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  1. Don’t understand the slagging of MacPherson stuff. He looked like the most able footballer on the pitch.
  2. I agree regarding Middleton. I think he is a good player at this level and definitely has it in his locker to pop up with big goals at big times or a wee bit of magic… but he hasn’t really done much of that and Eetu deserves the chance to prove that he can.
  3. Vertainen (Unused sub) Doesn’t get picked to start a match Doesn’t get on the pitch when we are 3-0 up Doesn’t get on the pitch when we are 3-0 down Waste of a wage imho…
  4. You could be right, purely my opinion. Happy for a wager though. £50 says that Callum won’t manage Hearts, Hibs or Aberdeen if one of those teams is looking for a manager in the next 12 months?
  5. Davidson wouldn’t take an Aberdeen or Hibs type job. Big difference between Tommy and Callum is that Callum is very very well thought of in football circles, across the UK.
  6. We MUST keep hold of McCart, he is real quality. Rooney’s cult status suggests that it would be a good idea to keep hold of him aswell.
  7. We won’t offer Reece Devine a contract.
  8. Imagine the dough they are paying guys like McGowan, McMullan, Sheridan, Cummings and Griffiths… ouch!!!
  9. Don’t think anyone could have predicted that starting 11..
  10. This will be the first match for a VERY long time that McCart, Gordon or Kerr haven’t been part of the defence. From an absolute stick on: Rooney Gordon Kerr McCart Booth To a best guess of: OHalloran Rooney Ambrose Muller Booth Wow!!
  11. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/ticket-boost-rangers-celtic-hibs-25110133 Saints fans housed in south and west stands and tickets costing £25-£35.
  12. R.B.B:- Adz


    Preston and Wigan I believe.
  13. How do you know you are just another average, run of the mill SPFL side? When you “prize asset”, “future Scotland captain” Ryan Baresi Porteous is telling your goalkeeper to waste time and slow the game down so that you can scrape a 1-0 win over 10-man St.Johnstone at home. Glory glory indeed.
  14. MOM: John Beaton. I tell you what they are lucky they had Beaton playing for them today because even after the we went down to ten men we were still causing the problems. Ryan Porteous and Kevin Nisbet are BANG AVERAGE!!
  15. Is this the guy who plays for the same team where almost an entire stand of their supporters used to bellow “Alan Main, alki dad!!” on loop for 45 minutes every single time the teams met for his entire career. Now that is “incessant”. Leigh Griffiths has strutted around Scottish football for the last 10 years acting like Bertie Big Potatoes and loves to give a bit back to fans. Leigh Griffiths, married with children, was also allegedly texting a young girl asking her to send him pictures. Leigh Griffiths was also allegedly filmed a few years ago singing about a player in the same league from the Czech Republic being a f****** rufugee. Leigh Griffiths was also allegedly pictured standing above the crowd waving a tri-coloured Republic of Ireland flag at a football match. (Still no idea why Scottish football tolerates Union Jacks, Ulster and Republic of Ireland flags at a football match never mind a professional in that league waving it). Leigh Griffiths also, on numerous occasions, ran the length of the pitch to tie a Celtic scarf to goalposts at Ibrox in order to antagonise the opposition. Leigh Griffiths was also filmed running half the length of a pitch, before booting a smoke bomb into a crowded stand of supporters. Forgive me if I don’t have a lot of sympathy for people singing songs taking the pi** out of the guy. If that abuse were to become “incessant” and a sinister agenda against the guy were to emerge, I would not condone that whatsoever, however, at the moment it appears it’s football fans being football fans and involving a guy who is more than capable of stoking the fire when it suits him.
  16. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ZRDFtJF-TE0 http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/scot_cups/6550697.stm Last time we played Celtic at Hampden?
  17. Looking forward to hearing all the “bogey team” St.Johnstone pish as I walk along Easter Road tomorrow. In league and cup, Hibs have only beaten Saints 3 times in the last 14 matches.
  18. Two options I suppose Rooney Ambrose McCart O’Halloran Booth or Ambrose McCart Booth Rooney Devine Really don’t think Devine is ready for a run in the team so you’d imagine he’d go with the defence that finished against Dundee. I think the same applies to Muller and I think this game just comes too early for Liam Gordon.
  19. Phone ticket office, pay for ticket(s) and they will arrange to meet you outside of stadium to hand over ticket on Sunday before kick off.
  20. Bonus point… last tidy, ball playing midfielder that arrived from down south and opened his account vs Scum?