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    Helensburgh. (Near Glasgow)
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    Following the Saintees anywhere and everywhere in my new car, also playing the beautiful game, and love a spot a golf, and my lady.
  1. LewGti


    The wife and I are trying to book up and go away in July and cant decide on where to go. Anyone got any good resorts they have been to recently or going to soon? We have been looking at Greece and Turkey but really would go anywhere.
  2. I am in desperate need of help! I am getting married in less than 2 weeks, Sept 12th to be exact and I havnt started my grooms speech yet. Has anyone out there got any tips on speaking in public because i am beyond nervous, hence why its been left so late. Also any tips on the speech itself because not got a clue where to start. P.s. Saints v st.mirren on the wedding day and bridesmaids boyfriend is a St.Mirren fan, too good an opertunity to pass up. So any help on that subject would be great too. Any help at all would be great, cheers
  3. and speaking of kerry katona, did u hear she
  4. Saints 1 - 0 Motherwell Milne 6950
  5. Celtic Rangers Aberdeen Hearts Dundee Utd Hibs Kilmarnock Motherwell St.Johnstone St.Mirren Falkirk Hamilton
  6. Stenny 1 - 2 Saints Deuchar 1005
  7. LewGti

    Saints on telly!

    Years ago I remember watching You`ve been framed in the days when Lisa Rilley (fat chick from Emmerdale) presented it and they showed a clip of some wee guys playing football on a beach, one boy gets pelted square in the face with the ball and he was wearing the old Saints tartan Famous Grouse top.
  8. I am no pie making expert and I imagine to make a pastry bust of someone isnt easy but am I alone in thinking that looks nothing like Owen Coyle?
  9. Gutted. Always had a soft spot for the sons, they are my local team. Gutting news.
  10. Has he ever been told he looks like any of these guys? http://uktv.co.uk/images/standarditem/L1/530578_L1.jpg or http://www.strictlycomedancing.info/images/judges/bruno-tonioli.jpg
  11. This is a real shocker. I had been out and when i came home about half 3 i went straight to Gillette Soccer Saturday and couldnt believe it when i saw P-P next to the game. I had been listening to Clyde 1 from 2.45 and they didnt mention it but i just put that down to there being no goals. I really cant believe how a club with under soil heating can have a game called of due to frozen pitch. I struggle to remember when this last happend at Mcd.
  12. My Missus ordered me the home top from the surridge website about 3 weeks after it first went on sale. She was told it would be delivered in about a week from the order date, and the money was taken from our account that day. 6 weeks later we still didnt have the top so she got on the phone and kicked up shit. We were told it had been sent out but must have been lost in this post and that another top will sent out that morning first class and we can expect it the following day. It actually came a few days later, 7 weeks after it was ordered.
  13. Hope to hell i am wrong Partick 2 - 1 Saints McKeown 2750