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  1. As a matter of interest, how many points did we have after nine games last season?
  2. And don't forget the cracking opening goal he scored v Inverness Caley in a cup replay 1992.
  3. What was the score in the old firm game, as a matter of interest?
  4. Clyde at home - 1-1. Saints' goal scored by John Brogan.
  5. Just a bit further on from the parked car, was that Frazers menswear shop? And when did Dan Taylor's menswear (next to Woolworths) bite the dust?
  6. I think there was a chip shop at the top of the steps which led down to Commercial Street. Maybe a plumbers' merchant shop next door?
  7. Re the Ibrox lot's posture regarding the current impasse and calls for investigations/resignations at the SPFL, if the roles were reversed and they were sitting on a 10 point lead at the top of the league, does anyone think they would continue to hold the same views?
  8. Re the Ormond team my recollection is of a 4-2-4, but with some fluidity: back four of Lambie, Gordon (or Rennie), Rooney and Coburn; midfield two of McCarry and McPhee; and front four of Aird, Hall, Connolly and Aitken. McCarry was a versatile player and could fill in at centre defence IIRC, as well as chip in with some goals - 33 according to Jim Slater's Who's Who. Gordon Whitelaw was also a very useful sub. Connolly often played a bit deeper than Hall, and acted as another link man. Now, as for the 'best ever' - this could take some time ......
  9. Dave Duigan - Perth Academy FP - played for East Fife and a couple of the Angus teams. He also opened the batting for Perthshire C.C. Tom Lodge, long-serving professional with the cricket club also played a handful of games for Saints in the 50's. But he was from Huddersfield. He owned the Willow Tavern in South Street for a spell.
  10. When I saw this headline in today's Guardian sports pages: "Kane hopes for May return ...." I thought the English quality papers were at last showing welcome, if unusual interest in Scottish midweek fixtures. Turns out it refers to some Spurs striker out injured, who is trying to emulate the exploits of the late, great Alan Gilzean.
  11. Haven't seen any real sign yet that Stevie and Matty Kennedy can develop a profitable partnership but there's time yet. Be great if it happens.
  12. Not sure, but the three on the bench intrigued me. From right, Johnny Mathers, trainer, then possibly Hugh Reid, full back round about '59-60, who isn't listed in Jim Slater's admirable Who's Who of St Johnstone. No idea who the gent in the overcoat is - maybe a player not required on the day.
  13. Pretty sure the German World Cup team in 1966 (remember them?) had stockings without a full sole i.e. no toe or heel, but a band to fit round the sole to hold them in place. Seems like a solution.
  14. He was mainly inside right or right half. Played no 8 in the epic League Cup semi final against Rangers, October 1961, when we were 2-0 up at half time (Ian Gardiner with a header and John Bell with a great shot from the edge of the box). Lost 2-3 aet, with - no surprise - Davy Wilson earning a critical penalty. My first glimpse of Jim Baxter in the flesh. For some reason I remember Walker scoring a late winning goal in a league match at Muirton (autumn 1960?) against Partick Thistle, winning 2-1 after being 1 down. More impressed (I was very young) by the strong industrial language of the Thistle left back Sandy Brown, who went on to have a very respectable career at Everton.
  15. Yes. Apparently he was a regular attender at Firhill.