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  1.  I am fine. I hope everyone brings their singing  voices to get behind the team and  not the sit on their hands attitude which we sometimes suffer from.

    Please Ghostie, don't shout at our full back to pick up their wide player when he's 5yards from the touchline and the ball is at the other side of the pitch. Apart from that continue to shout any random thought that comes into your head.:laugh:

  2. Seen several people suggesting Spoony to the centre was the obvious change with Thomson on. Wasn't at the game but slightly dubious about that. Spoony may work centrally with one of Millar or Davidson, but asking him to fulfil either of their roles is hardly a recipe for protecting our back line. Also bear in mind Thomson was virtually anonymous on Saturday, that change may only have served to weaken us even more. Not that I'm a fan of Fisher there either.

    central midfield is going to be the key area for us over the summer in terms of recruitment as right now our two best players can't be relied upon in terms of fitness and we have little adequate backup.

    Midfield would have been Thomson, Lappin, Craig, Wotherspoon & Swanson. Any combination would have been better than messing about with defence. You don't change your CH's unless they're injured or having a nightmare even in an u13 match. Honestly think we wouldn't have lost a goal if he had kept the back 4 unchanged.

    Other concern for me is Spoony's fitness, once he has made a forward run he struggles to get back. Longer endurance runs (40's/80's) would address this weakness in his game.

  3. it will be fun listening to our southern neighbours complaining about scaremongering, companies telling employees what to vote and all the lies.

    exactly what Scotland put up with 18months ago.

    Win, Win for me. In vote and Brit Nat's who told us we were too wee, too poor & too stupid to have our own independence will be put back in their box. Out vote and indyref2 resulting in independence will be just around the corner.

  4.                                      Mannus

                       Fisher  Anderson Joe  Scobbie

                      Thomson Midge Muzz Swanson



  5. Due to ticket fiasco we have over 20 seats available on one of our buses. We're booked into the Edinburgh Prison Officers Club which is only a couple of minutes from Tynecastle.


    Longforgan 10am

    Lovat 1015am

    Cherrybank 1020am

    Kinross  1035am

    07935325771 to book seats.




  6. Just to let everyone know, I called up hibs ticket office on 0844 844 1875 after trying several times going through the 'ticket sales' option by pressing number 1 they kept telling me I couldn't purchase a ticket because I had no loyalty points even after registering online with them. However, if you go through to option 2 (ticket enquiries) they don't seem to carry out this loyalty check and the woman happily sent me a ticket out in the post, in the wrong end but hey...

    Brother in Law just managed to get 6 tickets on the Option 2 line. Lets fill this end with Saintees!!

  7. Decision to play the game at Tynecastle was the correct decision.

    The way the ticket distribution has been handled is an embarrassment, another 500 tickets for Saints and I don't think even the Hibs fans would have complained. My main gripe with the SPFL is the lack of any decision, they knew all the facts regarding segregation when the venue was announced but have still to make a final decision.

    Their handling of the situation has been a shambles.  

  8. Tommy has found himself in a great position with Utd needing a manager just as he's guided Saints to 3 excellent victories in the last 10 days.

    Utd's interest will allow him to negotiate a wage rise and improved contract with Saints.

  9. There was also two of us behind enemy lines with freebie tickets in the Celtic end. Couldn't contain our joy at Swanson's goal but to be fair to those around us I think they accepted it was an outstanding goal.


    Probably one of the best away performances I have witnessed along with Rosenborg. Every player was outstanding and at the top of their game.


    Proud to be a Saintee!!

  10. Facebook has just posted that the family deal won't be in place fir the next 2 games against Aberdeen n celtic


    Two u13's get in free with a paying adult at every home game.



    Even available for away fans.


    Aberdeen supporters who have not already purchased a ticket for the North Stand through AFC's ticket centre should go to the Ormond (South) Stand where it is entirely cash at the turnstiles. Adult: £22; Senior citizens £12; 13-18 year old £11. Accomapnied kids under 13 are free of charge (maximum of two per paying adult).

  11. May I draw your attention to the second bottom line of my post.


    It's tough that you have to work an extra 8 years for your pension.


    Even then I doubt if you will have worked as many hours as I have in my work life.


    Your either for Trident or against. I am not influencing you either way.


    The point I was making was, couldn't understand why folk didnae  want to work like the rest of us, but preferred to spend their time protesting.

    You have absolutely no idea how many hours/years I have worked. I've never been motivated to protest against or campaign for a political cause until this referendum. Stop making assumptions!

  12. Leave the Nuclear weapons etc out of it.

    I made a very good living and career out of it.

    Hence because I applied myself to my job/work I now have a reasonable pension.

    No doubt a lot of the "Ban the bomb" fraternity never worked and claimed on the State, similar to the creeps who protested outside my place of work.

    Always wondered how they managed to find the time to protest.

    Didnae work, didnae want to work brigade.

    Don't want to class everyone in the same boat.

    As in all walks of life, everyone is entitled to their opinion.

    What I object to is someone forcing their opinion down my throat.

    Who has forced their opinion down your throat? Are we not entitled to speak out against Trident?

    Enjoy your pension! WM is making me work an extra 8 years to collect mine, probably to help them pay for Trident! 

  13. This is something that always be with us - been the case for centuries. My mum used to remember this in the 1950s.


    I recall Tony Benn mentioning that he used to let a tramp sleep at the bottom of his garden. 


    Some behave well, but others have issues - mental / drugs / drink which is what probably concerns us.


    Anyway, if you vote yes on Thursday - all that will disappear won't it?

    It will definately be a start with emphasis being placed on tackling poverty and inequality rather than fund nuclear weapons and wars 

  14. In most cases they still get their bus/train fare home to be fair.


    Partnership work between local authorities throughout Scotland and the SPS ensures that every prisoner has his/her housing needs addressed prior to release prioritising their return to their local area. 

  15. On your head be it. You say it is not a vote for Salmond but he will be the first President or Dictator when the day dawns.


    If the Scottish people decide to elect Alex Salmond as the first leader of iScotland is that not democracy? I would always trust ourselves to make the correct decisions for Scotland rather than going cap in hand to WM.


    People south of the border seem to be only be joining the debate and tbh some of the arrogance and ignorance that is being directed north of the border only increases the desire for independence.


    I actually think the rUK are in for a shock after indy. 

  16. Looking at the poll results it's time to form Saints For Yes !


    It's a simple choice. Do you want to live in a country that values education, health and social justice or a country that wants to be involved in wars, houses nuclear weapons and introduces policies to target the poorest and most vulnerable in our society? 


    Looking at the polls down south we can look forward to a Boris/Farage partnership at WM next year. 


    The media bias is frightening but thankfully the grass roots campaign for Yes is doing a magnificient job which will secure independence.


    Not heard a convincing argument for No yet..