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  1. Maybe you shouldn’t click links provided by random forum posters. Scammers dream!
  2. Devine looks like a bit of a find and a lovely footballer, however, if Booth is fit and ready, I think we know that he is tried, tested and proficient in our system.
  3. “Weekly newsletter”? I knew The Courier was stuck in the dark ages, but bloody hell!!
  4. I think May is ahead of Kane in the pecking order after preseason.
  5. Brilliant! Hopefully a bumper family away day in the sun. COYS!
  6. BIG difference between the two cases you have mentioned. Michael was bombed out of Rangers. Latterly, he was made to feel like an imposter and it was toxic. He just wanted out. Not the same!!
  7. The unlikely just became even more unlikely https://www.scotsman.com/sport/football/rangers/st-johnstone-linked-greg-stewart-reveals-offers-from-scotland-and-abroad-after-rangers-exit-3325953
  8. I think you are massively overestimating the amount of attention that is paid when selling/processing tickets. If you think our office staff can spot a Turkish name and then subsequently investigate whether that person is a Galatasaray supporter, tourist or Saints fan, then I think you are mistaken.
  9. Yeah great marketing opportunity. I wonder how many Galatasaray fans live in the U.K.?
  10. Hope so. It would be great for the club to have a solid wedge of income confirmed and guaranteed at the start of the season. It also sends a message to Brown, Callum and the players that success and a certain style of football/players breeds interest amongst fans.
  11. Great news. And no away fans permitted either which maximises the number of home fans we can get in. It’ll be interesting to see in the coming days what size of attendance is permitted.
  12. Seems like Devine is the real deal then?
  13. I was fairly sure Muller had taken number 16. Hopefully a typo and not an indication that he is taking a departing Rooney’s number...JOKING!
  14. Anyone fancy getting a petition up and running: https://petition.parliament.uk