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  1. Feb 20th is Scottish cup weekend. We'll either be playing Dundee in the delayed 3rd round game or, I imagine, we'll bring the Hamilton game forward from the 27th. We have Livi on Feb 6th.
  2. Guy seemed to provide a bit of a spark. The front three all played well, though.
  3. As far as I can tell, there's an issue with regular casting and the system they have in place to stop people sharing accounts. Don't expect them to fix it. Screen sharing your device to the Chromecast with headphones plugged in is a reasonable workaround.
  4. We know that it's not Zander. He can't catch anything right now.
  5. I've found it unreliable too, and switched to using airplay from a spare iPad instead, which has been pretty solid.
  6. That penalty was total bullshit. Cosgrove went down like he'd been shot by a sniper.
  7. Lots of pretty passing and moving, but *no* end product. Story of the season.
  8. Maybe Rooney isn't the carthorse he looked like earlier in the season... Cracking finish