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  1. We're currently enjoying the best spell in our clubs history, top 6 and europe three years in a row and current Scottish Cup holders. It will be hard to maintain this success this year but top 6 finish and a good run in the cups again would be my target. Qualification for europe again would be the icing on the cake.
  2. 4 hours by taxi from Prague to Zlate Moravce
  3. SB mistake is that he was too honest and he should have put a spin on his statement. He should have said that the club have made the decision in light of the financial constraints to give their excellent youth players an opportunity to break into the first team. Some of them have been challenging for a first team place last season and they are now being given their opportunity. It should prove to be an exciting season with their addition to the squad. However, the manager will be given funds to add some experience to his squad if the right player is available. The fans would have been happy with that and it left the option not to buy anyone if the funds weren't available. The board are working very hard and although they may make some honest mistakes they want the very best for the club and to involve the fans as much as possible. However, the reality is that it will be nearly impossible to match the success of last season and the fans expectations must be realistic. Lets enjoy our cup success and look forward to the games v Luzern.
  4. The negativity on WAP is beyond belief. SB has guided the club to our first ever SC success and europe three years in a row, we are the envy of every other Scottish club our size. The board is striving to improve the PR but it's not an over night fix. The club will take the SC to visit almost every school in Perthshire over the next few months and fans will also have the opportunity to have their photographs taken with the cup. The club has increased season ticket sales by almost 20% on last years total with still a few weeks until the start of the season. I'm sure if the right player becomes available funds will be made available but I would rather our younger players were given an opportunity over a panic buy like Rory Fallon. We've a Euro tie to look forward to and if we get a good result in Luzern ,Mcdiarmid will be close to a sell out for the return leg. As far as I can remember in 40 years of supporting Saints it has never been better. We are fortunate to have SB in charge of the club .
  5. It would be great if the council could organise a beer festival at the Horsecross or outside the City Hall on match day. Big beer tent with live bands, food stalls etc. If there are 500 -750 Lucerne fans coming to Perth this would make for a good afternoon pre match.
  6. Great lyrics and catchy tune. Congratulations!
  7. Petershill Juniors Social Club have space for 120 and is available for Saints fans. Contact Peter Sutherland 01415335567 to book.
  8. Spoke to Willie last night at the astro at McD. He described Saturday night as the best experience of his life and was still buzzing from being included in the Hall of Fame. He said the 69 cup final and playing Real Madrid in the Bernabeau didn't come close to the pride he felt on Saturday night. Fully deserved recognition for a lovely man and true St.Johnstone legend.
  9. Can't believe that people are moaning about an extra £1. It won't make any difference to the attendance. Those who were at the Rosenborg game will be back for their fix of european football. It's the only show in town!
  10. Been to watch Scotland at tournaments in 90,92,96 & 98. Also heading to Wembley and Macedonia in the next couple of months. Following Scotland is just like supporting Saints the majority of times you are left with disappointment but there's nothing like it when you get a famous victory. The past two weeks has been the best I've ever known following Saints. Hopefully we'll see Scotland qualifying for a tournament and Saints winning a cup soon.
  11. Can't believe that people are complaining about £24 to watch the biggest ever game at McDiarmid Park. Take someone kids and pay £15.
  12. We have a good team but we don't have a goalscorer. We won,t be able to afford him but I would have him back in a minute. Without Sandaza we wouldn't have played in Europe last year.
  13. In the current climate we should be welcoming anyone who is willing to pay money to watch St.Johnstone. During the summer it looked like we were going to have a record amount of season ticket holders going by the posters on here who promised they would buy given the clubs stance on the Rangers issue. The club have been badly let down by the Perth public and now have to make decisions which will give the club the best chance of prospering in the future. The change to the league set up is not perfect but it is a take or leave it option. The club have decided to back the change as they think it is the best option for Saints and Scottish football. It may not happen but to read on here fans threatening not to come back does not help and is pathetic after the clubs stance last summer.
  14. When will Lomas realise that playing 4-1-4-1 or 4-5-1 not work with players we have. Craig and Vine are asked to support McLean but neither have the pace to do it, Liam Craig needs to move back to the left hand side of the park or not play at all. He took off Abeid who was our only midfielder capable of reaching McLean to offer him support. Tam Scobie is a first division left back and Vine looks unfit. On a positive note McLeans hold up play was superb..
  15. It will take A Stevenson a few years to bring players through from the Saints youth system, it's the one area where Geoff got it wrong. Years of lack of investment has now left us a long way behind other clubs our size. Kilmarnock, Hearts, Aberdeen, Hamilton, St.Mirren, Falkirk Dundee Utd and others have a conveyor belt of talent coming through year after year. We rely on players released from these clubs making up our 17's. Hopefully this will change but it will take at least 4 years before there are signs of improvement.
  16. I was at the Sunderland V Arsenal game last week. Thousands of fans enjoyed a beer pre match, half time and after the game with no sign of any trouble. It's time to allow alcohol to be sold in Scottish grounds and It would also provide much needed revenue.
  17. Started off as a group of prison officers going to Scotland games. However there are now more people involved from outwith the prison and we run buses to Saints away games 5/6 times a year and Scotland home games. Next bus to St.Mirren for the cup game is full already.
  18. As long as she's a better singer than Hutch she's welcome to wear her Aberdeen scarf. Still spaces on the bus if anyone looking for a seat.
  19. Still seats available on the JT bus. £10 for adults/ £7 u16's. Leaving Broxden Park and Ride 0900 Perth Prison 0910 Bridge of Earn Post Office 0915 St.Madoes 0930 Pre Match at the Northern Golf Club which is next to the ground.
  20. If they offer Muzz £7000 a week for 3 years he would be mad not to sign for The Rangers. The only hope is that an English championship side might match or beat their offer. Either way it's bad news for Saints as it looks like we've no chance on hanging on to him next season.
  21. There appears to be an apathy throughout Perthshire towards the club at the moment. I think a number of fans have got out of the habit of coming to games and have found other interests instead of the football. The away supports have been lower this season with the club not having to open the North Stand on a number of occassions. It's disappointing as the board has worked hard to target the local community and the standard of entertainment on offer has been good this season.
  22. Aberdeen are charging £17 on Dec 22 for a 14yr old which is disgraceful. Sunderland are charging £1 for U16's for their match against Spurs on the same day. My son had encouraged about 8 of his mates to go but they are put off by the price. Unless we get a sensible pricing structure in the SPL the crowds will never improve.
  23. I would rather have a manager who shows passion and a desire to win. It's just a pity that the fans can't mirror his enthusiasm!