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  1. Seems like the Luton flight out on Wednesday will be boucing, especially after 5+ hours in the airport boozer
  2. I'm still desperately after roseburn ticket if any going?
  3. All this pish aside, who's got a spare ticket for me? I can pick it up at Parkheed where I will be stood wearing a fetching blue jacket. Part time fans need not apply.
  4. If you didn't go Alashkert then you don't deserve a ticket.
  5. In the context of professional football I say criticism is acceptable, to a degree. There is a line however, and Tam felt the boy crossed it so had a go back. End of story.
  6. Never seen him before but he paid a small fortune to get there so is entitled to say what he likes. Got put in his place by Tam so don't see the need for a witchhunt.
  7. no visa requirement for British passport holders was due to expire on 15th July 2015, so it's seemingly been extended.
  8. it was only 1 young lad who was openly shouting abuse at the final whistle and who Tam Scobbie had a go at.
  9. Anyone travelling from/back to Glasgow for the charter flight? Looking at transport options coming back....
  10. it's important to note that if Kairat progress from their tie that there's a minimum 5 working days' required to process Kazakhstani visas. The visa dept at the Kazakhstan embassy is shut today so I will confirm the details on Monday and post on here. £35 for a tourist visa.