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  1. I think it's important that the team is clear who is the first choice penalty taker and second choice before each game. Hasselbaink rushed to grab the ball once the penalty had beeen given, any player who took the ball from him would have immediately been under more pressure than normal.
  2. If we finish bottom half with squad we have at our disposal this season it would be a major dissapointment for everyone associated with the club. European football again next year has to be a realistic aim.
  3. I thought we played very well today. If we took a couple of the 5 or 6 chances we created it would have been a comfortable victory. Craig and Hasselbaink didn't play to their normal standards and a few posters have critised Millar who in my opinion had a good game today.
  4. I had left the ground just before the end of the game gutted that Muzz hadn't got on when I heard the chant of 'oh Murray Murray'. Ran back up to watch the last few minutes and I can now proudly say I was there when a saintee played for Scotland.
  5. Heading off to Luxembourg shortly so Muzz will have plenty of support if he gets on the park to win his first cap.
  6. A wage cap has to be intoduced and I can forsee clubs reverting to part-time football, training first thing in the morning or evenings therefore allowing the players to get another job. The club would still have the same standard of players but paying half the wages .
  7. The club are not subsidising the £5 buses and if you read Ghostie's post he claims that Barossa Club could afford to reduce their prices too. If the reduction in the price encourages a few more fans to travel to watch Saints then that is great. It appears that some of the fans who use the Barossa Street bus are prepared to pay the extra for a variety of reasons. We run a bus to 4 or 5 away games a year and will not be able to reduce the prices, I don't see the Muirton Suite/ 208 bus as a threat but as an opportunity to encourage more fans to travel to watch Saints.
  8. That was one of tlhe poorest home performances for a long time. Lomas started off with the wrong shape and formation and although it was obvious from the fist few minutes he failed to change it. We were lucky not to lose by 3 or 4 and I'm starting to lose faith in the manager.
  9. I wouldn't be surprised if someone was subsidising Beattie's wages. His demands would have been out of our range and I think the board would not be willing to take any risks buying players we couldn't afford.
  10. I'm sure the club would contribute to this or 240 of us contribute a £1 through an online just giving account.
  11. Too late for the Aberdeen match but 1,000 of these (£240) in the Ormond Stand for the Utd or Celtic game would look good.;-x-7andquot;-pid71355.html
  12. I decided to go to Hearts last week as it was the first league game. With two away games back to back there was always going to be a smaller away crowd at Motherwell. Clubs will have to follow St.Johnstone's initiative in allowing u12's in free or accept that away fans will pick and choose their games. Hopefully we will be rewarded by an increase in away crowds visiting McDiarmid this season.
  13. Subject to medical on Saturday.
  14. If we manage to sign Beattie it would be a major capture for Saints. I thought there would be no chance of us securing a striker of his stature so the board must take a lot of credit for showing the ambition to tempt him to sign for Saints.
  15. To maximise the potential for a large crowd I think we' ll have to move out of the East Stand. If we don't there will only be capacity for 2900 Aberdeen fans leaving apprrox 7500 seats for Saints fans which we'll never fill leaving at least 3000 spare seats. Any feedback from Aberdeen on the potential size of their travelling support?
  16. We still have spaces on the bus for anyone making a late decision to go to the game. Just turn up at any of the pre arranged stops. St.Madoes 1000 Broxden(Glasgow Road bus stop) 1015 Perth Prison 1030 Bridge of Earn 1040
  17. Son (on spying mission) just back from the game. He said the Russian fans were to blame and were trying to climb up from the lower section to the Utd fans.
  18. It's the Edinburgh Prison Officers Club you're going to. Spend £40 in there and you'll not be going to the game.
  19. The Hutch will be providing his usual entertainment including a quiz and singing a selection of his favourite 70's hits.
  20. We've still a few spaces left on our bus to Tynecastle on Saturday. Depart St.Madoes 1000 Broxden 1015 Perth Prison 1030 Bridge of Earn 1040 We're heading to the Edinburgh Prison Officers Club pre match. Free hot and cold snacks provided. £10 per seat.
  21. Last night was the best atmosphere at McDiarmid for years and hopefully we'll see a few more come back to support the team in the SPL. First three home games are against Aberdeen, United and Celtic so good opportunity to keep the momentum going.