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  1. This squad is 100 times better than starks and we are playing no where near as bad- plan b is go 2 up when we’re behind
  2. Right at the final whistle . A few fro the scoreboard end were screaming at him to go up and he just put his hands out then when the whistle blew there were a few words back n forth
  3. We were saying the problem was Mciness was playing him out wide
  4. The fact that Zander was arguing with the fans at the end shows just how frustrated the players are. In that instance I can’t see why he didn’t just go up we had a free kick and it was clear it was going to be the last few seconds - nothing to lose. Maybe tommy told him to stay back?
  5. Last weeks result was down to the sending off , Motherwell are playing good football and I think a draw would be a good result. on paper we seem to be suited to 433 but I feel Tommy has always seemed to get the best out of us when we play 442- could be talking crap tho. this season we look like players are not attacking in numbers when going forward but we don’t seem to have the numbers when defending- really need to get this sorted Clark Ralston Gordon Kerr Tanser Moh McCann Holt. Kennedy Hendry May Parish Booth Wright Kane Spoony Muzz Craig
  6. I was going by memory but a quick wiki check says 14 tho I know it ain’t too reliable
  7. Not buying this- Wilson was hyped like most young old firm players and was found out to be bang average. I’m pretty sure he only played a handful of games before going to Liverpool so not a lot of developing weir could have done. I give you Ramos/Varane. I do understand your point tho if only ando was a few years younger.
  8. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m0008gf8 she was saying it to our very own Stuart Cosgrove
  9. But they don’t show that our free kids is open to away fans , in fact they have a separate article claiming accidental as the cheapest away day