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  1. You *can* only field 3 subs in the cup this season (or 4 if it goes to extra time).
  2. You can't really compare win % across divisions. Otherwise John Connolly is neck-and-neck with Steve Lomas, who got us to third in the league!
  3. Can't see it happening now that the SFA own Hampden, and that they're a bunch of cunts.
  4. FWIW, Saints TV international is listing the game now.
  5. It was the "fit and proper" hearing where this started going to shite for them. On January 20th, they drew with Celtic, and were in 5th place with 32pts from 23 games. Saints were in 9th with 23pts from 24 played. On the 24th, they win their semi-final. On the 26th, the bawbag wins his hearing, and they fall off the rails. Since then we've made up the 9 point deficit: Livi have taken 12pts from 13 games, and the mighty Saints have taken 21pts from 12 matches. And, of course, took them apart in the League Cup Final.
  6. "One semi-final will be exclusively shown by Premier Sports while the other semi and the cup final will be shown across both channels."
  7. Consider what it takes for a club like ours to have any success at all. A good youth system, strong work ethic, great coaching, incredible team spirit, and a healthy dose of luck. Enjoy these days. Callum's already matched the greatest season in our history (2014: A cup win, a semi, and 6th place in the league). He's one win away from surpassing it.
  8. The level of effort across the whole team was outstanding. Zander's going to get all the headlines, but what about out Ginger Prince? Played 90+ minutes on Wednesday and had the legs and nerve to knock in a last minute penalty. Played 120+ minutes tonight, puts in a gem of a corner in the last minute of ET for the equalizer, and is first up in the shootout.
  9. Genuinely surprised by the attacking line up. 2 up top and Tanser over Booth. COYS!
  10. Ref was a shambles. Saints deserved a point. Could be a difference maker in the race for 5th... it's almost in our own hands now.
  11. Am I the only one who remembers Saints being a founder member of the Scottish Super League back in 1992?
  12. Those of us watching the game eight time zones behind are definitely grateful!
  13. I'm just surprised that it's taken so long to update the Main stand's name after Ando overtook him as the all-time appearance record holder.
  14. Spoony for his consistency over the whole year.
  15. Don't forget to cancel the subscription!
  16. If the ref saw him play the ball it should have been an indirect free kick for dangerous play. You can't head the ball on the ground with players around you. If he didn't see that, it should have been a penalty for a trip on Mayso because the ball wasn't within playing distance. (The ref's only justifcation for his non-decision here is if he thinks a potential kick to the heid isn't dangerous to a coagie. So maybe...)
  17. Also audio-only in the USA. Looks like we'll have to pay to watch it from either (£12.50 for the game) or (£12.00 for a month). But I'd hold off until there's an announcement from the club. They've added the video feed for some away games at the last minute, so it might change.
  18. The way he does it is so perfunctory though. His whole broadcast just seems like one big TODO list. I mean, I'm not an expert, but he could drop in a shirt sponsor's name organically, when their player is on the ball. Never mind the cringe inducing spelling bee..
  19. I've just learned that Mark Guidi (who's done most of the home games on Saints TV) is a "professional broadcaster". WTF? I mean, I haven't lived in Scotland since 1993, so forgive me being I'm out of the loop, but he's so much worse than Steven Watt as a commentator, and he clearly isn't a Saints fan. Does anyone know the back story here?
  20. Given our home record this year, you could argue it the other way...
  21. Gary was right: Head-to-head is used after goals scored, and before a playoff. (league rule C35) Rules and Regulations 15-Apr-20 (MASTER COPY) CLEAN.pdf
  22. Play off between the clubs. League rule c36.
  23. I was surprised at how nervous both Liam and Ali were on the ball, compared to how well we've been playing the ball on the deck all season. Balls into the channels from Jamie and Jason were poor too. I don't really care because we won, but outside of the first 15-20 minutes in the second half, that's the poorest we've been as a progressive side for a while. The back line balled out though defensively. Don't think we lost a header second half.