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  1. Auction for Charlie Mulgrew's Scotland top v Peru (not Match Worn). The top is signed by all the Scotland squad. Auction Ends Thursday 27th Sept 7pm. Current highest bid is £75. All money goes to the Charity Project Trust.
  2. Please Ghostie, don't shout at our full back to pick up their wide player when he's 5yards from the touchline and the ball is at the other side of the pitch. Apart from that continue to shout any random thought that comes into your head.
  3. Midfield would have been Thomson, Lappin, Craig, Wotherspoon & Swanson. Any combination would have been better than messing about with defence. You don't change your CH's unless they're injured or having a nightmare even in an u13 match. Honestly think we wouldn't have lost a goal if he had kept the back 4 unchanged. Other concern for me is Spoony's fitness, once he has made a forward run he struggles to get back. Longer endurance runs (40's/80's) would address this weakness in his game.
  4. Win, Win for me. In vote and Brit Nat's who told us we were too wee, too poor & too stupid to have our own independence will be put back in their box. Out vote and indyref2 resulting in independence will be just around the corner.
  5. Spot on, this was the obvious change to make, couldn't believe it when Tommy reshuffled the whole defence.
  6. Mannus Fisher Anderson Joe Scobbie Thomson Midge Muzz Swanson Macca Cummins
  7. Due to ticket fiasco we have over 20 seats available on one of our buses. We're booked into the Edinburgh Prison Officers Club which is only a couple of minutes from Tynecastle. Departs Longforgan 10am Lovat 1015am Cherrybank 1020am Kinross 1035am 07935325771 to book seats.
  8. Brother in Law just managed to get 6 tickets on the Option 2 line. Lets fill this end with Saintees!!
  9. Decision to play the game at Tynecastle was the correct decision. The way the ticket distribution has been handled is an embarrassment, another 500 tickets for Saints and I don't think even the Hibs fans would have complained. My main gripe with the SPFL is the lack of any decision, they knew all the facts regarding segregation when the venue was announced but have still to make a final decision. Their handling of the situation has been a shambles.
  10. Looking for a referee to take charge of a friendly match at St.Madoes this Saturday. Kick off is at 2pm, top rates paid!
  11. Tommy has found himself in a great position with Utd needing a manager just as he's guided Saints to 3 excellent victories in the last 10 days. Utd's interest will allow him to negotiate a wage rise and improved contract with Saints.
  12. Unlikely to be a public sale as season ticket holders have the opportunity to buy 2 each before the public sale.
  13. We had a great time in Novi Sad (Serbia) when Scotland played there. Received a warm welcome from the locals.
  14. Seats still available on JT's bus to Scotland v Gibraltar on Sunday Mar 29. £10 per seat. Depart St.Madoes 1030 Bridge of Earn 1045 Perth Prison 1100 Broxden 1110 Prematch at Wellcroft Bowling Club which is a 15/20min walk from Hampden Park.