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  1. I admit, half an hour later I would of had a moral dilemma - but in the heat of the moment, it would have been marvellous. The worst bit was his rolling around like he was shot, then popping up onto two healthy feet to protest to the ref. I feel a lot better now, as I got to tell several carloads of The Rangers fans reaching their cars early that Stranraer equalised in the last minute.
  2. I never heard the commentators greeting about poor sportsmanship when Scott Brown took a minute and a half to take his boot on. In fact they actually praised the amount of time they were taking overs set pieces. How I wish we'd scored when we didn't give the ball back just to see Lennon implode.
  3. What about the other Davidson? Callum would be a surprise starter.
  4. saintX


    Firstly, I don't have a gripe at the prices, but.... The list of prices is more confusing than the Mortgage prices on the back of a Monopoly card. 1 adult plus 2 kids minus one season ticket into the North stand but ones 13-16 and the other is 12. ****s sake.Every single person through the turnstile will have to either show a season ticket, proof of age, or wait for change. Guaranteed there will be queues outside the ground at kick off. If you are gonna vary the prices it needs to £5, £15, £20 or £25, or else plooky turnstile attendants are messing about with change and holding everyone up. Same for pies and bovrils - they should cost either 50p, £1, £1,50 or £2. No messing around with 35p change. If it's me that misses kick off because of the 23 different kickoff prices, I'll be furious.
  5. Probably just as well I'm in a sound proofed studio! Get in!
  6. Teams! Are we actually playing numbers one to eleven- that must be the first in a while.
  7. Well, he plays The Liquidator every game. So that ones definitely not personal!
  8. I have one family ticket up for grabs (1 parent, 1 child) for Saturday as the winner can't make it. First to PM me gets a Christmas Eve freebie! Edit: Gone now. Thanks!
  9. If anyone is feeling a little hard up before Xmas, I have a couple of pairs of tickets (1 Adult, 1 Child) up for grabs for both ends on the Real Radio Football Phone In tomorrow night, after 7.
  10. To be fair to these commentators, its very unfair of the Saints players to try and spoil their afternoon by heading away all those Celtic corners and attempt to tackle their heroes. Case in point, Robertson getting in the way of Majstorovic's salmon leap. How inconsiderate! My favourite bit was "the Celtic captain being hauled to the ground"!
  11. Did you phone or text the phone ins this weekend? Can't talk for the BBC, but not one Saint called/text Real Radio this weekend. If you had, you'd have been put on.
  12. I think that ball Sandaza put through for Sheridan for the second is the best moment we've seen since promotion. Perfect weight and pace. BOOM!
  13. saintX

    Fraser Thomson

    Can't believe there's a thread on me I've definitely made it now! Delighted to have the job, and delighted to try and talk about other teams, especially Saints. Kevin was on the show on Saturday and I look forward to more of you calling in for a chat. Oh, and I've checked back to the old "East Stand Connection" articles in the 19a Times and it's definitely "Fraser Thomson".
  14. 17 penalties already this season, but it is true. You just can't get enough... If he'd made a pass rather than head on into the box to look for the spot kick, Celtic might have been top of the league right now.
  15. We need a striker. We have about six "forwards" on the books, but not one who can score with their first touch. Nothing got past the Motherwell centre halfs today mostly because Sammy, Danny I, J Ro and May were getting their first touch on, or just past the half way line.