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  1. David Wotherspoon is good at football.
  2. Here's what I got on from my contracts in Haifa and Tel Aviv: "Very talented striker with good ball control and could flourish given the right environment." "Not a bad striker. Can play in the flanks as well". But most responses from casual fans were ""who?" and "I think I heard the name".
  3. I work with a bunch of folk in Israel. I'll see anyone's even heard of him and report back...
  4. Why have County not changed their strip? FFS
  5. Can't decide if it was the red card or hooking Rooney that made the difference, but we bossed the last 30 minutes. COYS. Liam played a blinder. I now understand why Callum's been starting a kids from the Millwall reserves at right back after seeing how shite Rooney is.
  6. Could see that coming as soon as Spoony gave away the free kick :-(
  7. According to the bastion of facts that is Twitter, the 8 players out drinking in the Soul bar were celebrating Graeme Shinnie's birthday. So he's one of them.
  8. If the season continues like this, the team with the fewest idiots is going to win the league. COYS!
  9. Not too unhappy with that. Dundee Utd look fairly shite though.
  10. ****. Saw that coming with Mickey. Uphill struggle now.
  11. Thought that was in! Bit more like it.