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  1. Maybe Dunfermline will be outbidding us for players this summer. After all, they are a bigger club... Zzzzzzz
  2. Someone in Twitter designed these... I’d buy
  3. Guy is leaving. He wants to stay, Callum wants to keep him, but the money just isn’t there to offer him acceptable(in his eyes) terms.
  4. Is there an update on Alex Gogic. I think he is floating about somewhere in the stratosphere.
  5. Doubt that is true anyway, but every cup finalist in history book certainly hasn’t put down £3000 to plan the route One team in Tayside!!
  6. Big police meeting in Edinburgh today, planning for Hibs winning the cup and how they would deal with the fans. At least they havent gone full Dundee United(2014) and booked an open top bus...
  7. Also totally unnecessary. If they were worried about people gathering at the stadium, they could have set something temporary up in the city centre, Tesco car park or muirton Asda car park. Or if they really want folks money, all three!!
  8. I think Shane Ferguson would be a great signing but I also think we would need a lot of stars to align. He is a full international regular He can play more than one position (two positions that we need to sign players in - left back and left midfield) He is available for free
  9. And Liam was a 7/10 from the first whistle to the last. What a player!!
  10. Pretty high for first team squad, but that will be covered by the prize money. Upwards of £50,000 winning the match and not that much less for runners-up.
  11. Livi are dirty b******s... Liam is having a good game but is going to get himself sent off.
  12. Avoid defeat and we finish 5th. Beat Hibs we win the Scottish Cup. Two HUGE matches for our club.
  13. I've posted something on the Edinburgh Saints thread to see if anyone wants to gather in an Edinburgh pub but I'm not sure if any of the Edinburgh Saints frequent this forum any more? @SaintDougie @Nelly78 @ryangordon86 @bigstu @st Tommy @chopper @geoff was right!! @Kilgour @Born2Bru @Baldy Marc @Thomas_sjfc @Edstar101 @crieffsaintandy @tony_polster @Goran Cuts Inside @saintcraigieboy
  14. Evening all With inside alcohol consumption allowed again from 17th May, I was wondering if there would be any interest in an Edinburgh Saints gathering somewhere for the cup final. The likes of the Three Sisters or The Peartree are likely to have big outdoor screens showing it but also likely to be full of Hibees. Id be keen to congregate in an EDI pub if others are keen?
  15. I’m not a Bryson fan either but he is having a steady game, nothing spectacular. We need to get Bryson, McCann and Wotherspoon on the ball and play through them. Going from Gordon to Kane too quickly or Kerr to Rooney too quickly.
  16. If you had asked me 6-8 weeks ago, I wouldn’t have been so certain. However, I firmly believe that we will open the 2021/22 season with Clark, Rooney, Kerr, Gordon, McCart, Booth and Tanser to choose from.
  17. Jason Kerr should be absolutely banging the door down. Very rarely do our back three get bossed or made to look silly in this league. Jason has captained us to a national trophy, the semi-final of another and a top six finish.
  18. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/7025265/scottish-cup-3-million-european-football/ £2-3 million Could really change the future of our club. If spent and invested wisely, could be absolutely monumental.
  19. Straight after the Killie v St.Mirren match tomorrow night(about 9:30pm)
  20. Games to be played 8/9th May and cup final on 22nd May.
  21. Liam Craig played out of his skin for me.. but Zander Clark and a wedge of humble pie