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  1. Thanks for getting the photo to me! :)
  2. Thanks will pm you just now! Small world!
  3. It's me on my dads shoulders! :) can you forward the full resolution image/scan?
  4. Is Aladdins, Nawab, Manzil & Dalyanos not all owned by the same folk? Had food from them all over the last couple of months apart from Dalyanos and cant fault any of them - good meals/buffet sitting in and massive helpings from the carry out!
  5. dhs

    New Supermarket

    I went up to check out the proposal. This proposal is only to gain planning permission for a "super market & petrol station" on the site of the old farm. Once/if the permission is granted the developers will sell it on at a large profit to the highest bidding supermarket! They are also hopeful that the money they contribute to various road improvements will favour them with the council. I doubt anyone that lives up that way wants more traffic lights, traffic or the additional noise this will bring! They couldnt even have an upto date base map that had all the houses on it that are effected by the proposed development! Also there is no benefit to this over the other proposal at the Dobbies site - which is the better of the two. This would also give a large supermarket to all the proposed new houses that will de developed in that area....... last page / pink shaded area - http://www.pkc.gov.uk/NR/rdonlyres/DA293134-FE22-4937-BCB9-DC8950DA90EE/0/ProposedPlanforweb.pdf
  6. When i was a lot younger i think there was up to a group of 10 of us (all father/son etc) that attended every week (1995/1996/1997/1998 seasons) and sat in the Ormond Stand and half would travel to every away game. Numbers declined due to work/price, we got season tickets in the east (me & my dad), then just started going to select games now none as yet this season. Its just far to expensive for an afternoon out. Even if we were top of the league im sure a lot wouldn't be willing/able to spend £20 on entry for 90 minutes! Now from that original 10+ all those years ago to now only a few games a season between everyone mainly due to work/price - all still saints fans. Im sure there are plenty more on here that have done the same.
  7. I asked a friend about this and its all traditional japanese - next to no ground work. Hopefully someone starts up BJJ in Perth or Sambo but thats highly unlikely!
  8. How much is that class? And is it Gi or no Gi?
  9. dhs


    What locally owned business are left that will loose their customers to Sainsbury? Local business will always suffer - has done since internet shopping.......... Having the Sainsbury on this site will be good for business, as with the other thread regarding the stand removal/road improvements this will be a selling point for the expansion of this area of town/inveralmond area.
  10. Next page has residential also but i cant see that happening! With how the new road lay out is - i think the longer term plan might be to build a new stadium but it will be turned 90 degrees and take up some of the astro turf. This development would include a large indoor pitch, gym etc and parking behind the current east stand? The farm would go allowing some more retail units. Inveralmond will expand to connect up to the new slip road / round about that can be seen on "Map 1: Road Link to the North of McDiarmid Park"
  11. Saints are a club that need to make money - which we will from this. Away fans can go in the Ormond stand instead!
  12. dhs


    As they have committed to making the road wider etc to help traffic issues and probably pledged money towards the new road at the back of the north stand they will get approval on the basis of jobs - both during the construction and once the shops as 450 part/full time is roughly 1% of Perths population! Along with the selling local produce and wanting to compete with Tesco their will be some form of price war which is only good for our pockets! And the old market isnt really much use now with most agriculture sales taking place at a new purpose built facility near Stirling!
  13. Update on the ladlady from down south - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-15162241
  14. Perths crying out for a dedicated all round facility like that - i know of a couple people who have looked in to it but the unit costs/rents are crazy money before even equipping the place. I know its well worth travelling out of Perth for decent training but it soon adds up if you cant arrange another 2 or 3 regulars to split the travell costs!