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  1. Parkin was soo disappointing tonight - like really. With coming back from injury you would assume he would have put in a shift but he couldn't even make simple passes, not good enough parks im afraid
  2. Dubes on twitter "If my decision is to come back to the SPL it would be for ONE team and ONE team only! St Johnstone FC!"
  3. surely this isnt for real. I'd be amazed if Brentford could afford his compensation. Also Del can get a much better club than this. Totally shocked if this goes through and will also be disappointed in Del - a manager I have so much respect for with his assessment after the semi final he struck me as someone intent on doing better than he'd ever done before at saints. Don't let this be, I have no faith in our ability to bring in a manager that will bring us the success we've under Del. Mark my words, If Del goes our next manager will have us struggling against relegation
  4. I think the signings we make (dependent on who leaves will really have to be first team players) we can't afford to sign any more 'backup' players. Last summer we signed a few players but none of them have really made an impact if at all
  5. me and a mate getting tickets tomorrow. I'm sure there will still be a few folk to get theirs too. It won't matter by kick off anyway we'll all be focussing on the game
  6. there will be in the week leading upto it and focus shifts onto it for real
  7. Hey guys, not been on here in ages! Just wondering what the situation for the semi final is - general sale on the go already I assume? I was going to get a few tickets for the North stand - is there still tickets available in there? And can i just phone up and is there a limit on number of tickets someone is allowed to get etc?
  8. get the OF to quit their bile, its far more common and widespread in their fans. dont really see an uproar over that
  9. we should be creating a league without the old firm
  10. Agree with whats been said so far, i think our defence has hit its stride because of duberry's consistency, mackay and grainger being fit (settled defence) and the master stroke signing that is maybury. As far as del goes... championship would be best move for him imho