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  1. Last years season ticket sales was 1800 which was lower than the previous season. We really must have a push to try and get over the 2000 mark in the next couple of weeks. It's up to all Saints fans to envcourage others to come and watch Saints this season. The club has done their bit so it's time for the Perth public to respond positively by turning up to support the team.
  2. We should be trying to encourage the 2000 fans that have drifted away from the club over the last few seasons to attend rather than asking the season ticket holders for more cash.
  3. Official Site now saying it could be 9th/10th July before we know who we're playing.
  4. A coach leaving a few hours after the game with a stop off at SAW airport before Istanbul would be good. I've found flights for just over £200 from EDI to SAW arriving at 0220 on the 19th July and departing 1225 on the 20th July. No need for hotels:shock:
  5. I've registered but I think the price might be scary, I'll have a guess at £500 & for flights from Edi and 1 night in hotel. Starting to wish we had drawn someone in central Europe.
  6. Anyone managed to come up with some good flight deals under £300 from Edinburgh yet?
  7. You can add Dundee United and Hearts to your list.
  8. Our budget is now 4x what it was when we were in the 1st Div.
  9. The harsh reality of the situation is that if the fans don't back the club we could be facing part-time football again. The Sky deal is worth 1.2 million to Saints and once Sky have renegotiated the contract for next season there will be a huge gap to fill. I'm delighted that fan power looks like it has forced SPL chairmen to say NO to Newco but all the SPL teams face a difficult season financially which may result in more clubs going into administration. . However if the clubs can get through the next season I think the future will be much brighter for Scottish football with Old Firm not having the monopoly over the rest of the clubs.
  10. You obviously don't know them either. The club are going to lose a lot of money either way so his decision will be down to principle. Steve Brown will have a good reason for not commenting at this time and I'm sure he'll explain fully his decision when the time is right.
  11. I've every confidence that Steve Brown will do the right thing. The only concern is that the club will be considerably financially worse off once the Sky deal is renegotiated putting the club under real financial pressure. I hope all the fans who claimed that they would buy season tickets if SB voted NO will honour their pledge. The club will need your support more than ever.
  12. The vote should be brought forward as it is becoming obvious that Rangers will not be in the SPL next season. Main question is who will replace them. I think we can start buying our season tickets .
  13. Remember Vlad can escape to Lithuania, SB will still be here.
  14. As long as your not accompanied by a flute playing mate then I'm all for the drums.
  15. St.Johnstone play in the Scottish league and are a Scottish club. FACT:roll: Having a flag that resembles the Union Flag or the Tri-colour is thankfully something we have avoided at St.Johnstone for years. I don't believe it is a good idea to encourage it now.
  16. If Saints were to go into administration as a result of Rangers not being in the SPL would that change anyone's opinion:?:
  17. That's exactly the point, why would you want to go down that road when you are fully aware you are going to attract attention for the wrong reasons. Majority of Saints fans despise Old Firm with equal measure, the owner of this flag obviously doesn't.
  18. So encouraging the next generatiuon of Perth youngsters to support their local team shows that he has no bottle.
  19. Going by our support against the old firm last season we could give them 8500tickets without anyone missing out.
  20. The season ticket package on offer this season is fantastic value across the board. The decision to move supporters from the East Stand to the Main stand is a sensible financial decision to maximise the income from the Old Firm while still promoting the Family Stand for all home games. Offering free entry to u12 and a £75 season ticket (under £4 per game) for 13-16 year olds is evidencing the clubs commitment to building a fan base for the future. The club deserves backing for these new initiatives.
  21. Livingston were an SFL club. The only way Rangers could end up in the 3rd Division is if they were expelled by the SPL and applied to the SFL to join Div 3. There would be a vacancy but the SFL could choose Huntly or Gala before Rangers.
  22. Apart from the flag of our team and country, The Saltire.