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  1. UEFA handle the administration of this broadcasting rule these days, on behalf of the member associations. They loosened the restrictions for everyone last year, and they announced the reintroduction of the restrictions for *English* games before the season started: AFAIK, Scottish matches are still unaffected, so clubs like Saints can continue to provide Saturday 3pm PPV if they want to. Aberdeen have presumably just decided they don't want to.
  2. The regulations which stopped this in the past are still suspended, so presumably Aberdeen have just decided not to. (It's on Saints TV international which probably isn't much help to you.)
  3. For anyone in Austria, the game's going to be live on "Puls 24", and they have a geo-restricted livestream:
  4. Pretty sure it's (1) for the qualification/playoff rounds, and (3) for the group stages. There's a Reddit post today with details on the group-stage payouts.
  5. To be fair, I think Zander started last season in poor form. We just got lucky that he turned into the second coming of Lev Yashin at Christmas time.
  6. That's exactly what every other venue does that wants to offer walk-up ticket purchases. All-ticket doesn't have to mean online-only.
  7. Configured live on BBC Scotland! Never been more happy to be proved wrong. I'd still prefer to watch it legitimately, but VPN + iPlayer is better than nothing.
  8. UEFA have broadcast contacts for the group stages onwards. Nothing for the qualifiers/playoffs
  9. It's looking increasingly unlikely that there will be *any* TV coverage :-( Saints TV relies on a regular broadcaster providing the feed. There's always coverage at league games, so that's why the international subscription is limited to a guarantee for "home league games". Away games for clubs also using the same streaming platform, and some home cup games (where a broadcaster can provide video), are a bonus. We didn't get the Galatasaray game on Saints TV, even though BBC were at McD, because Saints sold the international rights to Spor Smart. For this week's game, unless the BBC/BT/Premier/Sky decide to cover it, or if someone in Austria wants to pay for production, there won't video of any kind. I'll be very happy to be wrong.
  10. I'd sit and watch the game from the tractor path if I could make it over!
  11. It's not great that loyal Saints fans won't get the best seats, but are we really worried that folk aren't going to get in at all? I just can't see us selling out this time. (I'd bite your arm off for a front corner seat in the North Stand if I could be there).
  12. The Austrian TV channel from last week is showing the Rapid Vienna game instead. Fingers crossed we get a stream from somewhere else.
  13. I wouldn't necessarily assume that. Callum said that the game plan was to get in behind them with pace. Spoony doesn't offer that. I can see more or less the same XI next week, with our front three on Sunday being Spoony, Mayso and Eetu.
  14. Disagree that he's lost interest. He seems to be trying *too* hard if anything.
  15. Another trademark performance from Kano, and he actually looked like a striker in the box again.
  16. Feels a bit like the away leg vs Galatasaray: Would have snatched a draw out of your hand before the game, but after going 1-0 up and playing well, it feels like another missed opportunity. On the other hand, LASK don't give me the fear with their individual players like Gala did. Great chance next week. COYS
  17. Took me a few tries but it started working before kickoff. You need a VPN endpoint in Austria of course.
  18. The Austrian TV analysis is hilarious. Giving Saints a level of respect we never see from the Scottish broadcasters. Got a big touch screen with tactical breakdowns and everything. Funniest thing is that the presenters are all wearing sponsor badges, stuck on like nascar drivers.
  19. Is Zander actually turning into a great keeper? He's been lights-out since Xmas.
  20. The Austrian commentary wasn't quite as enthusiastic...
  21. For anyone who can't pay for Premier Sports, the game's being broadcast on council telly in Austria (ORF 1). They have a free livestream which is geo-blocked on a show-by-show basis, but it seems to work with NordVPN fine for me (touch wood).
  22. I particularly liked how it focussed on the players in the centre circle during the penalty shootout, so we couldn't see any of the actual action.