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  1. Not quite. Last year there was some confusion about handing the EL place reserved for the winners of the ECL (because there weren't previous winners), and folk incorrectly guessed that they'd handle it in a certain way which would benefit the Scottish team. This time round we know for sure, since the coefficient went up.
  2. Moreover, the Scottish Cup winners this season will get direct entrance to the Europa League playoffs next year which guarantees EL or ECL group games and a few million quid of income from the TV pool.
  3. This is exactly the kind of game where we've pulled a win out of nothing in the past few years. Don't forget that Callum has Jack Ross's number.
  4. I remember reading about the Muirton/Asda deal and how the one thing that Geoff insisted on was that Asda built the new stadium before he handed over the keys to the old one. It would be absolutely hilarious if they end up homeless. Having said that, I guarantee that the American owners plans are to force a ground-share at Tannadice long term.
  5. I think the abuse is justified. He's a public figure, and the abuse is based on his abhorrent behaviour. Very different from abusing someone based on race/gender/sexuality/...
  6. I just realized that the game was on Paramount+ here after all (it wasn't listed earlier). So I just made an unnecessary donation to the coagies. ****.
  7. I think we're short of options. Dendoncker's the only central defender on the bench, and I don't know if you'd throw him into this game for his debut. MOH has played well at wing back in the past.
  8. Don't think so. There's no PPV option which would be split. This is just their monthly subscription. I took a hot shower and it hasn't helped.
  9. I just paid Dundee $16 to watch the game as an overseas subscriber, and now I feel dirty.
  10. UEFA handle the administration of this broadcasting rule these days, on behalf of the member associations. They loosened the restrictions for everyone last year, and they announced the reintroduction of the restrictions for *English* games before the season started: AFAIK, Scottish matches are still unaffected, so clubs like Saints can continue to provide Saturday 3pm PPV if they want to. Aberdeen have presumably just decided they don't want to.
  11. The regulations which stopped this in the past are still suspended, so presumably Aberdeen have just decided not to. (It's on Saints TV international which probably isn't much help to you.)
  12. For anyone in Austria, the game's going to be live on "Puls 24", and they have a geo-restricted livestream:
  13. Pretty sure it's (1) for the qualification/playoff rounds, and (3) for the group stages. There's a Reddit post today with details on the group-stage payouts.