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  1. 31 minutes ago, Twilight Saint said:

    I'm out in the USA, does anyone know if the game will be covered on a streaming service out here? CBS / Paramount + have the rights to the Europa League but can't tell if they are covering qualifiers. Mon the Saintees!!

    Paramount plus had a bunch of the CL qualifiers last week. There's a decent chance for coverage given the size of the Galatasaray fan base, but their schedule hasn't been published yet. 

  2. 5 hours ago, akuram said:

    Agree it’s brilliant pictures and sound is ok. All round much more professional than Saints tv with instant replays. Up to now not broken up once.

    I thought the frame rate was crap. I was getting 1080p at maybe 12-15fps. Was horrible when the camera was  panning. 

  3. 23 hours ago, Johnny B said:

    It does not take much to confuse me in my old age. Last  season as a International saints TV season ticket holder I received all the matches home and away plus the friendlies. Has that changed? Obviously the friendlies have

    We didn't get *all* away games. 

    We did get the ones where the other club is using the same Sportsmedia provider, which was most of the premier, except for the old firm and St Mirren, but it was never promised. 




  4. 3 hours ago, MySpazz said:

    Any update on the Europa League matches?



    Main Path



    We'll see who Celtic get tomorrow, and we can rule out playing them.

    We have to wait until July 19th for our draw, and then we won't actually know who we've got until the EL 2nd round completes on July 28th. That's only a week before our first leg on August 5th.

  5. 3 hours ago, MySpazz said:

    Europa league.....when's that draw happening?

    We have to wait until July 19th for the 3rd round draws across the CL/EL/ECL.

    The draws for the 2nd round of the CL and ECL is tomorrow, though (June 16th), and whoever Celtic get will be ruled out as a potential opponent for us.


  6. On 6/9/2021 at 5:19 AM, skivealive said:

    I agree that it would be a consideration. However, if the other team is offering an extra £400 (a figure I have plucked from nowhere) a week more than Saints are offering, thats 20 grand over the year. Also the opportunity for first team football, therefore putting yourself in the shop window for an even better contract. I'd be surprised if most players that are on Saints type wages wouldn't move for a decent wage rise, especially if the length of contract is the same/better. I'm pretty sure that everyone that posts on here would change company if they were offered an extra £20,000 a year to do the same job!

    Not with the cost of living in the SF Bay Area. (Ironically, I probably would change jobs if they offered me a game against PSV Eindhoven)

  7. 1 hour ago, saintgscot said:

    I got asked by and ex footballer at work yesterday if I know the only part of muirton park still standing in it’s original place? Answers please.

    The old referee's changing room is in the same place as the aisle for female sanitary products. Does that count?

    (Like tampons, most refs are stuck-up c*nts)

  8. 1 hour ago, RandomGuy said:

    Sure there's a real chance we could play Luzern in one of the ties, with the winner going into a Group Stage.

    Not in the first qualifier, which will definitely going to be one of Austria Rapid Wien, Galatasaray, PSV Eindhoven, Sparta Prague, or Midtjylland.

    There's tons of potential teams in the conference league playoff, which we'll be unseeded in.


    I'm not trying to be negative, but is that really enough of an incentive for a player like Tanser, who'd probably be on the bench?

  9. 8 hours ago, blueheaven said:

    I'll never blame a player for moving on for more money but really you have to wonder just *how much more* money it could realistically have been, from a club of St Mirren's size? Enough to make him turn his back on European football and what Saints have built under Davidson over the past year? Enough for him to apparently change his mind about why he wanted to leave in the first place (to go back to England - although of course that would rely on there being offers on the table from England in the first place). Or maybe he just felt he wouldn't get a game here next season?

    St Mirren have improved under Goodwin and seem to be making some decent signings, but let's face it: they'll still finish bottom 6 and win nothing.

    Personally I liked Tanser but I don't think anyone would dispute that Booth is the better all-round player and would have continued to keep him out of the team. I wouldn't want to have to depend on Booth going a whole season without an injury though, so we'll definitely need some strong back-up.

    Is European football that enticing to players? Realistically, we're going to play four games and get scudded in all of them before the season really gets going.

  10. 33 minutes ago, Kinnoull Kicker said:

    If the team drawn against Celtic in QR2 knocks out Celtic then why would it not be possible for it to be drawn against Saints as this team would be unseeded in the small grouping that involves Saints as a seeded team ?

    Because they're doing our draw before Celtic's game is played. Whoever drops out of the CLQR2 is "unseeded", but in practice all those teams have higher coefficients than the "seeded" teams. 

  11. Next date in the calendar is 16 June when Celtic and our five potential opponents will be drawn in the Champions League QR2. Whoever Celtic get can be ruled out as a potential trip.

    Our draw will be on July 19th, which will rule out another couple of teams. We won't actually know where we're going until CLQR2 ends on the 27th or 28th of July, one week before the first leg.

  12. 1 hour ago, Cagey said:

    I thought we were supposed to find out on Friday what was happening with the Europa cup.

    UEFA's competition committee met in Porto, but I don't think there's anything to decide since Man Utd lost. Spain get 5 CL spots, and there will be a reshuffle in the conference league. Saints will play in the ELQR3 vs one of the CLQR2 league path losers (like we talked about before).

    They did recommend getting rid of the away goals rule though. 




  13. So it's confirmed that Saints will be playing in the third qualifying round, and will face one of the following teams that drops from the Champions League qualifiers:

    • Austria Rapid Wien
    • Galatasaray
    • PSV Eindhoven
    • Sparta Prague
    • Midtjylland

    The draw for their CL qualifiers will be made on June 16th and we'll be able to rule out whichever one of the above is drawn to play Celtic.