession and wins every battle. Never will you see that man getting turned easily, muscled off the ball or out jumped in the air… Said someone in 2015! He galumphed on. Kicked a couple of Livi players. Kicked a couple of our own players. Pondered, hoofed the ball out the pitch. Stumbled and wobbled about for a while. The full time whistle went, and he hobbled off. Good day at the office for the young man.
  3. Ahead of? Clark? Kimpioka? Sidibeh? Who are you dropping?
  4. Takes up some great positions which I suppose why he was left on the pitch when having such a stinker! Happy for him though. Two strikers scoring in consecutive matches has to be a good thing. Clark and Kimpioka partnership starts here!
  5. Has Nicky Clark had a worse game in a saints jersey? Livi are hammer throwers!
  6. Next game isn’t until 16th March and is against Celtic at Parkhead - who cares who starts that game. Next game that we would need both players fit for is a month away. Play Keltjens and Clark, give them 4 weeks(FOUR) to recover to face Dundee on 30th March. Levein in the paper indulging in some expectation management I reckon as he knows he can’t have Carey huffing for a second week on the bench. FWIW we now don’t have any midweek fixtures before the split, so every match after Dundee comes with a weeks gap. Should be able to manage those players through that without having to weaken the balance and harmony of the team through needless rotation.
  7. Quite simple isn’t it. Win, we stay up, lose, we could go down… The only potential cause of complications is the team selection of Craig Levein. Unfortunately I just don’t see a world where he drops Considine, Carey and Max for 2 games on the bounce. I hope I’m wrong.
  8. Not shocked to see Luke Robinson have a better game without Carey criticising him every time he touches the ball and screaming at him the whole match. Thought Luke Robinson was fantastic tonight, but Sven Sprangler was the big difference. A midfield containing Phillips, M.Smith and Sprangler looks so much more balanced and confident.
  9. That looks like a bit more of a balanced starting 11… Looking forward to seeing Sprangler, Phillips and M.Smith in the same side.
  10. Back into the play off spot we go
  11. Just think Tony Gallagher is pretty pish and will cost us points if he starts and Andy Considine is contorted, slow, immobile and will cost us points(more) if he starts. Nothing more, nothing less. I have a strong opinion on it and the fact that supporters, who have paid good money for a season ticket, are left watching those two as starting defenders - really poor.
  12. Gallagher? As in Tony Gallagher? Or have we signed someone I’ve missed.
  13. You’re seriously writing Kerr Smith off over tried and tested mediocrity off the back of 2 starts?