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  1. Lets be honest here............Saints were absolutely abysmal. There was a huge travelling support today and they were let down by a lacklustre Saints team. The defence can take some credit for keeping a clean sheet but the midfield and front two were terrible. We play Deuchars up front and then don't play any wide players to put balls into the box. Coyle needs to have a look at the system we are playing because until the subs came on we didn't have one player on the park who had the ability to go past one of there players. No width and no pace !
  2. £14 to watch a reserve cup game, I think I'll give it a miss.
  3. There's nothing wrong with booing the team collectively if the performance has been poor............that's football.
  4. David Hannah conned the fans when he was here. he would charge about shaking his fist, puffing his chest out, screaming abuse (not encouragement) at teammates. If ever did make a tackle he was 5 minutes late and gave away a foul. Watch McInness closely in the next game.
  5. That's what annoys me about McInnes, he tries to give the impression that he is a hard tackling midfield player who controls that area but in reality he never gets near anyone to make a tackle. In possession he continues to give the ball away and at the same time blames his team mates for making the wrong runs.
  6. The performance of McInnes today reminded me of the agony of watching David Hannah for Saints. Strutting about the middle of the park pointing and shouting at everyone around him while contributing absolutely nothing to the team. At least Coyle decided to hook him before we had to suffer any longer.
  7. McCluskey was a breath of fresh air when he came on. He gets my vote.
  8. Thanks for the tip, what time does the ticket office open tomorrow ?
  9. I need a couple of kids/oap (together) tickets for season ticket holders if anyone has some spare. I was planning to get them in the morning but I've just found out they're sold out.
  10. Football managers always try this ploy of blaming referee's etc when it looks like they are going to take criticism from elsewhere. Unfortunately for OC he has failed this season despite the fantastic cup runs as winning the league has to be our priority.
  11. Cuthbert did make a number of excellent saves but I thought he was found wanting for both goals. He is used to Kevin James doing his job for him and does not come off his line when required. For the second goal it looked like he was hoping the ref would give a foul rather than deal with the situation. He is an excellent shot stopper but he needs to be more of a presence in the box.
  12. Morais was the only player in my opinion who played well tonight. Cuthbert made a number of good saves but was glued to his line for both goals. Mensing needs to play in midfield instead of McInness and Lawrie restored to full back. Kevin James was badly missed, I think both goals would have been avoided if he was playing. OC should have taken Anderson off and reverted to a back 3 and left McDonald to play up front with Lilley and Milne. Roll on next season.
  13. I have the feeling that Coyle was secretly delighted that Montrose came in for Jim Weir. The body language between them always appeared strained and I think Owen couldn't wait to get Sandy Stewart to McDiarmid.
  14. I think we would have taken about 2,500 supporters through on the Saturday but will struggle to take 1,000 on the Wednesday.
  15. In a 4-4-2 one of the full backs should join every attack. The two centre backs shuttle across with the other defending full back to leave three at the back. The best example is Gary Neville at Man U.
  16. I disagree Stanic plays his best football in a 4-4-2 with Sheerin wide in front of him. I think this set up also gets the best out of Sheerin. We don't have suitable wide players to play a 3-5-2.
  17. Airdrie were the hungrier team throughout, Saints looked like they thought they just had to turn up. Halliwell had a poor game and looked nervous but I still think he is a better keeper than Cuthbert. The midfield were second best for 90 mins and Scotland was atrocious up front. I agree with the previous comments regarding dropping Scotland for the Ross County game as he needs to improve his work rate dramatically. The only pass marks for me today were Anderson and Sheerin.
  18. James will come straight back in for Anderson once he is fully fit. Anderson will have to be content to provide cover for James, McManus and Lawrie.
  19. Dunfermline............4,000 for us leaving 8,000 for Hibs with the game being live on TV.