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  1. Do you like a challenge.. if you’re right, that you can make statistics show “what ever you want” I challenge you to find me a statistic that tell me that I am wrong about Zander Clark’s poor form costing us football matches. Genuinely, I’d be delighted to be proven wrong.
  2. Touché However, I wait with bated breath for you to furnish me with the facts that show that Zander is having a good season, Govey.
  3. Many that voted Brexit appeared to ignore the abundance of irrefutable facts, preferring instead to pin their hopes on fantasy, blind faith and hyperbole.
  4. If we have to sell McCann, punt Bryson and Conway and sign a couple of: Ross Draper? Liam Polworth? Josh Mullin? Steve Lawson? Ryan Flynn?
  5. Did you vote Brexit by any chance?
  6. Talking of digging deep, scroll to 1 minute in...
  7. Are you being serious or trolling?
  8. Kane has been very impressive the last 2 games but boy he needs to work on his finishing.
  9. Naaa you’re right, we’re just a terrible team, that’s why we keep getting pumped
  10. Brophy and Erwin as a two up front... our back 3 will need to be on it.
  11. Craig, Davidson and Booth out.. F*** sake man!!! Tinker every f***** week! We are a worse team when Liam Craig doesn’t start, even worse when Murray and Liam don’t start.
  12. The much maligned vote of confidence..
  13. Sounds more like you are describing the Melamed chance that Siegrist saved to be honest... Also, it was right at him. It went under his foot... again.
  14. Fair enough. Isn’t it strange that we have two players that we both agree are POTENTIALLY excellent in one position(RWB). We have two solid LWBs in Tanser and Booth. We have a battle in CM between Davidson, Craig and McCann who are comprehensively popular players. We have playmaker in Wotherspoon who is in a very rich vein of form. We now have two strikers who both scored in their last match and are likely to keep our highest earner out of the team... yet we can’t buy a win!! I think most Saints fans you spoke to would say that Kerr is a bit of Rolls Royce of a defender and on his days is one of the best in the league and Jamie McCart has impressed since he arrived - he is also a valuable commodity as a left footed centre back who can pick a pass and defend. That only really leaves Liam Gordon and Zander Clark. Does that tell Callum that we need an experienced centre half and a better goalkeeper?
  15. You’d have O’Halloran over Rooney? From what I’ve seen of Rooney recently I’ve been mightily impressed.
  16. Needs must! Such is the difference he makes. Remember when Macca couldn’t play on plastic?
  17. Northampton Town apparently recently offered a better deal to a player than what we could muster so I think our options will be even more limited than usual this term. The fact that Melamed has shown an early glimpse into his potential and Stevie May is now being forced to fight for his right to start(the hope is that it makes him more hungry than perhaps he has been) possibly suggests that Callum might put a striker on the back burner post-Dundee United That said, our opponents on Saturday were previously running with Lee Erwin(someone who we have previously been linked with) and Jon Obika(scored against us recently), have now recognised that goals are vital to survival and have added Eamonn Brophy(who has 34 Scottish Premiership goals in his short Premiership career) and Collin Quaner (who has 6 English Championship goals to his name and lists Union Berlin as a previous employer).
  18. Surely you’ve noticed how much of a better side we are at the moment when Liam Craig starts. We need leaders at the moment. Guys who have been through this before and guys willing to grab others by the scruff of the neck. LIAM MUST START!!
  19. I wonder if he’d fancy coming to join his brother up in Scotland for 6 months...
  20. He has to start playing his best 11 and stick with it. Melamed and Craig are fit enough to start even if they only managed 50 minutes, the continuity outweighs the risks for me. Only argument is that Kerr, our captain, should come back in. Who do you drop if that’s the case? Tough one for Callum in another must win game.
  21. I just say it how I see it. He could and should have saved it. Siegrist did when called upon as you can clearly see from the video