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  1. On way up you going to killie tomorrow 

  2. Just heard that Ian`s wife Linda from the Barossa Club has passed away Sad news
  3. Big thanks to the Scone boys for stepping up and sorting the home bus this year. Nice gesture to give a gift to Gill the driver also Thanks again to all involved R
  4. The Eses stadium new build has been slowed down and unlikely to open this year. The current board of directors, who may go if Eses are relegated, are very keen for Saints to open the new ground. It all depends if they are relegated and the new board (if elected) are as keen to have Saints play them. Was at the new ground in Februarythis year, the major issue for their fans is there is no train or tram service to the new park, its a good 10 miles from the Ataturk Stadium and well out of town, they may be waiting for the train/Tram situation to resolve. There are very few pubs anywhere near the ground so another "Bar Street" will have to be in old Bar Street if we play them. The Eses fans are still Saints daft and have told the Eses directors they only want to play Saints at the new stadium opening.
  5. Downtown Alexandria, sold whisky called Stags Breath, pure s++te Now has a Saints scarf on the wall, was there with my oldest laddie.
  6. So here is the info I got "The bus did not get into Edinburgh until nearly 13.50" "The bus driver also had difficulty finding the bowling club." The bus was advertised to leave Perth at 12.30 this time advertised prior the booking at the Bowling Club being taken, It would not be expected to be at the Bowling Club much earlier that 13.50 so why commit to the booking and leave the Bowling Club high and dry with the cost of the catering they provided. Quite why the bus driver would find difficulty getting to the Bowling Club considering there were many patrons on the bus who had been there many times before and knew where it was and have the capability to access direction info on mobile phones is astonishing. To answer Tam (Sixties Saintee) this is not a poor reflection on Saints at all, but a highly embarrassing issue to the Barossa Street bus section. I could not care less where the bus subsequently went before the game but I do expect someone from the Committee to e-mail the Bowling Club to apologise for their non appearance.
  7. Just been contacted by Alan Bygate from the bowling club to advise that the bus booking did not turn up at the club as arranged with Leah. As usual the club had food awaiting your arrival Can somebody let me know if there was a problem with getting there?
  8. Alan Bygate From the Fountain Brewery Bowling club has again offered to host you before the game Do you want to take up their offer? Let me know R
  9. I will get a Frazer Wright mask and wear it when I go to the Eses v Bursaspor game on 27th Feb in Eskisehir It will be good cheering him on in his Eses strip
  10. Any chance of an answer to Hoodlums question re bus departure times? The bridgend lads need to know collection times as well R
  11. What Time is pick up from Barossa Street?
  12. What are the stops for this bus after pick up in Scone? Is it going to Barossa St If so what time?
  13. A pleasure to see and talk with so many players last night Thanks to all that made it happen
  14. I cannot make this as well, summit cropped up