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  1. We'll see who Celtic get tomorrow, and we can rule out playing them. We have to wait until July 19th for our draw, and then we won't actually know who we've got until the EL 2nd round completes on July 28th. That's only a week before our first leg on August 5th.
  2. We have to wait until July 19th for the 3rd round draws across the CL/EL/ECL. The draws for the 2nd round of the CL and ECL is tomorrow, though (June 16th), and whoever Celtic get will be ruled out as a potential opponent for us.
  3. Not with the cost of living in the SF Bay Area. (Ironically, I probably would change jobs if they offered me a game against PSV Eindhoven)
  4. The old referee's changing room is in the same place as the aisle for female sanitary products. Does that count? (Like tampons, most refs are stuck-up c*nts)
  5. Not in the first qualifier, which will definitely going to be one of Austria Rapid Wien, Galatasaray, PSV Eindhoven, Sparta Prague, or Midtjylland. There's tons of potential teams in the conference league playoff, which we'll be unseeded in. I'm not trying to be negative, but is that really enough of an incentive for a player like Tanser, who'd probably be on the bench?
  6. Is European football that enticing to players? Realistically, we're going to play four games and get scudded in all of them before the season really gets going.
  7. This is a simplification based the assumption that higher ranked teams beat lower ranked teams in earlier rounds.
  8. Because they're doing our draw before Celtic's game is played. Whoever drops out of the CLQR2 is "unseeded", but in practice all those teams have higher coefficients than the "seeded" teams.
  9. Next date in the calendar is 16 June when Celtic and our five potential opponents will be drawn in the Champions League QR2. Whoever Celtic get can be ruled out as a potential trip. Our draw will be on July 19th, which will rule out another couple of teams. We won't actually know where we're going until CLQR2 ends on the 27th or 28th of July, one week before the first leg.
  10. Could also face PSV or Sparta Prague who are the seeded teams along with Celtic.
  11. UEFA's competition committee met in Porto, but I don't think there's anything to decide since Man Utd lost. Spain get 5 CL spots, and there will be a reshuffle in the conference league. Saints will play in the ELQR3 vs one of the CLQR2 league path losers (like we talked about before). They did recommend getting rid of the away goals rule though.
  12. Yes, but they won't be. Even if they were banned, they'll appeal to CAS and be temporarily reinstated.
  13. So it's confirmed that Saints will be playing in the third qualifying round, and will face one of the following teams that drops from the Champions League qualifiers: Austria Rapid Wien Galatasaray PSV Eindhoven Sparta Prague Midtjylland The draw for their CL qualifiers will be made on June 16th and we'll be able to rule out whichever one of the above is drawn to play Celtic.
  14. Nothing (unless, by some miracle, the superleague teams are kicked out of the CL)
  15. No, it's probably the third with games August 5th and 12th. There's maybe a sneaky chance that we get a bye into the next round (playoffs) with games August 19th & 26th. See above for the complicated details.
  16. Oh and the potential reshuffle if the superleague clubs are kicked out and Villareal win the Europa today is: - Barca and Real lose their CL spots, which are awarded to the next highest La Liga finishers - Villareal move up to qualify for next seasons Europa League group stage instead of the conference league, through their "new" league position - Then they win the EL today and qualify as a fifth Spanish team in next season's CL. Their spot in next season's EL group stages gets filled through a shuffle of teams already in the competition - The reshuffle means that Saints get moved into the playoff round. But this is all unlikely -- I can't see the superleague clubs being banned.
  17. It's to do with a team taking up two spots in the list of clubs that qualify directly for the Champions League group stage. Man Utd have already got a spot from their domestic league finish. The winners of the Europa League also get a spot. If a team takes two spots, one of the spots gets filled with a different team, and there's a corresponding reshuffle. So, if Man Utd, win today, the reshuffle rules for Champions League say that one of the group stage spots gets taken by the next highest ranked team that's already in that competition, and their vacant spot is filled by the next team, and so on. PSV Eindhoven and Galatasaray are two of the beneficiaries: They'd get byes into the next round of qualifiers. The impact on Saints is subtle: We're in the the "Main Path" of qualifiers for Europa League, along with a couple of other diddy country cup winners. The three of us are due to play against three teams that drop out of one specific path in the the CL qualifiers. But, if the above shuffle happens, the number of teams that can drop down changes from 3 to 2 (because PSV and Galatasaray got byes). With me so far? The problem UEFA has is that the rules are murky from this point. Everyone assumed that they'd just move Luzern from the conference league into our round to make up the numbers, but the latest suggestion is that they'll just give Saints a bye instead. It's a grey area because there are conflicting guidelines, and they haven't hit this before because the conference league is new. I think we need to hope for a Man Utd win, and then figure out who to bribe in Nyon.
  18. Even if it happens (and it won't), they'll appeal it to CAS, and it won't be sorted in time to make a difference to Saints.
  19. There's *another* news story today suggesting that Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Juventus are going to be kicked out of next season's Champions League for their recent Superleague shenanigans. If that happens (and I can't see it), a Villareal victory in the EL final would give as a play off spot too!
  20. Some breaking news, and I don't want to get everyone's hope up, but... UEFA are meeting on Thursday to finalise the competition access lists and, according to a respected source over at the contingency to promote Luzern from the ECL to the EL qualifiers isn't set in stone, and is on the agenda for discussion. So if Man Utd win on Wednesday, there will be a decision to either do that or to promote Saints to the play-off round instead. So I guess we definitely want a Utd victory?
  21. If we want to increase our chances of drawing Luzern again, yes.