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  1. Why go toe to toe with Celtic? Also Rangers for that matter? Spoony playing anywhere else than right midfield never works, never has. Callaghan is not even championship quality. He is doing nothing, far to high up the pitch and isn't prepared to defend. Just stands and watches. Another Tommy orchestrated disaster. Hence why he is still there I suppose.
  2. Lennon will be banished to the main stand. Please give him the respect he deserves.... I suspect he has been kissing our arse in the media in order to glide through this awkward moment in his tenure. Screw that. Lay into him in the main stand!
  3. Obviously transfers out are taken out of his hands. He turns it around now or we start next season afresh
  4. Damage limitation as opposed to bringing on Thompson and going for it.
  5. Too many players unfit and off form at the same time. This has to be the low point trough though right?!
  6. That's 2 in 2 for Swanson. 3-0 is coming. the options on the bench aren't going to change anything.
  7. General season comment: Although emphasised in this game. Nothing sticks upfront. Graham is playing way above his station and lacking effort off the ball. Graham Can't finish unless it's crossed into the 6 yard box. I've never seen a winger as unfit as croft. Chris millar is immense. The only positive. Gary macdonald and Brian Easton are passengers
  8. Brings back great memories. Beating Motherwell 3-1, despite them having 3 scorers, was certainly a great achievement! 19th Sep.
  9. Very Foggy and it has been very Wet here in Aberdeen. I wouldn't be surprised if the game was possibly doubtful.
  10. Does anyone know if these tickets are available on the day of the game?
  11. I would be more surprised if this game is actually on to be honest. If it is it wont be much of a spectacle in these conditions. Baa humbug
  12. I am in the same boat, its piss poor.
  13. Yip, must be true then if bbc and pa are all over it. Now you are making me laugh if that's where your relying for info. Are CAS UEFA? No. So what's on CAS is irrelevant. Clear as day: "St Johnstone FC are now waiting on absolute confirmation from UEFA but it looks certain that our Europa League opponents will be Eskisehirspor. On such confirmation being received the club will then be in a position to firm up details such as kick-off time and travelling arrangements." Meaning there still awaiting conformation. It's not difficult. Tell me where to get tickets at what time the kick off is then?
  14. The last information given was on Friday and reads: "St Johnstone FC are now waiting on absolute confirmation from UEFA but..." Have they been given this or not, or are they only telling people on the charter just now and everyone else can wait? Cheers Mike, for telling us of the news....