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  1. Paul Hartley could be on his way back to former club Hearts after being left out of Bristol City's pre-season tour of Sweden, with manager Steve Coppell resigned to losing the homesick midfielder. (the Herald) Who would have him back?
  2. Does anyone know what the financial renumeration difference will be between 7th and 8th place?
  3. The picture of Barry Ferguson on that page looms ominous...
  4. saints - 2 clyde - 0 Samuel 2934
  5. Saints - 2 Morton - 1 Holmes 2639
  6. And confirmed on the fishal site. Anyone want to throw any names out there?
  7. Livingston-1 Saints-0 De Vita 2867
  8. 1. Top Scorer? - Andy Jackson 2. Player of the year? - Andy Jackson 3. Dyron Daal/Carthorse of the year? - Colin Samuel 4. How many times will we beat Dundee? - 0 5. Where will we finish? - 2nd and for the league in general: 1. Top Scorer? - Raffaele De Vita 2. Player of the year? - Raffaele De Vita 3. Predict the league table:Livingston, Saints, Scum, QoS and Scotland in general 1. Who will win the SPL - Rangers 2. Will any team go bust, if so who? - Hearts 3. Will George Burley still be in a job on the last day of the season? - Yes
  9. That's a shame... maybe he will blossom into the youtube player if given a chance in our next game.
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5RWDKySANyg This guy? Looks pretty decent