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  1. Haha
    541ntees reacted to Widge in St Johnstone v Motherwell 28/09/19   
    Switch the laptop off, take the dog for a walk and stop spouting pish. You’re posts immediately after games are embarrassing and negative to the extreme, take time to reflect and calm down before posting rational nonsense instead of the above. 
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    541ntees reacted to Hospital Radio Perth in Tuesday Team Talk   
  3. Haha
    541ntees reacted to Widge in Taxi for Tommy?   
    Wait a minute. You’re calling for Wright’s head and when asked for a suggestion, you plump for Paul Hartley? Ok from now on, I’ll be disregarding anything you say as total nonsense and lunacy. Thanks for highlighting this. 
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    541ntees reacted to HOODLUM65 in Youth Academy News   
    Real Saints u18   2-0 Fakes.
    Jordan Northcott 22 mins.
    Bou 50 mins.
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    541ntees reacted to Pat McGroin in Monaco remembered   
    What’s even better is reading through this post and remembering some WAP legends. It’s great to see a really old post get a bump.
    I didn’t make Monaco, I was only 13 but I’m sure I remember my dad subscribing to ITV digital just solely to watch the game as it wasn’t on Sky. It was either for the home or away leg, anyway. I didn’t make either. 
    My grandad passed away suddenly in his early 70s last year. At heart he was a Celtic man but both my grandparents took Saints Season Tickets back in the 90s and took me and my wee bro to games every week. 
    Anyway... Both my grandparents spent their summers in the south of France and made the trip to Monaco without us, despite being “part timers!” 
    My wee old gran spent a good hour regaling us with stories of that Monaco trip over this summer with a huge smile on her face, especially when describing the gendarmes taking off their riot gear and embracing the joy of our support partying in Europe. 
    There’s no away trip I wish i’d been on more. To this day, I suspect it was  something that money can’t buy. 
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    541ntees got a reaction from HOODLUM65 in Reflecting Well (Ex Saints in the News).   
    not a bad strike from Michael Doyle 
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    541ntees reacted to Papa Jack in Player contracts and transfers   
    Cheap, experienced, knows what he's doing, more than adequate back up to Tanser.
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    541ntees reacted to Cagey in Scotland   
    A bit better tonight but didn't keep the back door shut.
    I think if we played like that against Russia which is the one we needed to win,we would have won.
    We were never going to beat one of the best teams in the world.
    The best manager in the world couldn't do much with the players we have & there is no sign of Scotland having a system of bringing players through.
    Most of the decent young players in Scotland end up with OF & disappear into oblivion.
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    541ntees reacted to Coltrane in TW defends Chris Kane   
    Always support all our players - on form or struggling!!  Good luck to the lad!!
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    541ntees reacted to andrew in Ask Brown a question   
    I beg to differ. If not @PauloPerth then I, or someone else, would have done it. Paulo did such a good job that no one else’s input added very much more. If I were the club I wouldn’t officially issue anything other than a statement saying the event has been held. I’d certainly not provide details. No recording and no phones so that a more frank discussion could take place, and some sensitive financial information could be shared. There were no bulletproof type comments either. There will be more but not sure if quarterly, annually or who it would be open to.
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    541ntees reacted to Pat McGroin in Saints capped players.   
    Not officially, he’s with the squad to integrate but can’t play these games due to paperwork hold ups. He’s expected to play the next round of games 
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    541ntees reacted to RandomGuy in Player contracts and transfers   
    On his Saints TV signing after Ralston joins he says he hopes to get another player in (turns out to be Holt), and that he has "left back options after the window has closed"
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    541ntees reacted to garydavidson in Player contracts and transfers   
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    541ntees reacted to Pat McGroin in Player contracts and transfers   
    Think everyone is being a bit harsh on Vimann. The guy’s been here 5 mins, in a new country, new team mates and also still very young. How about giving him a chance to bed in. 
    Worth remembering that Tommy saw him playing against NI and liked what he saw, so there’s likely a player in there. 
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    541ntees reacted to rik2304 in Player contracts and transfers   
    I'd rather not limit Wrights attacking skills by sticking him at RB.
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    541ntees reacted to california_saintee in Saints v Kilmarnock 31 August 2019   
    That would be a line-up with over half the starters having come through the youth system. Wonder when the last time this happened?
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    541ntees reacted to PauloPerth in Ask Brown a question   
    That's me done. 
    This is just my interpretation of what was said. If others were in attendance and read it differently then please comment.
    I'm not trying to pitch it from any particular viewpoint, just how i picked it up.   I quite strongly believe that things like this should be in the wider domain and are not just for the few who attend.  
    Next time if the club filmed it I think it would be great. Though you might would not get the same level of openness on certain issues possibly.
    Overall, very worthwhile in my opinion and well done to those who were involved in it.
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    541ntees reacted to dunblanemike in Ibrox latest...   
    I’m not sure what effect it will have but I completed the fan survey today and made sure to highlight the lack of action on sectarianism etc by the Scottish authorities, contrasting it with eufa. If we all do this just maybe it will prompt the SFA to do something.
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    541ntees reacted to Linky in Player contracts and transfers   
    Sorry, I didn't necessarily mean on this forum.
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    541ntees reacted to Hospital Radio Perth in Tuesday Team Talk   
    This week's programme.
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    541ntees reacted to PauloPerth in Hibs v Saints 24 August 2019   
    Matty was good, but thought if any of our wide players was in with a shout for making team of the week it would be O'Halloran.
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    541ntees reacted to garydavidson in Reserve Cup   
    A hatrick in 34 minutes! Fairly impressive no matter the opposition. 
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    541ntees got a reaction from MySpazz in Put your hands in your pockets   
    Serious question - are you a saints fan?
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    541ntees reacted to Tranmere Saintee in Player contracts and transfers   
    Don’t need to get banned, just pick up your toys, put them back in the pram and leave!!
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    541ntees reacted to Kyle in Player contracts and transfers   
    In what way was I being personal? He wasn’t good enough to play for a top flight club and has done well at a lower level. That’s just fact.